Wakeup Call Message
June 07, 2004



War is very much in your news; is there ever a time when there is total peace in your world. The answer is no, and as your weaponry becomes more sophisticated and powerful, so the devastation and loss of life becomes ever greater. In the last two centuries you have had two World Wars that resulted in the death of millions of people, and the World War 2 was said to be the war that ends all wars. At least the people that went through that period thought so, and they never wanted to see a repeat. The sad fact is that within a short time, another war of major proportions was entered into in the Far East. Today’s generations have little or no experience of the effect on life when a major war erupts. But through the media that can bring you live news of incidents in such places as Iraq, they see the senseless death and destruction that self perpetuates itself and spreads like a cancer.

  Remembrance of the anniversary of World War 2 has just passed, and you will have seen veterans of that war recall their experiences. The glory is missing, and instead you realise that even after so many years that the horror of their experiences is deeply etched upon their minds. The tears still roll as they recount the carnage that took place. At different times in your previous lives you have all been caught up in these situations, and you too have deep scars upon your memories, ones that will not go away. Logically there must come a point when the majority have become anti-war, and I tell that this time has already arrived. The war machine is big business, and it is reluctant to give up its profitable activities. War is the tool of those who would dominate others and rape and pillage their countries. I hardly need tell you all of this, you really know it is so, and you have said ‘enough is enough’. But who takes any notice of your pleas and demonstrations for peace, certainly not those who are holding power and authority at this time.

  Your consciousness has created a massive force of positive energy. We who monitor your Earth can respond to it, because it is a signal, that demands action and we certainly do so. We add our energies to yours without infringing your freewill, and the negativity that would oppose peace is gradually being transmuted. If your leaders will not respond to your demands, we will, and this is why we are fully ready and able to intervene as part of First Contact. We have in fact already lessened the effects of war and terrorism all over your world. The dark has had to give up its grip and control, and it is steadily being eroded each and every day. We have permission through divine intervention to do whatever is necessary to bring the peace that you desire so earnestly. Sometimes it may seem to you that we are slow to respond, but the truth is that you are hardly aware or know of our input.

Through the manifestation of NESARA you would have seen the required resignations of your President and Vice President. These members of the dark cabal have to be removed before you can receive the wonderful beneficial changes that it will bring. You have awakened and responded to the new energies so well, that we now see a move taking place that will result in you achieving this yourselves. This is far better, as it allows everyone to see justice in action, in a way that says ‘we have done it’. The dark know that this action is imminent and it will signal the rapid collapse of their empire, and of their ability and influence, for once and for all. This action will have a re-action all over the world, and the people will make it clear that war and everything connected with it will have to be permanently dismantled. What a wonderful release of world tension this will be, an opportunity for a great coming together when you will truly become your Brother’s keeper. I wish I could convey to you the magnitude of what is about to take place; it will be a fantastic time to be present on Earth. You will find that you will have your lives made considerably easier, so much so that you will have the time to pursue your interests as far as you wish.

 Certainly all skills will be used to help bring about the changes that are about to manifest. Many of you have been waiting for this time to do just that, and subconsciously you are prepared for it. With our help, and that of your friends from Space everything will go forward in leaps and bounds, and bring about a truly amazing period in your lives. There is great excitement because the time to start all of these activities is upon us. We have said this so often, and each time it becomes a little nearer to becoming a reality. Never lose your focus upon what it is you want from life, become separate from those things that are not in your vision, let them go their own way if it is not yours. A new time is here; it is already in place in the higher dimensions, and it is now becoming manifest upon Earth.

We can already feel the happiness and joy that will reverberate around Earth. We see the great coming together in Love and Light. We are with you all the way, and give our encouragement and Love. It is time to add another great chapter to the history of Earth, and its wonderful race of Humanity. You have yet to realize your greatness, we salute you.

I am St.Germain and I speak for my Brothers and Sisters of Light, we Love you all beyond measure.


Thank you - Mike Quinsey