Wakeup Call Message
June 14 , 2005





My dear ones when in the course of the trials of our lives it becomes impossible to turn one’s back on the needs of others, then the thing to do is to extend a loving hand and show that you are there. This is the first consideration, and in some cases the only one. If the response is to fall into your arms and cry away their despair, then you will know that you have served a purpose in the single gesture that you displayed.


However, if what happens is that the person turns their back and walks away, then you will know that this is a person who deeply needs a blessing from heaven, and though he feels the need, may not ask for it. In this case, there is only one thing that you can do, and that is to love him in your heart and know that he is walking a path that is blessed with his own intent and purpose.


In the event that the latter occurs there is usually a need for something that you are able only to supply the energetic opening for. This is when standing in one’s own authority is vital, and the only thing that will work. Due to the unusual circumstances sometimes of taking one’s life and ruining it, seemingly, time after time, with no let up, one is surely on a path of self-destruction.


Unless, my dear ones, this person has seen the merit of his own path through the brambles and is taking the widest berth through the forest that he can. This is for the purpose of bringing a great deal of growth to himself, and doing so in as short a period of time as is possible.


You see, these souls recognize that the time that they used to operate in is on a downslide. Time is becoming extinct, and as it does, then our ability to take our time as once was, is shrinking. We now have to make each moment count as if it were the last, for in one respect, surely it is.


My friends, time is indeed becoming the oneness that we are becoming in our reality. Time is being molded and cut by the energies that perpetuate the degree of relativity that we have to anything. We are seeing how with the advent of no time, we are being drawn inexplicitly to the center and we will no longer have what we have considered to be the luxury of ‘taking our time’.


Now look at what this means in a joyful sense. We now see what we want and intend for our lives, before we know that we want and intend it. This can be tricky, for to recognize this blessing is to be able to have the forethought to know it fits. This is one way to be able to stay one step ahead of disappointment and impatience at all times.


As we go round the treadmill of life, we do so with the authority that becomes us. We find that we are being constantly delighted with how well this turned out and that appeared. We take each day as a treasure to appease the senses and to tickle the fancy. We delight in the perfection that was only in our consciousness at the time of inception.


This is the way of the times that are upon us. We gave ourselves to the promise those years ago, and now we are reaping the rewards. And it is only just beginning my friends. It is a whole new start of our lives that makes it appear to have golden edges, and it does.

We have created that with our love for The Creator, and the love that is returned fully and complete.


So, as we go along through life, and we come upon someone who falters or stumbles, when we hold out our hand and that person walks away, know that she has taken on a huge opportunity for her growth and recollection of who she is. Then hold her in your heart in love and joy, for but for a choice of life, go you.


I AM happy to be coming today this way, and to share with you a little gem that many of you have asked for. It is a matter of tying into a truth that you know, and for a brief time have decided to be reminded of. It is a matter of bringing to you a treasure of the times that you bear well to remember, for it is basic and sure, and with this gentle reminder you are soaring over the clouds and into the sun.


I love you, and I, Avenda send you a balloon full of energy through which to sail into your today with glee and love.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate