Wakeup Call Message
June 16 , 2005





My dear, you are right on cue. As you read the news of the moderate quake in S. California you sensed my presence. I AM Hatonn, come for a visit.


I would like to comment on that and more to come. Mother Earth has announced that she will from this point step up her activity. However it will not be of enormous magnitude for she is easing into this transition as you all are.


With this ease will come more incidents such as this moderate rumble, and as this occurs there will be a considerable lessening of the pressure within the earth. This is planned for she is seeing that with the enormous awakening that is taking place all over the planet, there is an upgrading to a status of five degree resistance, rather than the ten that was seen to be occurring at this time.


What this means is that with this relieving of pressure through the energy work that has been taking place, there is less need for Gaia to explode in tumultuous ways. She will give more like hiccups and sags, and with this activity will come a re-aligning with the energies of her intent for this New Golden Age, and her ascent into it, right along with you.


You see, my dears that this is the way it happens. When Grace is upon us, everything lines up in a synchronous fashion, and the vibration of all is centered in balance. This enables the transition to go more smoothly, and with less resistance. This is what is occurring.


Another thing that is occurring is that with this balance happening, everything is being affected. This will be seen throughout the world, not only in the people and their vibration, but also in the events that bring society to balance. This will be reflected in the ability of the people to come to the truth in matters that are now hidden. Some of those truths are now coming into view, and as this progresses, there will be an acceleration that will bring this movement to the desired and intended result.


This is good news for you, is it not, for this is truly a time that will go down in history as the Quickening. Never before has there been such depth to the meaning of that word. Now you will see it reflected in every aspect of your lives. This is a time when truly you have put on your safety belts and snapped them in place, for it is the ride of the millennia.


With this news I would like to congratulate you all for a job well done. There will be coming out a great deal of evidence that will show the truth to the world, and as it does, it will be met with a flow that will generate a steady coming forward of the truth about many issues that are in question now and soon to be.


This information that will come forward is to be a turning point for all of humanity. It will start a landslide of secrets being revealed, and truths clearing away the cobwebs of antiquity based in fear and tyranny. No more will the shadows be able to hide the secrets, for the light is shining bright and it is uncovering more and more of what has remained hidden all these millennia.


I urge you all to regard what is to be coming into the spotlight as the beginning of the picture that is being painted for all of the world to see. It will shed light on a great many faces and then it will give credence to much of the gossip that has been circulating. I use the term gossip, for it represents what some term the many stories that are circulating the Internet. When the truth comes out, these stories will be seen in the true light; they will be seen as the stories that represent the reality that will be coming into the living rooms and newsstands all over the globe.


Now is the time to know what you feel, for with that ability to tune in to your feelings from the gut and the heart, you will be able to bypass the voice of reason that says, but this canít be true, for people cannot do things like that. You will reassess and guard your thoughts well, and then allow the feelings to accompany a clear vision of what is presented to you.


Then you will do not only those who are in question well, but yourselves as well, to find the compassion to see you through the truths as they are laid out before you. Allow that compassion to see you through the rumblings and tremors that are coming, and you will be able to stand firm and let it all just roll off and leave you at peace and empowered to make your voice be heard and your authority speak with your solid actions.


I close this transmission with a note of joy. Though there be tremors and shivers and aghast thoughts coming forward, you will never falter as long as you keep your center. Remember that an acorn never falls far from the tree, as long as it knows its course. This is a law of nature, and with it comes a mighty oak standing tall and strong, able to withstand all matter of element. You are that oak, and I see the element of strength within every molecule of your inner core, and your outer demeanor.


Go now and be joyful, for the road ahead is paved with promises of love and joy, and gilded with gold and silver.


Thank you dear Hatonn

Love, Nancy Tate