Wakeup Call Message
June 20, 2006


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I Am here again with an update about Orloff. I Am Baldor, and Nancy has asked that I come and tall us what is the status of my planet and how are we coming in negotiations with the Federation of Universal Order.


First I would like to clarify a point in this story about integration of aspects into oneness with the whole. This is what Nancy and I have accomplished along with some of the other aspects. With this union we have brought to the whole the compilation of all our experiences on this world and off, of the past and the future. This is so because of the simultaneous nature of time and the energy of the totality of all that is.


Orloff is another aspect of earth. With our ability to become one with all there is also comes the ability to express in the stream in which we identify as Orloff. We are from one of your futures and in as much we have been expressing a probability in which any of you may choose to express for your evolvement in the stage of life.


There is no separation of Orloff and all the life on her from earth and the life she supports. There is merely a slipping between time of her expressions and a goodly amount of self expression has created yet another aspect of earth that is coming into the stream as the forerunner of the earth that is referred to as Terra. Yes, this is the new earth that we aspire to and in our journey we visit other dimensionalities of time in order to plot our course for the new earth. Terra is our projected destination, for we have added to the energy that has formed and created her. As an aspect of earth we have brought our knowledge and experience of life on Orloff to the mix of energies that sustains and helps to complete the expression of earth that many of you will find home at some near time. This is Terra.


Now I will tell you of how we on Orloff are expressing in that promise. I spoke of the bodies that we carry on our planet. We are rotund and very dense; we have had to become that expression of physicality in order to maintain our light status, for we are a universe unto ourselves, having been thrown out on the out-breath of our universal expression.


When we began to make our way back into the energy field of your universe, we did so as an entirely open body. We have full intent to become one with the universe in which you live. In that way we will be able to acquire the oneness that is the ultimate intent of our planet and her life. We have been striving for this for a long time, since almost the beginning of time for all of you.


Yes, we have been holding in reserve the promise of this time since your time began. We formed into the body of density and built upon it as you expressed in your life on earth. We have built a reserve of the intent to be one with all of the expressions of earth, and now we are able to merge with Terra and become the light that we are without the density of our rotund bodies. We will be expressing as humans on Terra and in so doing we will be merging our aspected selves with all of you who are on the way to completeness.


I would like to tell you of one more connection that we hold with you, and that is the expression of the dark energies on earth and the ones on Orloff. We are carrying the excess burden of the darkness of earth as it is thrown off through your experience of the dark at this time. We hold it in excess for there is a transmutation that takes place here on Orloff with the dark energy. As we draw it to us we are able to transfer it to our molten core and allow its safe passage to the light where it becomes itís own potential to speak the light. In turn it then carries the opposite attraction of the dark energies of earth out into the stream of consciousness and directs it back to earth in the purity of the blessed light of earth expression.


This energy that has been reborn in the light of the intent of earth to attain her light status is then received on earth by all who are open to it, and even by those who are still teetering on the brink of remembering on a soul level who they are. These are the ones who will carry that soul intent for mastery in light to Terra with them. They will be in complete expression of that intent. They will be in allowance of the purity without the duality that is present on earth now.


As we merge with our soul expressions on earth we do so without forgetting our expressions on Orloff. We are in the process and in so doing we still hold the energy of intent that is necessary for a time longer. There is no waste of energies in existence. There is the transformation of that which is not in harmony with the intent of the light. Nothing is lost, ever. It is all part of The Creator, therefore it is pure potential in expression of that which is.


This is what is taking place on our world in association with yours. We have made great strides with you to unite our energies and begin the process of reunion. We will be ready when you are to make the completeness as this earth goes out of its old energy and into the new. We will merge and unite completely with you, and Terra will be our new home. It will be the creation of all who live and play on her beautiful surface.


She is already in promise for all of us to honor our journey and the identities of light that we will bring to her. She is a bright shining light at this moment standing in readiness for our homecoming. Know that as the activities that seem so burdensome on earth roll through their expressions, they are being transmitted in energy waves to our core and beamed back as pure light of your intent for heaven on earth Terra is your heaven on earth as it is ours.


I bid you adieu until we meet again.


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate