Wakeup Call Message
June 01, 2004



            Dear ones, there is an issue that I wish to bring forward at this time. I AM St. Germain, and I AM going to first tell you about the changes that are taking place in the atmosphere at this time. There is an ascending particle wave that interrupts the magnetics of earth and it is enveloping the globe at this time. What that does is to slow down the aptitude of the circulatory system of the earth, and reverse the pull that the core has on the moon. This interprets itself as the magnitude drawing that suppresses itself within the structure of the DNA of everyone on earth. This corrects itself as the consistency of the magnetics adjusts to the new frequencies that are being emitted forth from everyone. This is a coalescing of the genetics of the individual as compared with the genetics of the earth to the moon. All this is in preparation to the upcoming second moon that will be placed in position in orbit with earth.

            I tell you of this in order to explain something about the state of readiness for the announcement of NESARA. While this is taking place is a ripe time for the announcement, for at this time is the lowest peak of pull that the resistance energies have in co-ordinate with the earth-moon resistance. This creates a magnitude of energies that leave an opening for a free-flow of information that is forthcoming from the resistance field. This field is rendered inactive by this occurrence, therefore allowing information to come forward unencumbered.

            What can take place within this time to counteract this free-flow would be for the information within that field to be interrupted and replaced with another less beneficial source of information. The darkness can produce a counter balance to this light information, and render the free-flow to be that of more of the darkness. However, what can take place to keep the information field Light is for a handful of lightworkers to see that field as being light and being free-flowing with the information of Spirit Light. This is a steadfast knowing from a group of you that all is love and all is light, and that is what prevails. With joy and a peaceful heart you can envision this field as being your own interpretation of color light and bring that knowing into balance with each other. This is a simple yet powerful way to keep the potential of this time period, which will last for a period of approximately two days, in a state of ease with light and love and crystalline energy of color.

            We have been observing you through this time, and we have seen how you have risen in your light knowing. We have seen how you are interpreting the actions you take on an intuitive level as being what springs from the Spirit and soul knowing. You have been able to operate from that inner knowing, and you are finding that more and more when you act from that first intuition, that first thought you receive the most powerful result. This is the way of it, my dear ones. This is how it shall be done. Rising from the lower chakras of life, and bringing that energy along with you into the higher chakras is the way of being in the new energy. This is the power that manifests, and this is the energy of transformation. Utilize this energy with the natural flow of information intuition as it springs forth, and you may have the world at your fingertips for always and forever, in the light and love that streams forth from your beingness.

            We see that there is a time for all of you in which you feel more powerful, more in control of your destiny. This is because in part you are being governed by the pull and interaction of the moon and the earth. What is taking place at this time and over the next few months is changing that. There will be a time when there will be no push/pull action and influence from the earth and moon, and all will be in harmony and all will be the steady, sure flow of the circular state of being. The field of resistance will have zeroed out, and there will be a constant that will allow anything to manifest at the instant of intent. This next two days is one step in that process. All you need do is be that constant to hold that intent for this world of perfection that you seek.

            Whoever told you in life that it is a hard road, one that you have to strive for through mighty upheaval and many obstacles was telling it as it was. Now, there is a different story. This is a story that says, life is a breeze and it flows in and out of corners and crevices without interruption, unencumbered by resistance and free flowing as the river winds through the valley and around the curves of life with an ease that transcends all barriers.

            We see you all as that river, and as that breeze that flows effortlessly through life, making your own way through the power and gentleness of your Spirit. We see you living and loving and allowing the ease to seep through every thought, action and deed. We see you singing, and laughing through life with a joy that surpasses any you’ve known till now. We see you in love with everyone on this planet and beyond into the universe and all there is. Life eternal springs anew, and you are the springboard from which your dreams and promises manifest.

            We come along with you and join you in your chorus of life. Blessings come forth from every breath you take, and they are Divine and they are Holy, and they are your creations, in God and in love.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate