Wakeup Call Message
June 08, 2004



            There is a celestial message from the heavenly abode of the Master Kuthumi that I would like to relay to you. I am Avenda, and I bring you this short message from his Grandness for the purpose of instilling in you the love that he so readily transmits continually, for he is indeed the essence of love as are all of you in your own interpretation thereof.

            When we all came together in this great tumultuous occasion, we did so with an idea for taking our evolutionary processes to a level that had not been attained before in any realm. We called upon Master Kuthumi for his assistance, and here is what he told us at this time.


            “My grand exalted ones, I come here at this time to tell you of a plan that a group of beings brought to my table for consideration. When they did thus, they gave me to believe that there would be a great coming together of the many species of life that then existed in the universe. I gave way to their claims for I could see the potential. I saw that this could be a grand expellation of an energy of stagnation and a potential for the energies of the universe to break unto themselves and split the intent into fragments of energy particles that would find themselves in a state of disarray that would take millennia to reformulate to a like cause.

            I found that upon further study there could be a potential in their plan to bring all these particles of matter into focus and render a new evolution of species that personified the idea of oneness in a whole new way. This was a grand thought. This was a potential that had not as yet been explored. The idea that all of these particles upon splitting could find their own uniqueness within the whole and yet know that they are one was an idea that brought great passion to my understanding of this potential.

            So, I set about to bring all the passion and the love emotion to the front of my being, and I beamed it out to the ones who came to me with this idea. In my experiment I saw that the particles of ideas and intent gave way to the general consensus, and became of the same accord, with but one outcome. They came to the same intent, though they had come from varied and widespread sources of uniqueness. This was a great revelation to me, for in all my experience I had not as yet come across so clear a representation of the evolution of oneness as I had then.

            This, my friends was back in your earth years approximately one hundred billion years ago. Yes, I saw this potential for what you are now about to become, and I saw that it would change the state of existence forever. I saw that when this came about there would be great upheaval on one small planet at a time when there was what you would call a climactic time in the history of the planet. I saw that this would cause a great deal of transformation within the rest of the system in which that planet resided. I saw also that the ones who lived on that planet would emerges from long night of darkness and come into the sun of the day of days to be forever in the sun and the glory of the everlasting beauty and love of the Source intent.

            Believe me when I tell you that there was a great deal of celebration with me that day. I knew that this would be a dream to end/begin all dreams. I took myself to the quarters of my guests and I told them that not only did they have my blessings, but that I would appeal to the Tribunal that I would reside over the first three trimesters of this plan, and then would usher in the sovereignty of another master who would have supremacy over the earth at that time and who would have taken his ascension on earth and would then assume the role of the usher into the new age of discovery for that planet.

            This is that time my friends. This is that era that is about to unfold and bring all that is into alignment with the source. This time right now is the threshold for this event. Right now I am patrolling the transit of my Mother planet, and am seeing the results of this transit. I take great pleasure in announcing that this is the epitome of the ideas that came to me that day and I am seeing the same picture that I saw then, only in much grander degrees. As you most probably realize there is a growing emergence of the realization that there is nothing in this existence that cannot happen. There is only one thing that will never come about. That is that there is never any thing, idea, intent, being, particle that is lost to the source. That is a complete impossibility that is intrinsic to the natural law.

 Therefore, when you think of various ones on your planet and see that they are the darkest of the dark, I suggest that you look again. I suggest that you see the spark of light that remains and experiences right along beside you. This is the tie that binds; this is the spark that flames the truth to the world and creates the light that shines forth for all to see and experience. This is the light that brings you to the place of unitedness with all that is and all there ever will be. There is no life that exists that did not bear its beginnings back then when I was approached and given an idea for the oneness in expression for all of eternity. This is when I was an idea. Yes, I was an idea, and from that idea an intent was realized; the rest is history! That is how you all began, my dears, and then the differences started being perceived and now you have written your own history.

            I love you all, and I sit with you in his time of evolution and I bring to you the salutations from the planet where I now reside. I wave to you as I cross the path of the sun, for with this crossing you can see me as never before. I reside in your hearts and I love the home you give me. Home is where you are at all times and it feels good to me. You are the loving beings that I whisper good night to every eve. You are the love that I awaken to in the morning. You are the love that I whisper sweet nothings to as I gaze upon the beauty that you are. Relax in the knowing that you have done a splendid job of it, and that this is the day of reckoning that you have brought to yourself. You are about to reap your rewards and live in the Garden of Eden forever and a day. Then you will be ready to start all over again. And it will be grand, and grander, and grander yet.”


That was my dear friend and brother Kuthumi, and now I too take my leave and welcome you to the day, in love and gratitude for my family of man and of all that is loving and light.



Thank you dear Avenda and dear Master Kuthumi,

Love, Nancy Tate