Wakeup Call Message
June 09, 2004



            My dear ones, I am Sananda, and I come to you this morning with a pipe of peace and a blanket to cover the woes of the day. This is a time when all of you are in a state of loving action and a time for bringing all the people of the world together in a binding resolution of hope and joy forevermore.

            When you see the clouds of doom hang in low and seem to obliterate everything, that is when the light is at it’s brightest, and when the clouds are closest to bursting forth and exposing the secrets to the light of day. They can run and hide as so many field mice when the fox is out of the den, however they cannot hide from the truth of what their dealings have been. The time for revelation is nigh, and now is the time for celebration.

            There once was a time when there were two dogs and a goat who resided on a small farm. These beautiful animals loved each other, and swore in their own special way to come to an understanding for always of how they would relate to each other. This was a sharing of energies of love and respect for one another’s ways of doing things and approaching life.

            One day one of the dogs, whom I will call Jake, took it upon himself to bring a new element into this mix. He stood just outside the gate and whispered to a rabbit that if he were to come inside and join them, they would have a party. He told this rabbit of the millions of carrots that grew in the garden and of the thousands of heads of lettuce that trailed the edges of the rows of carrots. It was all right there for him, all he need do is come inside and he would be set for life.

            Well, this rabbit was much tempted. He loved the taste of fresh, sweet carrots straight from the rich dark earth. And when he mixed that taste with the mild yet sweet taste of the lettuce…well, he was in heaven. The temptation was too great, even though he knew he was walking into a possible danger zone. So he timidly entered the yard, and eased himself round the gate and into the garden. He looked all around and then he spotted the other dog. This dog was much bigger than Jake, and he became very frightened. What if this dog saw him and tried to devour him, as he wanted to do with the treats from the garden? Oh no, and now he saw the goat, and the goat saw him. They stood peering at each other; the goat seemed to be daring him to move. My goodness, what am I to do?

            Just then the dog began to wag his tail. He must have seen him, thought the rabbit, for he was looking forward to accompanying the goat in his next meal. This was not good! Then Jake came around the corner and saw what was about to take place. He stopped his friends and announced, “This is my guest. I have invited him to dine of the garden and to make himself at home. There is no room here for your shenanigans, and if you will just make friends with my guest, then we can get along just fine. There is no difference in him over us, anyway, when it comes right down to it. We are all creatures of the land, and we all know what it is like to scour and beg for our way. Remember how it was when you were other dogs and another goat? Remember that you once were skinny and hungry and mangy, without any idea where you next morsel of food would come from?

            Jake’s companions weren’t sure what their friend was doing. This wasn’t like him; it must be a trick. So they stood back with grins on their faces and waited to see how this would unfold. The rabbit carefully went into the garden and sniffed the first green tassel of leaves that hid the delectable orange root that awaited his enjoyment. He nibbled a bit at the tender green, and then he ate it all the way down to the top of the soil. Wait, how am I going to get to the root, now that I in my nervousness have eaten even the part I would pull the root out with?

            He worked at it, and tried with his mouth to get the root loose and then he would be able to bring it forth. Alas, he had worried the leaves too much and driven the root even deeper into the soil. Darn, I have to do better than this if I am to be able to get to the delectable carrot. So he ate the green leaves of another, this time being careful to leave something to hold onto. This time he was able to pull the root out swiftly and surely. There it was, ready for his feast! This is going to be good; I haven’t had a meal like this in so long!

            The rabbit had gotten so immersed in his feast that he didn’t see or hear that there was something terribly wrong going on right behind him. Suddenly a shot fired, and another. He whirled to look, and another shot echoed by him, too close for comfort. The farmer; he must have been alerted by one of the animals! Oh, why did I trust them; why did I not let my own instincts take care of me? The rabbit darted out of harm’s way and was gone through the garden as quickly as his feet could carry him. He found a space in the fence where he could escape and soon he was in the field of tall grass and on his way home to safely. The only thing he had been able to gain from the whole episode was a few green leaves and a taste that still teased his senses.

            Why did he allow Jake to lure him in? Why did he let the others tantalize him and let him think that he was safely within their care? He loved those animals, because he knew that they were really like him, in a deeper sense of the word. Why did he listen to the old memories instead of paying attention to today’s message? Was there some way that he could have handled that differently?

            Then he asked himself another question. Why is it that he was safe now, and out of reach of the farmer’s bullets? Why did the aim of the farmer not find its mark? This was truly a miracle, and now he knew why all that had taken place. This was a story for him to bring the reality of today into perspective, as far as yesterday was concerned. Why would he rely on yesterday’s knowledge of things that happen to lead him in today’s decisions? This was not to his advantage, unless it was to show him something. What was it that he was being shown? Was it that there is really no difference in today than tomorrow, or was it that each new day is unto its own and not to be treated as yesterday?

            Yes, I think that it is! I think that is the subject for today. I must go out and really see what the day is like now. I must act on what that is, and never mind the past except to see how it taught me about today. Yes, I think that is what that was all about! The rabbit was excited, he knew that even though he had remembered who he was before, and who the dogs and the goat where at one time, that was before, and they didn’t remember. So, that is how you can get yourself into trouble unless everyone remembers.

            But wait; isn’t it true that to some degree everyone remembers? Isn’t it true that when we act on what we remember others may remember too, from the reminder? H-m-m-m-m, I must think on that one for a while. That may take on another whole new meaning to this story.

            Meanwhile, Jake and his friends are all sitting around and laughing about what took place that day. They love to ruminate about these events after they take place. How many has it been now, about a dozen in the last month? Well, this has certainly been a great time we’ve been having! Yes, but what about all the other times when the rabbits just look at us as if we’re crazy, and go hopping off. We were left with egg on our face and a lot of effort for nothing.

            Jake walked away from his friends. He didn’t feel so good all of a sudden. It wasn’t funny anymore, and it wasn’t bringing him pleasure, all he could see was the look of terror on the rabbit’s face, and he knew that something was not quite right here. He lay in the shade of a big tree and mused the thing over. He fell asleep and the next thing he knew, he was standing before a giant lion, and he was a mouse. The lion roared and roared and the ground trembled. The forest came alive with the echoes of the lion. But the lion did not come any closer to the mouse, he just roared and then he lay down beside the mouse and licked the tail of this tiny mouse.

His mouth was eight times the size of me, the mouse thought. Why didn’t he eat me, instead of just lick my tail? He felt a great outpouring of love from the lion, and suddenly he knew what the story was. No matter how deeply you go into the creatures of God, there is always some bit of love that lives there, no matter what the stuff of the ages brings forth that clouds the inner workings, there is always that love.

            Jake awoke and looked around him. He knew that he had been given a gift that day. He knew that he would always be the one who was the mouse, for he had met his lion again that day, and now the love came through from another source. But the message was the same, and now he knew how the rest of his life would look. He arose and went out into the yard, and he strode over to the gate. A mouse skittered by and stopped in its tracks. Jake sniffed at it and reached out his paw to sweep it into his mouth, but something happened. He stopped short and lay down where he was and sniffed the mouse. Then he reached out his pink, moist tongue and licked the mouse and loved the feeling it gave him. The mouse looked at Jake and wondered at this dog, who just let him go on when he could very well have had him for supper. He sure would have a tale to tell his family when he returned, safe and sound that night.

            Have a wonderful, beautiful day, my dear ones. Find a way to bring your past into today and live the NOW of the day in full. You are dearly loved, and you bless the ones around you in every moment.


Thank you dear master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate