Wakeup Call Message
June 10, 2004



            I would like to greet you all this day with roses and bright sunshine for there is a clearing in the air that is taking place that creates the sunship of the universe and brings a new clarity to all that is. I am Kryon, and I am here this morning to welcome you to the quantum universe. This is a time when all of you are creating that universe as you go about your daily lives and bring the light to the cause of creating this new universe for the further expulsion of the particles of light that are produced and carried forth on the energy of the electro-magnetics that are bringing the momentum of all there is.

With your energies of intent, there is something happening that brings us to a new way of relating. This is a manner that bespeaks the quantum physics that has emerged from the recent studies of many of your earth physicists. When I say recent, I speak of the past thousand years, for in the essence of time, that is but a second, or a mili-second. With this new study, there have emerged many new technological advances that are waiting and ready to be introduced to the world. This will come about in a very short time, and with this revelation will come the advancement of the times and lives of mankind on earth and in the exploration of the solar system, and beyond.

This is the time when there are no mistakes, as has always been. Even more now these happenings have been honored and moved forward with the knowledge that these discoveries have been represented as awakenings to innate information, and with this acknowledgement have been implemented for use in today’s and tomorrows society.

We of the realm of energetic expression bring to you a harnessing of activity that leads to the discoveries that will build on themselves and catapult you into the next age of technology. You will find that there is aptitude for the gathering of these technologies and that it relates to living matter. In this way there can be instant communication with these creations therefore providing the smooth operation and interactive movement of the purposes for which they are created.

Does this sound at all familiar? Is there something in these words that ring true to you? Is this not the example of all life that lives in harmony? This is the great mystery that you have been laboring to discover. This is the answer that you have sought for so long in your amnesia. What do you think has pushed you to these findings so strongly that you carry the intent from lifetime to lifetime to bring your understanding to a fuller expression, therefore finding the answer at long last? Here it is my friends, the key to understanding life in the physical world. Bring the element of harmony to your lives, by enabling all life to live in harmony for that is the way of the Creator. When you realize that there is nothing that is real that is not living matter, and can be communicated with, then you have brought heaven to earth and merged them into one.

Now this brings me to another point. That is that there is now recorded in history the idea that there is no sovereignty that is above others. This is written in the many books and recordings of history on your planet. Some of the information has been brought here from other living beings, which you refer to as planets, within your solar system, and from others in the galaxy and beyond. These pieces of information contain the secret to this society that can live together in harmony and in purpose for experiencing in that harmony and taking it to levels that have as yet only been conceptualized. Even those concepts are antiquated, for as soon as they are concepts, they are history. There lies within the energies of potential the ability to conceptualize vast amounts of ideas and intent that can keep you going into infinity, and you need never go back or remain in any one concept any longer than you intend.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. I say to you that this is a theory that bears examining. This speaks of matter and of energy particles coupled with intent. The idea that there is nothing new under the sun refers to the energy that lives in existence. There is a constant renewal of these energies that faces itself with new intent manifestations with every new breath. The universe breathes, just as you do, and in every breath is a new expression. This is the natural law of the universe, of all of existence.

Consider this fact when you go about planning your life. You have that capability. You are able to mold and create your life in the way that you see it. You are able to make your life every bit the way you intend. It is true that a certain amount of energy that has been determined by the society that you live in is at your disposal, and that may not be as readily molded to your purposes. However, there is hope here! You are not impotent when it comes to changing society. What you can do is speak your intent to one person, and then that person speaks that same intent to another, and exponentially the intent becomes one with each person who receives it, before too long it has the potential to be the way of society. This is how societies are formed. This is the way of it in the present energy of the 3D world.

You are now in the fourth dimension, and with that there is a fluidity that was not there for you before. This is spoken of by many on your earth today, and in that there is energy and life given to the cause for bringing that understanding to the masses and bringing it into harmony with society on earth. This is the tie that binds. This is the energy of melding all into one in the harmonious flow of life. When an idea is given enough energy of intent it comes into being.

I tell you this now with the idea of reminding you that this is happening in your world right now. There are a few ideas that have been planted and are growing through the use of the computers, and alternative news sources, and sources of information that take the energies to another realm. This realm is the realm that is nearer to where I, and others of like energies reside. We are able to feel your ministrations of completeness of information in manifestation, and we like what we feel. We are recognizing that the resonance of these ministrations is in closer match to ours and therefore we are able to feel the harmonious balance that is almost in resonance with ours.

Do you realize what that means? Do you see that there is very little discord within the music of the universe, and the sour notes that before gave discord to the whole is now coming into balance and perfect harmony with the All? This has been the intent of the realms in which we reside, for since we felt that message back in 1987, we have honored that intent that you sent out, and now we are working in unison with your intent, and we welcome you to the manifestation that is almost formed on your planet.

Soon those of you who have been sitting on a shelf somewhere wondering when your work will begin in earnest will be discovering that circumstances will be pushing you, nudging you, urging you to come down off that shelf and begin that work that is being handed you. You will find that doors will open and people will come forward that will have one of the pieces to the particular puzzle that you are putting together. Soon you will be moving in a direction that feels so right that you will effortlessly flow on through the mission and joyfully realize the love momentum that brings you to greater heights of passion and manifestation of your dreams.

This is a wonderful place that you find yourselves in, my dear ones. I stand here in my ray of light and see you all here with me. You lend your rays and your tones of intent and the song is heavenly! You resonate with a vibration that brings tears to my eyes and a lively step to my being. I bring a form to myself on this occasion so that I might feel and experience the result of what you bring me. That is my tribute to you for I love you all so. When I bring myself to your energies in purpose I see that you are angels in story time and beautiful creations of the source of all life. I see that you gather to yourselves the best of all there is, and I see that the best of all there is, is all of you for there is no difference. There is only expression of individuality and it is all in harmony. I hold that vision for you and it is ever so clear.  My tears fill the emptiness that you have been feeling for so long, and give you my love and promise of fullness that is just around the corner for you. Blessings are here, and you are the bearer of those blessings.

And so it is!


Thank you dear Master Kryon,

Love, Nancy Tate