Wakeup Call Message
June 20, 2005



 St Germain


My dear ones, since you have not as yet heard that there is a coup coming in the government of the United States; I will tell you now that there is to be one of sorts very soon. I AM St Germain, and I speak with you now in love.


Oh, I know, you have heard me use the word coup in many instances, and now I ask Nancy to give you the definition according to her American Heritage dictionary:  Coup--A brilliantly executed stratagem.


Let us look at that for a moment. When we see that there is to be a coup, we are seeing the brilliance with which a change is to take place. We see that with this change comes either a change in government, in times, in livelihood, in the roles of a parent, etc. this can include any change that has been brilliantly executed with a strategy that supercedes all others.


With that said, I will continue with the news I have for all of you, for with this news comes the brilliance of all those who are working in this cause. This is a collective of energetic moves that is unprecedented in earth history, for it reflects the changes that are about to pop onto your screens and echo throughout the lives of all on this great planet.


I would like to share with you how this will work, in part. When certain people come into the open with pieces of information that are seen to be irrefutable, then there will be an avalanche of evidence that will result from that first piece. In fact, my dear ones, that has already happened.


The news from the congressman who released certain information from a memo (10 Downing St) from across the waters brought the first succinct evidence to the light of the American people. Millions of Americans saw and heard the proceedings as they were telecast and as they did, some of them were aghast, and some of them simply did not allow the truth of what was being told to sink in and find home.


Some of those who were at first aghast, then took a deep breath and then allowed the light of what they heard to sink in and take hold. They then began to go over in their minds the events that had taken place before, during and after the towers went down. They allowed themselves to release all barriers to the truths that came flooding forth, and then they knew that they had heard the most important news perhaps of their life.


This happened for a good many people, and with the realization, came an understanding of the feelings they had been experiencing of late. They knew that when they go on through their lives from that moment, things would never be the same. Some have searched deep within and found much coming to the surface that was awaiting the light of reckoning. They have awakened to certain truths that are propelling them out of their comfort zone and into the realm of greater possibility.


Some of these people are now searching out others who have had the same experience with this news. They have gone among their friends and they have shared the news with them, and their resultant response. This has caused a mushrooming of the results, for even with the sharing alone, there has come great desire to learn more, and to make a difference in their lives.


We have seen that there is to be a great widening of the gap between the evolvement of the people of earth and the sleeping dogs. This gap will come round and meet at the other side of the chasm, and then there will be a lessening of resistance to the truth. With this lessening comes the ability of all to choose the light in a matter of the next breath, for it will be as easy as that, as natural.


Till that time, we will see that there will be a recourse to the memo and what has been taking place as a result of it. We will see that there will be people who will come out in support of more changes and a furtherance of peace. We will see that with this news there will come more people who will find the courage to speak out about their witness to certain matters that have been plaguing them.


We will see that many more people will be asking questions that they will not be satisfied to lay aside once more. We will see that once more there will be inquiries that will be attempted to be put down and silenced by those who would lose more in the answers that would come forth.


This, and much more will we see as the days and weeks go on. We will see a country of people rise and demand that the truth come out. We will see that no more will they allow the legislation that is being proposed to be passed and levied against man and nature. You can and will be a part of all that, and we see more and more of you stepping into the arena and doing your part.


What you have done already is to expend your energy of knowing and your powers of intent in a direction that brings about the grand new way of being on earth. You are beginning to realize your strengths and the weaknesses of those who would have you believe that they have all the answers.


You have found your voice, and as a collective you are bringing it into all that you survey. This is a wondrous time my friends, and in this time, you will see truths about 9/11 come forth. You will see truths about the war in Iraq come to you. There will be news about the tyrannical ways that you have been enslaved. You will hear about the taxes that go only from your pockets to the pockets of those who deceive you. You will see also the ways in which industry gives away your rights and envelops the practices of slavery.


You will also see the beauty and inspiration of people who open their eyes and begin to walk taller, speak in a clearer voice. You will see the results of the truths being heard in the way that people refuse to be sheep anymore. You will see that they will give only that which comes from their hearts and souls, and no more. They will rise up peacefully and the results of that will be far more powerful than any force that can be reckoned with.


It is a sight to see, for we see it already. In your faces these days is a glow that radiates out through your aura in a rainbow so intense that it beams out clear to the depths of the universe. We love the way you respond these days to the news that comes to you. Even the one memo has so much power as to give you the strength and forbearance to deliver a blow of light so powerful and complete as to render all darkness obsolete and gone forever from your lives.


We stand in awe of you with every passing day, and we stand with you with every step you take. Glory Be to the Highest, for this is heaven on earth, and we are truth standing in line to dish out the glory that is heavenís blessing. Salu!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate