Wakeup Call Message
June 10, 2005



 St. Germain 


There comes a time when all of us lay down our weapons and take a stand in the light. With this time we take our lives into our hands and we tell all those around us that we are committed to the cause of truth and justice. This is such a time, and with these next words I AM going to tell you all of a time that is coming into the forefront of the lives of humanity.


I AM St Germain, and I speak of the coming testimony that will precede the change in the coming times in the lives of all on this globe. I AM here to tell you that there is coming a time of forethought that will supercede all that has come before. With this forethought will come the outcome of justice and truth that will sweep the planet clean of all of the injustice and tyranny that has pervaded this land for so long.


We are in a position right now where we can come to an idea of what it will be like in the very near future. We have seen the future and we see that there is coming a time in which there is to be a great deal of strife. This will be very short lived, and in its wake will come the goodness of humanity in the expression of the millennia.


When I say that there will be a time of strife, I use caution for you to understand that this period of time is already set in motion. It is purposed, and it will clear out the last remaining vestiges of the old dark energy. This amount of time will be of a short duration, and with its passing will come a clarity that has not yet been experienced on this planet.


As this period of strife intercedes and clears away the darkness once and for all, keep in mind that you need not be a part of it. Keep in mind that there are those who will be affected who have stepped up to the task and have declared it their role for this closing chapter of life in duality. These ones are the ones who will be governing the actions that will take place and who will be leaving their lives as mortal human beings. They then will return to this planet as new identities and will work in the light along with all of you.


When this takes place there will be a removal of all of the ones who refuse to come to the light, and they will be taken to a place where they will undergo their destiny. These ones are in the attitude of forgetfulness so completely that they will require a great deal of light and time with The Creator Source, and will be returned to the light stream for another succession of experience. they will be starting in the original purity of the Source as a single point of light.


Some of what you may expect in this short period of time I have spoken of is some earth changes. This is necessary in order for Mother Earth to relieve herself of the pressure that has amounted in the eons that have passed. She will give her all to the ability she has to spread the movements over a distance and to lessen the effects of her changes. She has a tremendous amount of love for all who live on her surface, and within her, and this will be the uppermost reasoning through which she has planned her movements.


Please know that there is to be a minimum of casualties in this time period, for that is within the spectrum of the intent of all concerned. This minimal amount of ones returning to their soul forms is chosen by way of soul destiny. There are those who have seen that in order to be of service to themselves and humanity they have decided to alter their life purpose and accomplish that which they came here to do in a different way in order to accommodate this new purpose into the whole of their purpose. These ones are angels and have seen that they are in a position to bring the most to their beings and to give their lives over to the cause of expunging the last remnants of darkness from all life on planet earth.


Once more, I give you each my assurance that this coming period will be one in which you may hold your peace and come to terms with what is to take place in a way that will hold the energy of the light. You will be able to keep an energy of compassion and acceptance, and in so doing, you will be able to add to the ability of Mother Earth and the leaving ones to keep the energy of change ever moving and fluid. In this way, you too will be giving yourselves to the cause. You will be fulfilling a just and playful cause that will be triumphant in its scope.


This is a beautiful time for all of you. We see that this is a time when you will feel that you are to march to a different drummer as in no other time. This is when you will fling far and wide the gates of repression and seek the un-encumbrances of the freedom that will be created. You will be able to see what is taking place around you, and not be a part of it. You will be able to see the tide turning and know that with this tide comes a whole new washing of the energy of Mother Gaia. She will join with you in the last push that will extract the dark energy and give life to the ease and flow of the light as the calming waters bath all in the cool love of the changes as they come.


So my dear ones, I respect you all enough to be able to tell you these things and know that you will find the solace in your ability to keep a steadiness about you. I know that you can see beyond the thought of what strife represents and can make the difference in the way that you approach the turning tide. I know that you can keep your center and allow any disturbances to ride over and through you without them disturbing your peace. You are strong and you are wise, and you know that this is the treasure time when all of you are but a whisper away from the flatline of release of all the resistance.


On the other side of the times in which there will be truths revealed and heads turning every which way, through it all will be the solid steady knowing that you all have that this is but a last step that will lead you all to the Promised Land.  We are with you all of the way, and as the steps of the revealing of the truth come forward you will stand in your energy of truth and keep the center for all of those who will be experiencing the challenge of their lifetimes.


Realize that for many what they are about to hear and see will be a complete surprise and they will benefit from the energy of love and compassion in which you sit where you are in your truth. All you need do is to keep your center and all will be firm and supportive for those who will be awakening to these truths that will release the hold that has kept them in bondage. They will feel your support, and that will give them something to lean on, something to back up their own strength. This is the ability you all have.


I leave you now and I say to you that we are all here for you to count on, and as the proceedings take place, we are here more than ever. So call on us, and we shall be there to hold you and soothe your furrowed brow. We already see that the smiles are coming and they are right around the corner. Have you ever imagined what the world will look like when everyone wears a smile and their hearts are singing with a new found joy? We have seen it, and it is truly just around the corner.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate