Wakeup Call Message
June 29, 2004


Light of the Truth


          My dear ones; come to me with your troubles and I will tell you there are none. Come to me with your woes and I will say feel them no more. Bring me your celestial dreams and I will tell you that this is your real life. Bring me your yearnings and I will tell you they are shadows of your future.

          I bring you this day a by-product of all your ministrations of the light, and I do so with the authority that you have given me as the representation of yourselves through this one. Since you are one and the same in light, there is no transgression, one against the other, for to see it as being so, would be to see yourself as the transgressor.

          This you are not, my dear one, for there is no such thing in the world of dreams. Within this world is the outcome of all that you would see for yourself with the light of the universe upon you. Bring to the lamp of light the very transgressions that you would see and I will light the truth of it for you. You may see that there is perfection in the auspice of the finality of its love.

          My dear ones, I am the Light of the Truth, for I am the lamp unto your feet. I am the soul of your transgressions, for they live in the egoness that you bring to me to be lent the light of truth and rendered whole in the love of the light of tomorrow.

          There is no part of me that is not you. There is no particle of light that does not speak of the truth of what you bring to me. Discover for yourselves what it is that you bring to the table of the mighty and what then rides back to you on the eternal flame of the almighty presence that you give voice to.

          At the present is the title of the world situation that you have created. Is it to be forever brought in antiquity and rendered to be the truth of the ages, or is it rather to be thought to be but shadows of what you once perceived yourselves to be? This is the truth of the ways in which you lead your lives in the energies of time.

          Time is no more a truth than the shadows that live in the aspect of time. When the vagaries of this life that you see are lengthening and covering the memories that you would term real, when will you allow the light to set you free from those memories? Will it be when you see that there is only light, or will it be when you can set aside those memories and free yourself from the limiting perspective of what they did for you?

          I am coming in the light of the coming moments and I am bringing to you your memories for final inspection. Will you see them for what they are and declare them mute? Will you know that you are not those memories and declare that life is an altar on which to display the emptiness of the truth of these memories?

          I see that you have chosen in the past, and that you have chosen in the future. The only time that you do not choose is right now this moment, for as soon as the choice is made, it is history or it is tomorrow. There is no choice in this moment, for this moment is truth, not a choice, which is memory. You are at this moment and that is the only truth.

          I bring this perception to you of the words that you employ for your communication. This is a time when you are stretching your perceptions and discovering that many of them do not work for you anymore. You are taking the lid off your perceptions and allowing the free flow of the truth to overcome and be who you are in the moment. There is no discharge of what is, but of what is not. That is the only truth, and when you begin to understand this you will find a whole new world will open for you, for it brings with you the possibility of miracles becoming the everyday.

          Take these thoughts that may come springing forth from my words and render them impotent. What makes them impotent? Is it the usage of them, or the idea that they mean nothing? Tell yourself that it is as you perceive them to be, and then tell yourself that there is another way to perceive these words, and explore that. Stretch your mind to encompass that which seemed out of reach before, and then you will be able to perceive that which will take you into the realms of the unknown in a comfortable and reachable way.

          I come to you today to find the passion that lives within each of you for the realization of the dream. The dream is the catalyst for all that you employ to attain the dream. Find the courage to step outside of your waking reality and bring the dream reality into the light of your truth. Then see that this is more real than anything else that is brought forth.

          I give you this exercise today, for the purpose of bringing a new reality to your way of being. This is going to be am awakening that will assist the bringing forward of the new way to approach life. Within this spectrum you will see a whole new rainbow and a whole new truth that you have long covered with your memory. Take the cobwebs from your perception, and watch the unfoldment of the new ideas that will spring forth from your intent.

          It is magical! It is mundane! It is all that you perceive it to be, and then more. We see you as the utmost that can be, and that is just the beginning. With the exercise of your mind, within the love of the heart, you know no bounds. Take it to the limit and then push the limit into infinity. It is yours to pursue, and yours to create in My Name and in My Light and in My Love, which is All of Us. You are My Light and You are My Love and You are All That Is.


Thank you dear Light of the Truth,

Love, Nancy Tate