Wakeup Call Message
June 22 , 2005





Thank you for responding so quickly, my dear. I have a matter of urgency to reveal to you. This is one that I ask you release to the public and garner the strength of their purpose in what I am about to tell you.


When you were closing your eyes to sleep last night there were a number of people who were preparing to go to all lengths to put an end to the war in Iraq. They were going to do so by dropping a nuclear weapon and thus annialating the whole of the Middle East.


These ones were a group of zealots who had taken it upon themselves to save man from the iniquities of man. In their minds this would not only bring an end to the war there, but as well would disrupt and declare null and void any plans that the Bush regime had to infiltrate Iran and then on to other places, therefore taking control over all of the area.


We were able to stop this before it even got to first base, and in so doing we discovered that there was to be after the dropping of the bomb a similar event on the soils of the US. We have been able to go to the root of this and bring to an end all of the sources these ones have to do this or any other event including a nuclear device. We also have these ones in custody off planet.


What we are asking all of you to do is to wage a ‘declaration of light’ in the interest of peace. We ask that you go within and declare that the only power that will be used in the interest of peace is love and compassion. We ask that you visualize the world wrapped in a cocoon of golden-pink light and that you see extending from that cocoon spires of violet flame that extend out into the universe touching all of the powers of and frequencies of peace that are being generated by all of the Cosmic family in the universe.


In this way you are still in charge of the energies that are radiating from earth, while at the same time, you are taking the stand that you are employing the assistance and therefore bringing into unity, all of the One Family of The Creator. This is a part of the unity that is bringing about the enfoldment of the events on earth, and the preparations for interstellar communication and co-operation in the coming times.


This can and will be a very powerful act on your part, and as you do this, you will be generating an energy of intent for worldwide peace that is so strong that nothing can stand against it. This is the beauty of your abilities my dear ones, for with this you will be creating your world to the frequencies of a peaceful planet unsurpassed and unequal in scope and magnitude.


This is a clear example of what is to take place in the next few years on planet earth. All of you will rise up and take your power back and realize your sovereignty. As the next weeks and months bring what they are destined to bring, you will all see the roles that you are playing and that all of humanity are playing out in this free will game. Then you will take it from there and you will go to the heights of your abilities and beyond, for there is no limit where your true strengths lie.


As I close this message, I do so with a light of glory that reflects back to you the light that you are beaming forth as you read these words. You know what to do, all of you, and already I am seeing the beams of light emanating forth from the earth. What a sight to see, and what an age to be living right this moment. It is grand, and I wash your feet with the Holy Waters of the Creator.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate