Wakeup Call Message
June 16, 2004


St. Germain 


Is your head in a whirl, are you running here, running there, do you feel that something is afoot, but cannot quite fathom out what it is? If you do, you are one of an increasing number who are becoming aware of the changes that are slowly but surely affecting everyone. Some of you, probably most of you who read our messages have an understanding of what is taking place, and it is you who we look to, to help others understand too. At such an important time we need all of the help we can muster, as many people as possible need to know about the uplifting energies that are streaming onto your planet.

 Of course everyone is being affected, it is not a matter of choice, but those who understand what the Light is trying to achieve, are better placed to assimilate it into their being. When you are aware and prepared to accept the Light, indeed attract it to you, clearly there is no resistance, but instead acceptance. For those who know a little about it, there is sometimes a fear of what will happen to them. As soon as that negative condition exists, it places an obstruction in the way. 

It is similar for those who show no interest at all, as the Light even so is not forced upon people. By sensing or seeing the changes around them, whether they understand them or not, there is a stirring of curiosity. This will happen more amongst families or within groups that are close knit, where people can be seen to have changed from what they were. 

Having your beingness more within the Light brings a peace that other people notice, they wonder in the midst of apparent chaos how you can remain so serene and centered, and what is your secret. By your actions, words and deeds you are ‘telling’ others that you have found a new way of living and expressing yourself. Other people begin to want to know your secret, and they take notice of what you say, they want to understand what it is that makes you tick. Your influence to help others is very subtle, you do it by example, and this is the gentle way to open them up to the new energies.

In the higher dimensions we see the vast picture and how the Light is growing, how it is reaching an intensity that tells us that you are ready for a greater enlightenment. And you will receive it from us; we are only too pleased to be of service to you in this way. Your success will eventually be our success, as we guide you along the last stretch of your journey. You are so to say, reserving your place in the higher levels, although this is not necessarily a conscious decision. 

But there is an inner knowing of where you want to go and large numbers of you are well on the way to Ascension. I would like to say yet again that although there is nothing new in the process of Ascension, you are in fact attempting something that will make it unique; you are taking your physical body with you. Rest assured you will achieve your goal, but what we do not know is exactly how you will do it. Everything is changing so rapidly at one level that we cannot necessarily say how it will be in the end. As individuals you can approach it in whatever way you like, there is no set pattern. That is why we urge you to help others to understand what is happening, it is never too late to book your place for this ride of a lifetime. 

It is different for those who are not ready and have already made a subconscious decision to stay within their present vibrations. Respect that decision, as you would wish others to respect yours. There is no invitation from us to force people in any way to move further into the Light. This is the beauty of the cycle you are in, that is now coming to a close, that all along you have had freewill to follow exactly whatever path you were attracted to. You have done it all, and seen it all, and your soul has been tempered in the fire of experience. However you may view the negative side of experience, remember without it, you would not have the same appreciation of the Light.

The cycle of duality is coming to its end, and the dark is increasingly being transmuted and loosing its power and ability to hold you in its clutches. Do not worry any longer about the activities of the dark, they may carry on as if they are in charge, but this is now far from the truth. Withdraw from their influence, let them implode they are taking their last gasp. Before this year is out you will have experienced the first of many great events that will happen upon Earth, and the dark will be scurrying away with their tail between their legs. Their time is up, and they know it.

It is important that you understand the broader picture, as you cannot really see it all while you are upon Earth. You can get nearer to it by clearing the clutter from your mind. Try to step out of any rigidity in thought, particularly where religion and politics are concerned. There is a totally new way of thinking that you will have to embrace, if you are to be fully prepared to invite the ‘new you’ to join you. Be open to new ideas, be humble, and accept that you cannot possibly know it all in your present vibration. When I can openly be amongst you, along with the other Masters, you will be given much guidance and Truth. Call our name and tap into it, we know you all quite well, very well.

You are most wonderful Beings of Light, except you cannot see yourselves as we do. Do not demean yourselves, each one of you has exactly the same potential for growth. I mean everyone, so please see the God of Yourself, in all others. I love you all beyond measure, you are my Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you St. Germain for a re-assuring message.

  Mike Quinsey