Wakeup Call Message
June 30 , 2005



 Galactic Peace Council


My dear ones of planet earth, we would like to bring to you some information that will be of pressing importance in the days to come. This information is about the way that peace is being validated on your planet, and how you are going to be able to revolutionize the process so that it may come to a point of purity with the energy work that you can be doing.


We are the group known as the Galactic Peace Council, and we are stationed within the planet Mars of your solar system. We come at this time, for we see that there is an opening for the type of energy work that we are going to recommend. Through this energy work, you will be able to set a precedent for peace that will have never before be realized on your planet.


We have seen the origin of the memory of the peaceful planet, and we have also seen the potential realized that was set those millennia ago, when first the earth was created for this purpose.


You see, the earth has its own blueprint; Mother Gaia has a blue body, just as each of you does. Within this blue body lies the exact perfection of her body, as does yours. Your physicalness carries the imprint from that blue body, and so does that of earth.


With this blueprint, there can be a return to the idea of the peaceful planet that was set in energy memory to be tapped into at this time. Yes, this is the time that has been ordained to be the turning point for that perfection of the peaceful planet to come about.


Realize that you and the planet are still in your physicalness. This means that though the perfection will be achieved within the etheric bluebody of the earth and of you, the actual manifestation of that which is programmed into the bluebody will be actualized according to the whole of the aura of you and of earth.


This means that the manifestation will be present according to the energetic vibration that is represented within you and earth, at the time that the energy permits. Peace will then reign forevermore in the hearts and souls of each of you, and in Mother Gaia. This is the time for the awakening of that potential.


Now we will explain for you what you can do to awaken that potential within each of you, and within Gaia. You will be given the steps to follow and the words to use for this awakening. We will guide you through the ceremony, and we will lend our energies of support to your own.


We ask that you do this ceremony on the day of July 1, 2005, in the time between 8:00 in the morning, and 9:00 at night. You pick the time that suits you and know that because there is no time, all will be one through the intent of all of you.


First we ask that at the start of this you sit comfortably and take three deep relaxing breaths. Hold each breath between the intake and the outtake for a count of 30; yes, you can do it.


Then with the completion of this first step, you will count to seven and then you will hear the voice within mention a word; the word may vary with each of you. With your intent, this will come clearly.


As this word resonates through your beingness, you will feel the power it has. This power will be resonate with all of life, and will represent the vibration at which all on planet earth is at that moment.


Holding that power and that feeling, give a moment to the gratitude that wells up within you, and see that the oneness that you are experiencing is complete and pure.


Now begin to allow a tone to ripple through your beingness. Hear that tone as you bring it through four times, each time you will likely feel the increase in strength and purity. With this tone you will have heard your greeting to the universal order of all life.


As this tone melts into the void, then hold your peace and allow yourself to see what the earth looks like as she appears before you in your inner vision, in the void. Immerse yourself in that vision, and know that you are one with it.


Then find the small dot on the earth that you know is you. Focus on that dot, and with your inner vision see it manifest as your higher self. As this image grows, you will feel the oneness.


Now is the time when you will speak to your higher self. You will tell your higher self that you are a peaceful planet and a vessel for the continuation of that peace. Tell your higher self that you see peace as a continual state of being on earth and within yourself.


Now see your higher self merge with that of Gaia. See the higher being of earth become one with your higher self. Know that your higher self represents all of the higher selves of every person on earth.


See this oneness blend and merge into the perfection that is represented in the bluebodies of Gaia and of every person on earth. Know that the oneness is complete and that the door to the memory for eternal peace on earth and within all, has been opened and that the memory is now the way it is. Know that the destiny of the peaceful planet is assured and is manifest in the bluebody of the oneness.


Now reach out with your Spirit and see that oneness merge with all of the universe. See that the intent and the loving,  peaceful energy of all of the family of the universe is one with the manifestation of peace. This is the coming together etherically and physically of the idea of eternal peace.


When you have held this vision and have felt the gratitude and absolute peace of this manifestation, then stay with it for as long as you desire. When you are ready come back to the peaceful place in which you sit. Feel the lightness of the togetherness that you are. Know that as you come back to the present consciousness you will have achieved a state of bliss that is manifest in everything that you do.


Keep that knowing strong, and appreciate what you as a whole one being have accomplished for mankind, Mother Gaia, and the Universe. As you open your eyes and take another deep breath, feel the love that radiates from the center of Mother Gaia.


She is so very much at peace, and she remembers that she was once peace eternal, and that she has come full circle. Know as well that she carries you and that knowledge within her heart, for she loves you and she nourishes you, her children, and welcomes you back to her bosom and Home forevermore.


This my dear ones of planet earth, is the best that you can do for yourselves and for Mother Gaia at this time. You are masterful and you are incredible beings. You came to earth those millennia ago to do something, and this step that you do for peace is the cornerstone of the New Golden Age.


Wear it well, my dear family, for you are coming into this new Age with all memory of who you are intact, and all that you have become in the energy of the potential is being realized.


We leave you now with a suggestion. We offer the idea that you share with anyone you care to what your experiences are of this gift that you give to yourselves and to Mother Gaia.


This is a time in your evolution when you are looking at the Eternal Grace, and that self love and actualization are hand in hand. Go now and celebrate, for we see already that you have succeeded in your destiny. We love you and honor your journey. Namaste.


Thank you dear Galactic Peace Council,

Love, Nancy Tate