Wakeup Call Message
June 22, 2004



            This is a time to go within my children and hear the tones of love that reverberate their crescendos of love and compassion to tell of the intricacies of the human mind as it relates to the auspices of the Divinity in manifestation.

            Greeting my dear one, I am Sananda, and I welcome you to this day of love and compassion for all the world. This is a time when all of you can be an integral part of the peacemaking that is taking place around the world and in the corners of the countries where the people live. When I say people, I refer to those who are the backbone of any nation; the ones who strive forward in their lives and give meaning to the ideas of freedom and justice. These are the ones who in their daily lives give forth an energy of steadfastness and integrity for all the world to tap into.

            How often have you seen a father join his children in the games they play? How many times have you seen a mother teach her children how to play and make a nice home for their playthings? How often have you seen the results of those teachings in the playtime, the make believe time, that the children engage in?

            This my friends is what has made the world societies a strength and a blessing for this earth. Gaia loves this energy of harmony. She gains strength from it, and when that is disrupted, she feels the difference, the drain on the energy of that family.

            Today we are undergoing a similar feeing. We are seeing that there is a weakening in the family structure. We are also seeing that this is being strengthened by the energies of the earth and by all the sentient beings who live here and who are still tuning in to the miracles that Mother Earth offers forth.

            These miracles are the ones that strengthen the ties to the innate oneness that is your inner guidance. They endure the darkness that prevails at times, and in that they shower forth the light that lies hidden in reserve. There is no end to the light within Mother Earth, for it is self-renewing. Did you realize that my dear ones? The inner essence of Mother Earth is self-renewing; constantly it is finding itself to be complete and total unto itself.

            This is the way of it with you as well, my dear ones. You are self-renewing, you are a constant of energy in manifestation. This is your innate nature. When you came to earth and assumed these bodies you did so with a purpose that bespoke the abilities you have to perpetuate that which is you.

            As you continued through your lives you forgot that. Now is the time when you are reawakening to that innate wisdom. Consider the path along the way. Look back and see how history represents the various experiences you all created. See how this has brought you so far away from who you were when you came here.

            Now see where you began to go back the other way; see how you have made progress toward the completion of the circle of life. Do you think that there is nowhere else to go once you have completed that circle? Let me tell you now that there is a whole new potential for you to express in once you get to that point of completion. In getting there, you have wiped the slate clean of all that has been before, for in the remembrance comes the absolution of the past.

            It is not that you will have no memory of what has come before, but that it will be as so much fluff and of interest only as a set of information that you carry with you. There will be no charge on it, therefore no emotional ties to it that can hold you back. Your freedom will be as you have never experienced it before.

            Now I tell you that that time for you can be right now. Starting this very moment you can bring that reality to yourself, and live the future of your capabilities. Your present moment can be so full of itself as to be the golden light that you have but dreamed of.

            Is there an idea that you have brought to your self for your future? What part of that idea can you manifest right now? Take that part and bring it into reality. It needn’t be any more than a feeling that it brings you, or an expansion of the idea. It is your creation, and you have put it into action.

            When you take yourself into the Divinity of the moment, you take yourself to the prime place for manifestation. Manifestation is not a inactive place to be. The activity of the mind is far beyond the aptitude that you have considered to be the way you operate now. The activity of the mind is the fastest speed known, as to be so fast that it seems to be standing still. There is a difference between empty stillness and fullness of constancy. With constancy there seems to be no action, when in reality it is faster than anything else known to man.

            When you tweak the constancy of this energy, you have tapped into a power so immense as to be able to empower all there is. That is the power that is within you, each of you. Yes, my dear ones. You have the ability to tweak your constancy and release a power that goes far beyond your wildest dreams.

            Knowing this, how can you ever again think that you cannot produce in your life what it is that you intend? Yes, I hear you, you ask how you can tweak that power. It is very simple my friends, you do it every time you breath, every time you move a muscle, every time you think, or speak. And where is the trigger? It is in your intent, and it is in your innate wisdom that comes directly from the inner core that is connected to the completeness.

            Because you have brought all the cloudiness to your lift over these eons you have forgotten all that you are capable of. Every time you make a decision to motivate that constancy within, you clear away another particle of those clouds. Every time you go within and ask for the guidance that is there for your acceptance, you clear away some more murkiness. Every time you find the strength to step forward in the intent to rise above an emotion that has kept you captive, you clear away some more clouds and the light from within comes forth that much clearer and brighter. Soon you find that there is so much light shining forth that even the murkiest of barriers dissipate and clear away providing you with a clarity that surpasses any you’ve experienced.

            Soon you see that all you need is right there inside you. You know that you have all you need within, and that All can bring to you what you desire for your outer life. You also see that what you bring to your outer life harmonizes with your inner being. You also see that what you wanted for your outer life before only represented what was out there, and you realize that is the reason it was never enough. There was not that harmony that made the exchange complete. You were always searching for that harmony that told you that you were complete.

Now you see that in order to feel complete, you have to bring it from within to reflect with what is outside. Anything that you an bring to your mind to accomplish that harmony will come into being with the resonance that comes forth from your inner tones. That is when your outer world will agree with the inner.

Many of you are finding that to be true in your lives. You are being assisted in this at this time. You are being guided by the energies of the Christ Light. You are in agreement with the inner workings of the All, and it is showing on the outside. Just look around you at the immediate lives that are in your world. Where do you think these barriers go when they are sent forth and away from you? They are being seen as all the strife that is taking place in your world. As you clear out your barriers, they come forth in expression. They are being expunged from your every cell and from your genetic memory. Evidence of this is expressed in your outer world.

            In order for the barriers to your inner harmony to be able to carry forth into the outer, there must be a realization of what it was that kept you in bondage. The recognition that this bondage is outside of you is the recognition that you no longer carry it, and now consider it out side of you, part of the illusion. Now you can let go of it.

            How long did you walk around in your life and see your outer world as peaceful and wonderful, while on the inside you were riled and so quick to temper? Now you are seeing the very energies of that quickness to anger expressing itself outside and all around you.

            Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. This is being shown now. Do you feel a little weak physically in this transition stage? Do you feel as if you cannot lift another load and take another step in the direction you were moving forward? Do you find yourselves challenged by your physical maladies? Are you finding you have no motivation? Would you have in the past considered all those things to be a form of weakness and that you are meek indeed?

            Rejoice, my friends, and realize this is the clearing out of the barriers to your strengths. Know that because you can see them out there, they are showing themselves finally on the outside, that you have been able to extricate them from your innerness, and you are now on the way to achieving that harmony that you aspire to.

            We here in the realm that you are about to enter are celebrating this miracle! We love you so much; our love for you expresses our love for all creation. We are setting the table for the gigantic feast that we shall all partake of. It will be called hereafter the First Supper and it will feed the kingdom of man. We will bring to that table to fullness of the  love and compassion in celebration and festive garb. There is a harmony that will resound throughout heaven that will herald the New Age of Man in co-operation with Gaia that will bring about an abundant and triumphant new experience of mankind in harmony with Mother Earth and with all of creation.

            This is the stepping off time, my dear ones, and you are all in this together. We applaud your fortitude, and we see that you are coming to a state of harmony that resounds already within us. Go forth and multiply in the energy of prosperity, and know that you have applied the names and the dates and the ways by which you will bring this into existence and into harmonic frequency of the Divine.

            We salute you, and stand in honor of your journeys.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate