Wakeup Call Message
June 30, 2004

 St Germain


          There is a story I would like to tell you today about a rich woman and a poor man and the pact they had between them. Good morning my dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I would like to capture your attention for a few moments. Come sit at my side and I will tell you a tale of sweet romance and an abundance that sparkles in more than just the cash box.

          Harry and Natalie were lovers; they gave to each other the best they could. And yet there was an issue that threatened their happiness in each other. One was so poor as to need to go out and work two jobs just to bring in minimum wage. The other, Natalie was able to fend for herself with a dowry left to her from her parents who had died three years hence.

          Natalie wanted to give Harry part of her inheritance because she had come about it in that way. She felt guilty about having it, and forlorn for the reason it had come to her in her ripe years. Since her parent’s death, she had been remorseful, and had squandered her fortune with loose spending and tirades of irrational behavior.

          Harry saw what she was doing with her riches, and though he could have had benefit of them, he refused. He did not want the attachment of emotion to the money that his lover had. He saw that if he partook of the riches that she might transfer some of her behavior over to him.

          So they went on in this manner for several months. She had more time on her hands than he did, for she didn’t have to work for a living. Harry on the other hand grew weary and troubled with his life. Not only did he not have time to spend quality time with Natalie, he also didn’t want to give up his small amount of time that he had for his own pursuits to better his life.

          Harry had enrolled in night school for three hours four times a week. He wanted to better his position in life by becoming a clerk of records, and in doing so he would be able to lead a normal life, and have some time to spend with his love and for himself. He still contended that there was no need to take any of Natalie’s offers of money to make his life a little easier while he was going to school. She even suggested that if he felt better, he could repay the money as he was able after securing his new job.

          More months went by, and soon Harry was ready to begin a career that would give him the self-assurance that he would be able to have a life that reflected who he was and why he was on earth. His dream was to go into another profession that would serve mankind more than being a clerk of records. Harry wanted to be a doctor. He had taken this course to be a clerk of records merely to be able to serve as a step towards his ultimate goal.

          His plan was working very well. After he had worked in his new profession for a year, he had saved up enough to back him up while he entered medical school. He was able to reduce his hours as clerk enough to continue to bring in money, and go to medical school too. He was in full swing in his life, and he was attaining his ultimate goal.

          Through all this Natalie was tiring of the constant battle to find time for them to be together. Harry was always tired when they were together, and he still would not accept any financial assistance from her. If they were to have a life together, Natalie argued, why not allow her to help him out now, and later he could be the one to bring in the major wage.

          Harry feared that this would usurp his position of power. You see he was still living in the premise his parents and grandparents lived in. He was the breadwinner of the family, and that was that. He could not accept help from his wife, and he was willing to sacrifice in order to keep up his position.

          Well, Natalie had come to the point where she was considering not being his wife. Why marry someone when he wanted to make all the major decisions? Why not allow her to assist with the financial end of their relationship? She put some time into this thought, and came to a conclusion that made sense to her.

          “Harry, “ she said to him one day. “I want to become the breadwinner in this marriage we are considering. I want to be the one to supply the money, and when I do then there will be no more reason for you to work so hard. If you do not want me to do that, then I see no reason for us to continue with our plans to wed.”

          Harry was adamant; he would not hear of it. He gave her his “by no means” extort, and then he let her know the subject was closed. He would not hear her further admonitions.

          Natalie had no recourse but than to end their relationship. She could not in all fairness to their love, be trapped in a marriage that was so one sided. This was the first time that she had taken as strong a stand, and she was trembling for she was determined, yet frightened of her life without him.

          This was the outcome of their relationship, and after years of being apart, Natalie became a recluse and she kept her money from the world and from herself even, in her remorse about how she had acquired it.

          Harry went on to be a successful doctor, and when he came to know how it felt to be successful unto himself, he took great pride. This was the outcome of all his years of hard work and doing without. It even cost him a life with the only woman he had loved. But it was ok, for he had done it himself, and in the doing he had great pride to comfort him when he was lonely.

