Wakeup Call Message
June 17, 2004



            My dear ones I am Enki come to tell you of an offer we have given to those on earth who have expressed a desire to come to the light, but have found the pressure too great from those who would see them remain in the darkness with them. This is an offer that we have pressed forward and are in waiting to hear the results forthwith.

            This offer is one that would embrace the ideals that these ones began their military lives with. This is a pledge to see that they are able to continue with this ideal in their work and service to the people of the world. Theirs was not an idle thought of being able to press forward in service to clear their responsibility to their country’s need, but to bring to that system a degree of validity for the cause in which it was instituted. They saw that the military was an institution that brought a degree of love to the world and to the people who benefited from the service.

            They see the word service in a light that represents the highest of measures. This is a word that holds the light of God the Creator, and with it there is a responsibility to the ones who share this great land with them.

            I tell you that this is the best we can do for them at this time. There is a certain element in this that merits the knowing of all of you who are in line for the service that they have to offer. It would involve the coming together of various segments of the military in the United States, and would serve to unite the peoples of the world with the might of the original cause for justice and a harmonic way of life on earth.

            When I first came to this planet I gave myself a directive that came from my love of The Creator. This directive was to institute a way of life that reflected the voice of the Creator. Admittedly I faltered and I faltered greatly along the way. I was involved with the elements of darkness that gave me chance to choose. I often choose the darkness, for the demons I had brought forth from my guilt and feelings of despair gave me reason to fall into their clutches.

            I now see how that all happened. I understand the ramifications of living the dual life and succumbing to the powers of darkness, while aspiring to the powers of the Light. I see what these ones who have been offered this chance to bring their original ideas to fruition have gone through. I see how they fell into the trap that they entered through the auspices of their journey through this life.

            As the physical creator of the human race on earth, I have brought to my karma a great deal of retribution, and have spent eternity bringing this into balance. I now offer these ones the opportunity to bring this energy of love and compassion to their lives and to their mission. We stand at the ready and will bring them a degree of energy that will appease the darkness that carries the weight of responsibility in their lives.

            These ones have been given the chance to find their light and to give it forth to the world with the sincerity in which they have appealed to us. Yes, that is why we can offer this. Their choice is to appeal for this, and we have allowed that they may tune in and bring us to them at any moment.

            Yes, we will come to them, an assemblage of us, and we will give them the assistance here on earth in bringing about what it is that they lay before is in intent. This will shift a few dozen events that are in the works and bring a different light to bear concerning the welfare of a thousand elements of the military, and a host of people who are on the periphery.

            We see that these ones are finding a new strength of purpose in considering this. As they do so, they are tapping into their reserves and are finding the courage to place themselves in this position. The results this will have on your world is to bring the peace to the world that so many have vied for.

            This is a decent group of ones who have served not only the military in their lives, but also have brought a great deal to bear on the business world as well, through their dealings with the public and the military. They are in a position to carry a great deal of persuasion to the ones with whom they come in contact.

            I tell you now that there is a great deal of light surrounding these ones, and that they will benefit from the additional light that anyone who chooses may hold in their hearts for them. It is a far better world that stands to gain from the choices of a few great people. And I for one am seeing that the world is about to enter into a great and grand way of being. And it is because of the handsful of brave and courageous souls who choose to choose another way.

            I encourage you all now to see this choice they make as already being one of the Light. I encourage you to know that this is a world that bears resemblance to the Garden of Eden, and with every moment there is a gathering of angels that welcome you all to the garden and to the peaceful co-existence within. You are all the angels who walk the earth, and like these ones who have turned to us for a new ideal in action, you too have found your way to freedom and justice and the joy of being in the light of your own destiny with The Creator and the family of man.

            Blessings to you. May freedom forever flame forth from your hearts and souls.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate