Wakeup Call Message
June 23, 2004



            My dear ones, there is a great deal of talk these days about the incidences of abuse that are being carried out in other parts of the world. I would like to point out that there is a degree of reflection that comes from that, that pertains to the depravity that is taking place in many corners of the world. Though this is a condition of a desperate soul it is very much despised by the public in general.

            Allow me to expound on this, and allow your feeling to go to a place where there is no judgment. When I came to this land, I did so with an authority that belied my status. I was a female and a messenger of the tribunal that was overseeing the population of the earth. I was a messenger in that I carried within my genes and my DNA a message of growth and repopulation of the celestial avenues of thought, the supreme gift of one another to the plan that was being set in motion on earth in the second phase.

            This phase was the awakening of the sentient being to their earthly amnesia, and they came in droves to take part in the plan. This was the beginning in earnest of the outrageous, by some standards, avenues of expression that were to be carried out in behalf on the plan.

            When a soul comes into physicality, it does so with the knowledge that there will be a series of experiences that will all have a string connecting them to a similar energy of circumstances. This is the nature of the energy of gravity and matter.

            When this string is pulsed it brings into the experience of those along the string the succession of experience that is prevalent. This causes the set of circumstances to tweak the string, and every one along that avenue is affected and becomes the experience that is prevalent, along with everyone else.

            The difference is that each in his own blueprint experiences in the way that they create. Some may experience as a person with a certain personality that becomes a victim to the masses, some may individualize their victimization. All have the same underlying energy of expression that is being dealt with.

            This is what is taking place today in the cases of abuse. I do not mean to de-emphasize the enormity of this travesty, for it is indeed a smear on the face of humanity. What I do wish to explain and make clear is that there is no judgment that can be levied in this situation that does not carry with it the experience of having expression of one side of this energy or/and the other.

            We have all come to this place where we are going to find that all our transgressions are being brought forth and put upon the table. The ones that are the most defiling are the ones that lay the deepest, hiding in the darkest of shadows. When we see these come into the light of day, we must realize that they are coming from the dregs, from the deep recesses of our psyches.

            What this means my friends is that we are on the brink of finding all of our shadows dispelled and replaced by the light. We are in the final dregs of the garbage, and with the expulsion of the final throes of human depravity that is being played across our screens, come the emergence of the lighted being that we all are.

            We can look at this outcry of human emotion as the death wails of a society that is ready to stand forth in their light. We can see that this personifies the essence of the emergence into the light beings that we are, and we can take homage in the knowing that we will reign supreme in this light for the rest of eternity.

            When I came to this earth and began my first sojourn through life as a human, I did so with the utmost experience that a person can have. I experienced a life that was cut short, and was ended in a way that would stand up there with all that you are seeing today. You could say that the pictures that you see are the reflection of the kind of experience that was brought about through that lifetime.

            Remember the adage, and the first shall be last? Apply that to this circumstance, and see where we are my friends. We are here on the brink of a whole new experience. We have come full circle, and soon there will be a time of new experiences. This time those experiences will reflect the light in which we stand.

            I give my silent and reverent pleas to the ones who continue with the energies that began so long ago. I salute those who have stepped forward and applied the energies of transformation to their lives and carried on in that energy of expression that brings this to a close.

            There is no finer hour that this that has been experienced thus far. To see this in this light is to make sense of it; is to find the justice within the depravity and to go on with love and compassion to the healing of the masses. I am with you in this life to gain a great deal of experience through the love of all of you. There is no other way to see what is taking place than to see that it is a tool by which all of the deepest garbage is being expunged.

This will leave a squeaky clean presence within all of us, and when that happens the tears that have been shed for humanity will have left behind the gold that glitters forth and encompasses all with the light of freedom and the flame of justice and mercy forevermore.

            You are all my brothers and sisters, and I love you very much. Stand with me in forgiveness and understanding for we are the ones of the Promised Land and we are invincible.


Thank you one and all,

Love, Nancy Tate