          One day, Natalie was out walking in the dusk of the evening. She spotted a dog alongside the road, and saw that it was hurt. She hurried to come to its aid, and seeing that there was a twig sticking out of its side, she carefully cradled it in her arms and ran with it to the nearest hospital. There was no time to take it to the veterinarian, for it was on the other side of town, and the dog was bleeding.

          She rushed into the emergency room, and heads turned to see a dog being brought in. One of the attendants came to her side and asked about this strange occurrence. Suddenly a doctor came around the corner, and Natalie saw that Harry was on duty that night. Harry came to her and gently took the dog from her, and laid it on the table. They administered to the dog, and within a half hour the veterinarian that they had called in was at their side and assisting with the finishing up.

          This dog had no collar, and was a small to medium size dog. When he came out of the mild anesthesia, the first one he saw was Natalie. He licked her hands as she caressed his nose and muzzle. He looked at her as his hero, and soon they were inseparable. He followed her around and licked her hands whenever she allowed.

          She had adopted this dog, as surely as he had her.

Soon, there came a knock on her door. Harry stood there with a grin on his face and a dog treat in his hand. He asked to come in, and soon they were engaged in conversation. He shared with her how he had come to realize that his ideas about them and money had been antiquated and no longer valid in today’s society. He had only come to that conclusion through the ability to provide for himself the spare time to just do nothing for long periods of time.

          You wouldn’t think that a doctor would have long periods of time, however Harry was a highly skilled surgeon, and with that he had been able to be well paid, and therefore able to take time for himself. He know how important it was to retain his sense of values, and yet to put that sense in a healthier perspective. He knew that there was no sense to making more money than he needed to have his life as he wanted it. So he then started to see Natalie again. They both agreed that there was still a deep caring for each other that had never died.

          Natalie still would not consider her money to be her birthright, and it had sat in the bank and gained interest through the years. She lived simply, and after the initial squandering of the money, she had stopped using any of it except what would sustain her.

          Now she began to think of the money in a different way. She considered the dog, whom she named Cutie, and of how the hospital had come to her rescue that day. If the hospital hadn’t been so close, and the doctors and nurses so efficient and knowledgeable, and ready to step in without a second thought, then she would not have found such a dear sweet friend in Cutie.

          She thought of all the times when she could have had a pet, had she wanted to spend the money on one. She thought of all the love that she could have expressed by sharing that money with others and maybe making a way for others to have a better life with pets or a place to run them.

          So Harry and Natalie got married, and they worked with their money as they saw brought them the satisfaction of knowing that they were giving of themselves. They no longer saw money as a power play, but as a humanitarian way to serve others. It was a means by which societal things could be achieved. None of it could be accomplished if they had not come to terms with their old outmoded ideas about what money could buy.

          Their lives soon reflected that they understood finally what money was all about. It is the exchange for a better life, and when it is distributed and flowing free, it can bring more happiness through the sharing thoughts and hearts of those behind the sharing.

          That’s what love is, my dear ones. It is a sharing of whatever exchange is available. It is an outer example of the love that lives in the hearts and souls of those who distribute it so freely. This is the never ending abundance that springs forth in a constant that has been enabled by the opening of the wisdom of understanding that comes from a heart that is free.

Find your selves in the abundance line, and know that you are ready and able to keep the flow going. This is one of the final agreements that will be coming your way in the time to come. Will you be able to see the gift that is given you, and see how its works can bring you joy and a sense of deep love in action?

          I see within each and every one of you that there is a candle burning bright, and that candle is being fanned by the breath of life that is gifted from Spirit in a constant, my dear ones. Give yourselves the gift of life and love, and know that when the prosperity is released into your hands you will know what you are meant to do with it.

It is your gift to yourself, and it is your challenge to yourself. There is no wrong way to use that gift, and no right way. All there is, is the real meaning behind it, and with the prosperity that lives in your heart, you will find that there is no bound and there is no judgment, just pure joy and peace in your hearts, flowing forth in love forever.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate