Wakeup Call Message
June 18, 2004

St. Germain 


  In the midst of all of the changes, you are hearing of how the new energies are affecting you. We tell you very often about it so that you can develop an understanding of what to expect. Through this you can begin to manage your own growth and control your enlightenment. Whilst we offer our help in many different ways, it is you who are responsible for the outcome. It is your freewill that determines how quickly you progress. No pressure is put on you, but as you are in a wonderful period of time that offers you so much, we give you gentle encouragement.

  You are powerful Beings, who are gradually re-claiming your powers. You are in that interim period when you will begin to notice that you are changing. How will you determine your growth, can you see where this has affected you. I would say the greatest change is in your power of thought. You are beginning to realize that you really are co-creators with God. Few of you can yet manifest what you want in an instant, but the mass consciousness is a powerful tool that you are wielding to bring so much Light to Earth. You are holding the Light and creating enormous thought forms that are transmuting the dark. When you keep hold of these energies, there is little that the dark can do in response. They may outwardly look assured, but I tell you they are a spent force. This is an example of how without raising a fist, you can achieve your goal in a peaceful manner.

  On a personal level, you can translate your power in terms of your ability to create certain conditions around you. For example, many healers are finding that they are now able to channel more refined energies, and their healing has become more potent. In general terms you will find that your Light has a greater calming influence on people around you. There is another example where your power of thought is akin to healing, although you may not consciously be aware of it. Those of you who are keen and successful gardeners will know that some have green fingers, and just why is this so. I think you are beginning to get the idea, because it is your loving care as you handle them and nurture them, and they respond to it. Your Love, your words and thoughts are all energies that everything around you re-acts to, in a greater or lesser degree. You must have also heard of people who play music to their plants, farmers who play it to their cows and find they get an increased milk yield. I could go on but these examples alone are telling you of how all living forms respond to positive energies. When you think of how this can have a knock on affect, perhaps you can see how it raises the vibrations upon Earth. It is an unstoppable force of immense power.

  When we tell you that you have won the battle against the dark, this is why. There is no longer a balance being maintained between the two forces, because the Light is now in the ascendancy. This is due to your determination and dedication to the cause, and to bring lasting peace to Earth. You have always known deep down of your latent powers, and you now use them to good affect, and for the good of all. The dark are feeling very uncomfortable right now. They face the challenge of absorbing the light themselves, and if they try to resist it, they will be gradually causing their own disintegration.

  You need to understand how much difference your individual contribution makes to the Light. Do not ever think that it has little or no affect, because this is a case where literally every little counts. When you get together in groups, the Light quotient expands exponentially. Can you imagine what we see when you are Light working, and at such times as the Harmonic Convergence. Your power is tremendous, and you have worked miracles that have ensured a glorious end time to this cycle of evolution.

  It is now impossible for the dark to prevent the onward march of Light. There are millions of tiny pockets of Light that are growing in intensity, and the fact that you are so widespread is where your power lies. They create a great web of Light around your Earth and this is where it has its strength. This in turn attracts even more Light from the higher dimensions, and so it goes on, and on until all is transmuted.

  Knowing that your energies go out from you and into the ethers, try to consciously send your inner peace and Love to everyone around you. When you are meditating and carrying out Light exercises, also spare a thought for Mother Earth, your long-suffering host, she also needs healing. Although like you, she has the ability to self heal and will eventually cleanse the Earth, she needs to feel your love and appreciation of the sacrifices that she has made over aeons of time. You have only to look back a mere 200 years to realize how your Industrial Revolution has taken its toll, and still does. The rape and pillage of Earth is no longer acceptable, and a whole new way of thinking has to emerge. There are already many individuals and groups that have for some time recognized that massive changes will have to be introduced. Their efforts to bring such changes into being are soon to be achieved. The problems that have been created are too vast and far-reaching for you to be able to overcome them by yourselves. This is why the restoration of Earth is high upon the agenda, as soon as First Contact is announced. The Earth will be restored, and very quickly at that, with technologies that are beyond your present scientific abilities.

  The time is upon you when through various happenings, you will take a great leap forward, and all the forces of Heaven will be behind you. In reality they have never left you, and there will be an exciting and wonderful celebration in the Light very soon.

  I am with you all the time, and my Light enfolds you and strengthens you. Be assured of your victory.

  Thank you St.Germain

  Mike Quinsey