Wakeup Call Message
June 09 , 2005



Hi Everyone,

      We are in TX right now, and for the first time since our departure from NM on our road trip we are within an area that gives us access to the Internet. It has been a nice few days, and we are ready to go headlong into the work that Spirit has placed before us once again.


Much has happened in this world, and soon we will all be able to talk about it. Till then, we can tell you that the preparations that are being made serve to intricately lay the groundwork for the coming release of the truth. Be aware that with every step that is being taken, a solid foundation is being laid. You are all angels and with this message from Sananda, you will see how close we are.


         Nancy and Bob


Wake up Call: Sananda June 09, 05


This is a time to take stock of all that you have accomplished. It is a time to reconnoiter all of the bundles of joy that have accumulated at your feet. It is a time for the adventures of your soul to come and sit beside you in quiet contemplation of the wonders of it all. It is time to see what is just over the horizon, and is waiting for your call.


Good day, my dear ones; this is Sananda and I come to you with a flower and a song for I stand with you in the midst of the spectacle that is about to unfold for the world. Some may not see it as a thing of beauty, and some may see the energy behind it and recognize the impact it will have on all of humanity. They will see in the shadows that it represents, there is a strong glow of light that is emanating from the core, and it shall overcome all of the shadows and bring the light of truth to the ones who have seen that it is immanent.


When the towers of Babylon toppled those eons ago, they represented a change in the way that the world saw things. Once again two towers represent a change so magnificent, and so daring that there has been a constant ring of fire that is waiting to explode and stretch its fury over all of the land. This ring of fire is the emotional discharge that will disallow any more escape from the truth and will keep the light burning bright from this point on.


My dear ones, I advise you to be strong of heart, for with this release of tension there will be much to snare and capture in a book of records. With these facts as they become known, history for earth will at last come forward and be heard throughout the land. There will be revelations about the true history of the land, and in those words you will find the ring of truth as it reverberates throughout your body.


I further advise that as these revelations come forward you step up and be available to those who will rise up and ask for an answer. I suggest that you will find the truth of peace and compassion for what these ones are going to hear. They will feel betrayed and they will feel anger. Find it in your heart and soul to help them find the balance that will give them the courage to walk away from the actions of anger and into the ones of peace and justice through the compassionate and strong will of The Creator.


Here is where miracles are born. Here is where a people rich with the truth of God can come together and find a common ground from which to carry the events that will shake the world to be a glorious uprising to the Light of the Heavens. Here is where the meek shall inherit the earth, and show the proof of their might and their solidity.


My dear ones with whom I walk in glory. You are the sons of God and as we walk together into this Promised Land, we take those who have fallen so far from their truth that they have lost their way completely. We wash their feet and we dry their tears as they find their way to their destiny. We see them as the angels that they are and we light the way for the return to their Source. We see that but for a few chosen words and actions of free will there could we go. We see that we are as one with them in the Light of the Most Holy.


Now is the time when we are to be most vigilant and take our time to see the truth that shall set us all free. For we are the ones that we have been waiting for, and we have been waiting for the miracle that sends us into the heavenly abode that sings continually of our love. Go now and sing that song, and when the trumpet blows to announce the end of the play, then sing for the lost ones who return home to face themselves.


Take care my dear ones, and see that this is the perfection of the Universe at work. See that we are all blessed. Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate