Wakeup Call Message
June 29 , 2005



Hi Everyone,


Here we are, back in NM after a month of travels throughout OK and TX. What a trip! What an experience, renewing old acquaintances that till now have been for the most part communicated through the emails. Dear friends and soul family coming together to share in our work and our love for each other. Indeed it has been a journey of new beginnings and a wonderful mission revealed for all time.


As we drove though the hills and valleys of TX, we found many scenes that reminded us of home. We found that we were letting go of old thoughts of that great state, and pre-conceived notions of a state of mind that reflected others’ ideas of that great state. We looked at that area of land and people with new eyes and a fresh outlook, and we found family in everyone we met.


We also found in OK some new family and new ideas there. We realized some things about that state that now reflected our experience of it. We left that state with a new appreciation for the land and people as being all the same, even in their diversity. We found the oneness in that month of travels that hasn’t ended yet, but goes on with breaks in between that refresh and renew the Spirit.


Last night after pulling in to the RV Park and setting up our household once more, we called our friends here and made a date to go dancing in celebration of our return. We sang the song that IAM The Source spoke of today in the message below, and we made plans to do it again tonight with even more of our friends.


As a great Master once said, “Ecstasy! And then the laundry.” We work through life and we rejoice and celebrate our love of The Source in prayer and meditation. It’s the balance, and it is what brings us through life singing and rejoicing in the creation of our world.


One more note we wish to make and that is that as Bil has been working on getting the new list server ready to switch over, he has encountered some physic interference, which indicates that our work is making a difference. He was able to move beyond that and bring himself to a place of immunity from that energy.


Love prevails and light shows us the way to a peaceful resolution of anything that may come our way. We at the ‘tree’ are very grateful to Bil for his dedication to the site. Without his expertise and friendship we would not be where we are today.


We appreciate everyone who has given of themselves to the ‘tree’ over the years, and we will be bringing even more changes as our mission grows and new branches spring forth to express the work that we do. We also want to thank each and every one of you for your support of our work. We are all united, indeed.



   Nancy and Bob



Wake up Call: IAM June 29, 05


I have a song for you today. I have a tale for you to listen to and learn. I have a spot in my heart for all of my children and all of my wonderful creations, for I AM the origin of all life.


I AM The Source and I give you a great beyond that is forthcoming with every breath that you take. I see you wind your ways through life and with that seeing I rejoice, for there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the fresh kiss of dawn over a new idea that lights up the countenance of love.


With this greeting I bring you, I bring also a word of caution. I bring you a word that in the singing there is a truth that comes down through the ages and speaks to the wonderment of all who perceive. This song is one of joy, and it is also one of peace.


Its lyrics speak of faith and trust, and they represent the truth of the many. Bring this song to your lips and the tones to your throat as you go through your day, and rise in the morn to greet the new rays of sunshine as they peek through the curtains of sleep.


Give this song the deepest appreciation, for it is the song that keeps the flame of hope alive. It keeps the truth of life kindling that hope constantly till it is no longer hope, but ‘knowing’, a knowing that all is well with the world, and all is in joyful manifestation of what is to come.


As we go along in this day and we see the various manifestations of our duties, we find that some are put against a wide-varying measure for success. With this measure, we also see that we are asking too much, or too little of ourselves. Know that what you ask of yourself is what you have, and what you are, and is enough. Take the pressure off your lives and expectations and allow what is to be.


When you do this, you allow the nuances of the reality of Spirit to work through you and challenge the deliberate action that comes from analyzing. With the allowance of action rather than the deliberation, comes the ability to see what is already right there in front of you.


This song I give to you is the one that utters forth from your lips as you cleanse the dust of the day off your shoulders. It is in the last rays of day as you relax and immerse yourself in the sunset as it plays across the sky. Do you not hear the notes, so strong and true? Do you feel the vibration as it plays with your senses and soothes the tensions of the day?


It is your song, and it is mine. It is the song that your neighbor sings and the tune that repeats itself from every corner of the globe. It is the song of life. Can you hear it as you hush and listen to the sounds of nature?


This is the song that sends the shadows away and brings the story of love to every heart and every mind in all of creation. I hear you singing it, and I remind you that you are the author of the words and I AM the bearer of the love that lives in every tone that reverberates throughout your countenance.


Give me your tired and hungry and sing them a song as you offer them bread and wine. Give me your masses so that they may walk in me, and cover them with the love of the masters. Give me your sheep and your swine that I may know them as myself. Give me your love and I will return it to you tenfold. Give me your life that I may give it back to you in the shining example of who you are in my eyes.


You are the Holy ones and in that Divinity you are Masters of your world. Every action you take; every step that you progress, every song that you sing reflects back to the heavens and tells of your infinity. What you do in the steps of the Holiness you do in the manifestation of our unity.


Go into your world and create the essence of our unity and bless all that takes place on the planet that is home to you right now, this instant. Know that what is being manifest on your planet is the direct result of your mastery and your divinity. Walk in that truth, and go forth into the world of forever light, for you have created that in your lives.


Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.


Thank you dear IAM The Source,

Love, Nancy Tate