Wakeup Call Message
June 15, 2004



            My dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I come this morning with a message for all of you to take to heart. This is a message that bears repeating to any one you know who loves the earth and her people. This is a time for the righteous to stand and make their mark and to see that their stand is one that bears inspecting and seeing for the truth that it represents.

            There is a need now for the truth of your being to come forward and be heard. There is a need for all of you to know what your truth is ir-regarding that of others. There is no wrong information as there is no right information. All of it is what you make of it, and if it resonates with you then it is appropriate at the time.

            We here in the realms of the unheard do not give credence to the possibility that there is only one way to regard something. We see the larger picture, and we know that there is great flexibility within that picture.

Consider that there are no longer any visible strains of life on the planet. What would that mean? Would that tell you that the life on earth has been wiped out, or would that merely suggest that all but you have evolved into another dimension? Or perhaps that could translate that you had.

This is a prospect that you may entertain, and that may cause someone to pause and consider oneís life, and their perspective of what it is telling you. This is a time when the opening of the mind can be a wonderful tool to self-enlightenment. This is a time when you can stretch outside the field of the usual and attract different streams of life to your attention.

Can you see how this can be? Take for instance the prevalence of the desire to rule the world you live in. Is this a system of choices, or is this a deliverance of the whole to the perception of the individuals? Could it be both? Allow yourselves to be open to the possibility that there is another way to look at all of this. Then see what that brings you.

Have you then found that this brings you to a whole new slant on life? Take a loaf of bread, for instance. See that the loaf is made up of grains and sugar and water and yeast. Then look at it again and you see that there are nuts and seeds in it, and maybe raisins. Now you have seen two different kinds of bread here. One perception was simpler than the other, but they were two differing ones.

What has this to do with life, you ask. How can I relate to this in my daily life? Well, I tell you, when you do this, when you take the relationship you have with anything to another dimension, then you have opened up the possibility that you can change your life, with your mind. You can create another way of being by changing your mind about how you perceive life. Do this often enough, and with consistency, and you will see a difference.

Ask yourself what it is that you truly desire and intend for your life. Feel how it would be to have your life that way. Smell any smells that may be associated with it. Listen to the sounds of that new life. Experience the people around you in that new way. How would they appear to you? How would they relate to you? You may see that they will change in their relationship to you.

How will you relate to God when you are seeing life in this new way? Will you see God as different? You may be surprised, or you may finally see God as you always somehow knew you could. You could treat that innate knowingness that is the God within as a wiser more pleasing friend. Or you could say that you finally have God in a perspective that makes sense and invite that Divinity to open up your world even further.

Imagine the realms in which you could live. It is unlimited. It is grandiose, if that is your desire. It is simple and clear and uncluttered, if that suits you. It is complex and full of challenge, if that is what comes to mind. It is your arena, and you may create what it looks like, and how it serves you, without judgment, and in love and joy.

When I started in this life so many eons ago I did so with an idea that it would be a journey that would look like everyone intended. That is as it was. Then along the way I began to see that I had influence in my life, that didnít have to coincide with the ideas of others. I played with it, and soon I was bringing miracles into my life that supported my desires and my intent.

I soon found that I could even influence the lives of others just by being what I intended for myself. This resonated with the energy of others, and in this we formed a perfect union of intent in manifestation. When it became something that I no longer intended for my life, I began to play with other ideas, and soon found that my life changed and so did the ones around me. They either left my world, or they too changed through their intent. It was a mastermind, and I was the creator, along with the ones who were in synchronicity.

My dear ones, I have invited you to this stretch of your perceptions for a reason. This is a time when the energies are ripe for transformation. Do you desire a change in your world? Now is the time more than ever before when you can bring that change, and consider the miracles in a whole new way, that of being your inherent right as beings of light. You are the masters of your life, and you can bring about the nuances of life as you intend it to be.

I see you in a ray of violet and tinged with the flame of blue and gold. This is a ray of transformative energies and it is fluid and malleable according to your intent. Shine forth your light and bring the objects of your desire home to roost, for you have earned it and you are blessings walking around for the whole world to benefit from. Take your light to the skies and join with ours for we are all One and that is Divine.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate