Wakeup Call Message
June 21, 2004



            My dear ones, this is a time when you all must be strong and observe the activities that are taking place. With the onset of the announcement period that you have all been waiting for there is a stepping up of the activities that the others would employ to assure that the ultimate closing of their activities take place.

            Understand, that this is a time of great peril for their cause, and in this energy they are pulling out all the stops. They are going into their reserves and bringing out all the ammunition that they have at their disposal. They are now employing tactics that they have as yet not been able to use, for the information from which they gain their power has not till now been forthcoming to them.

            They are now being able to secure certain pieces of information that have given them the ability to override certain frequencies, and then turn them around to scramble the information that is being transmitted. We are quite interested in this, for we did forsee the potential for this. We have seen how they have coerced and manipulated certain ones to come to their assistance and be able to assist them in this endeavor.

            We realize that this news may be of assistance to some of you; it may assure some that they are indeed not going off the deep edge, as they have wondered. We see that this is a time in many people’s lives when there is a need to program the information in a series of socially acceptable resources, and to assimilate the information within themselves.

            We ask that you continue to be of assistance in your lives to those who are enduring these transitory experiences. We ask that you find the compassion to realize that they are being reprogrammed within their DNA and that this is a temporary condition. Everyone on this planet is going through their own reprogramming, and we speak now of the choices that you are all making. You have all volunteered for this, and in your own ways you are experiencing that which is in the makeup of the particular changes that you agreed to.

            Within this change, which involves the crystalline structure of your bodies, there is also a repatterning of your emotional bodies. While this is in progress there is bound to be some short-circuiting of the information, for it is a frequency, this information. When this happens, it is a collective assimilation that is taking place, and within this there is a possibility that the information will be confused and at times maybe even irrational. We are not saying that is so in the case of the last few days, however, what we do advise is to keep unto yourselves the knowledge that you all have within you the changes that are taking place all over the world, and no one is exempt from them, even the ones you call the illuminati.

            They too are playing their games, and even though they too may feel that they have the upper hand, they are every bit as susceptible to these changes as are you. This is the time to see these ones as part of the whole. This is time to know that there is a gathering of all the angels on earth to the fold, and that they will all be together in the last throes of the changes.

            This one has taken measures with this communication to assure that the message be as clear as is possible. She has stated her intent clearly and succinctly, and still she feels the energies of communication are plagued with uncertainty. This is what is taking place in many instances; the way to overcome this is to take what it is that resonates with you, and allow the rest of it to flow away.

            We are bringing you to this information is a way that understates the conditions at this time, and in this case there is a knowing that has been awakening to the consciousness that is prevalent. When all is said and done, then there will be a constant that will be influencing the communications and this will be the inherent nature that lives within all of you.

            We ask that you all take into consideration that these are times of revolution, and that it is in your hands and the creation of your thoughts and ideas. We do not wish to bring to you more confusion, rather a knowing that you are powerful, and you are love.

            As to whether this law you call NESARA is valid, we ask you to look within for your answer. We ask that you interpret what it has been presented as meaning to your lives, and then know in your hearts what the status of it is. What is your reality? What would you have in your life that is contained within this law that has been presented? Take this out of the 3D way of relating to your reality, and see how you are creating what you focus on.

            Time and circumstances are in a flux right now. Life as you have known it is rapidly changing. The events of the past few days are testifying to that. Those who for all their lives are now finding the simplest of chores difficult to achieve are finding that they are feeling lost and uncertain, even angry. We suggest that the best way to meet this is with love, and with the knowing that there is no grand conspiracy to override your efforts. Know that what you would have as your reality of life is your reality. Know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Take that knowledge into your every waking moment, and see how that manifests. You have that power!

Take into consideration that there is only one truth, and that is that you are sovereign beings, and you are in the process of restoring that capability as sovereign beings to your field. This is the first and only consideration to bring to this mix. You are love, and you are one in that love. All the rest is the assimilation of the new way of being through the electrical charges that are being reassembled into the finite state of your divinity.

            Close your eyes to the darkness that is outside, and see the light that is always there within your being. Then open your eyes and allow that light to shine forth and illumine all that you see. This is the way to bring a state of peace to your world and to reach out with compassion, and love everyone and everything that you come in contact with, even your own confusion and emotional state of being. Live your life with the full knowledge that the everyday things you deal with are your manifestations of the life you intend. Know this and see your life reflect that inner peace and prosperity.

            You are loved, and you are being supported by heaven in all that you do and are. You are the angels that we gaze upon, and that we stand in awe of every time we see what it is that you are withstanding. As we see your growth and the awakening process we know we stand in the company of angels. And the music is sweet.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate