Wakeup Call Message
June 13 , 2005



 Hi Everyone,


On Wednesday this week the Wake up Call and ET First Contact lists will be temporarily shut down. We are in the process of changing to a more secure server and for about one week the Wake up Calls and Mike Quinsey’s messages will be posted on the site, www.treeofthegoldenlight.com only.


Those who are presently subscribed to both those lists will not have to re-subscribe, as those lists will be carried over to the new server. At the time that we resume sending out those messages we will notify you as to any changes that may result.


We also would like to inform you that the new SSN…Spirit Share Nurturance will be coming up at the same time. Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the new SSN will be told how they may subscribe, as the list for the old SSN will not be carried over to the new server.


We have been encouraged by our friends the Masters to bring this forward transformed to suit the new way of being. We see that this is the time to live the spirit of NESARA, this is when we live our lives knowing that NESARA is already with us. What we do is to live it in the energy of what it represents. NESARA stands for freedom, prosperity, self-empowerment, joy, love and gratitude for all that heaven has brought us.


 It is time for the nurturance of life and our fellow human. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word nurture in this way: Anything that nourishes; sustenance; food. The promotion or influencing of development or growth. Upbringing; rearing. Nurturing: to train.


Recognize that these are the essence of what we are to bring to this new time. This is the time to put aside any differences we may feel we have. This is the time for us to nurture one another and support the sovereignty that each and every one of us has. We are not in competition with each other; we are a part of society and humanity as a whole.


This is the energy and intent of the new SSN. This is the creed by which we bring this forward anew, and collectively give our dedication to this creed wholeheartedly and with complete dedication. Realize that anything less than that cannot and will not stand.


As we go forward in this new energy of unitedness, we vow to keep the purity of the new SSN intact. This is the energy of honor by which all of you who wish to be a part of the new SSN will be welcomed. We collectively will uphold this intent, and the results will be a most powerful unitedness that has come down the pike in millennia.


We at The Tree of the Golden Light look forward to serving all of humanity in this new way. We are riding the wave of transformation and we invite any of you to come and share the ride with us.



       Nancy, Bob, Bil and Mike Q.




Wake up Call: I AM June 13, 05


When the trees of willow bend and the breeze disturbs their leaves we will hear a new message that will come over the land. This message will herald the color of the flames that echo the cool summer breeze as it flows into the autumn. It will beckon the ones of love and triumph over the frost of the dying winter storms. There is no time for the ruffling of the leaves as they sweep away the progress of the frost, for there will be no tired and no hungry that come upon the wake of summer’s mourning.


This I say to you who have ears to hear and eyes to see; you will herald the coming of the blessings as they gather to the bosoms of those who see the way. There is to be no looking to the ones who saw the coming of the tragedies and the forecasting of the trials that topple the towers of the benign. Those days are to be seen in a different light, and they are to be told through the annals of time in a way that is to be seen as a different story than what goes round now.


Even as I speak now through this one, and herald the coming of the truth of tomorrow, I do so with the full knowledge that it shall ring in your ears as a trial upon the vagaries of your life. I see that when the doors of the truth open and reveal the contents of the records, there shall be a moaning over the land that the cherished lies that so carefully were placed are but dust in the wind, and echo no more through the truth of the world and it’s release from the bondage that is in place now.


As I come to share these words in the method and flow of my people, I do so with eyes moist with the knowledge that you are all to undergo an opening so profound as to shake the rafters of your innerness in a way that will leave you with a flow of tears that upon their release will take with them the pent up emotions that have tied you to their secrets for so long. With this release shall flow the freedom that has long been beckoning to be heard and lived. This is the legacy that calls to each and every one of you. This is the song that is to be sung throughout all of Christendom, and all of the people of the land.


I identify myself now, for it is wise to know thyself through this voice. I AM the voice of the other side of the truth that you now experience and I am the bringer of the truth that lights up the sensibilities of your lives. With my essence you shall see the truths as they unfold and know them to be that of The Source. This is the totality of what you are and whom you represent. Give me your support and you shall know heaven in a glance upon the countenance of each other. Deny me and you shall reap the journey that keeps the blinders firmly in place.


Take me now to your heart and know me as the truth that bears witness to the inner knowing that you are. This is the supreme knowledge of what you laid in motion all those years ago, and kept in perpetual motion for these days that are upon you.


I go now to the seat of power and see you with me in the fullest. You gain your strength as you sit upon my knee and tell me the stories of your creation. It is a grand story, and it bears telling as time reveals the kicker that you have created. Stay in your power now and know that it is inexorably coming to a close, that which you have deemed to live in the shadows.


Come into the light with me and know thyself to be The Light, as so I AM. For it is so.


Thank you dear I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate