Wakeup Call Message
June 25, 2004



            There is a long way from now to the end of time, and in that span you can bring all that you desire into the fray and watch it materialize as you see fit. This is not an idle dream, but a realization of the capacity that you all possess to manifest that which you find is the foremost in your intent.

            Good morning my dear ones I am the intergalactic representative of the new body that is about to spring forth into your solar system, and that will be determined by the advent of your ascension. I am Baldor, and I come to you with news today of a promise that the celestial board has brought to us on Orloff. Our wildest dream and intent is to be realized, and we will become a true brother/sister planet upon your ascension.

            This has come about through the devotion that we have expressed for our involvement with your fine universe. We have worked long and diligently with all of you to bring about a majority of favor for our co-operation and harmony. For those of you who have been acquainted with us, through this one, you realize that this is our finest hour for we have realized the dream of our assimilation into your energy streams.

            To recap a bit of our history, we came from another universe and were propelled to this position on the periphery of your grand universe upon the expulsion of the outer breath of our mother universe. This was the end times for that universe, and the momentum had built to a point of rapid exposure of the elements of birth into another way of being. This is the composite of all the trillions of light years in which that universe had existed. It was what you might call a birth of our planet into another lifetime. Your universe, Nebadon, was destined to be our new home.

            Now we have come and announced our intent to supply and share our information and knowledge with all of you. We have brought to your universal order many instances of information that will be helpful to you in the coming times, for there is an unlimited supply. This is because, even though we have been removed from our mother universe, we still retain the information of the original intent energy and are able to convey it to you through a process that we call osmosic interpretation.

            We will be bringing you not only the information of our history and evolvement from the onset to now, but also we will be bringing information about the entirety of our former family and what they have accomplished since their expulsion. This is because we have not had to be cut off energetically form our mother source, and that information has been forthcoming as we intend.

            With our intent energy, we have kept in touch with that energy, and we have also entered into an agreement with them that we will as desired be able to form a co-operative with them and our new home universe. This is of course with the complete co-operation and knowledge of your universal order.

            We have also shared with our former family, the ideas and events that are taking place on your planet right now. We have told them of the law that you await implementation of, and we have told them of the warring times that you experience now. They have been most interested for they remember the times on their planets when they underwent a similar experience, though not with the same outpouring as is being exhibited now.

            They remember that one thing they finally did to open up the energies of co-operation with the forces of opposition was to lay aside the animosity and in effect, give up the fight. They surrendered to the moment one by one, and soon there was a lessening of the evil forces expression and they found that there were more and more ones who came to the light and found the blessed energy of forgiveness and harmony.

            You see, my friends, this is a universe that is in itís own throes of harmonic convergence. Your universe, that is about to become ours, is one that has endured many experiences of unrest and warring factions. It now is coming to a point where the in breath is outpouring all the garbage and the out breath will bring forth that garbage and throw it out into the light. What is happening on your planet is energetically happening in your universe. Each particle of your universe is expressing in itís own unique way. The element that brings it all together is that there is a love of co-operation and harmony that is at the heart of every part of this universe.

            You are going to make it to that destiny. You are going to become a oneness of intent throughout the universe. We are in the midst right now of a plan that will assist you to this evolvement that you will be enjoying. We will be here and at the ready to go forth in a plan of introduction to the elements of transformation that we can bring to your experience and information closet.

            We are seeing that with this period in your experience as a planet the events that are in motion will bring about an abrupt about face, and then the tide will be turned and the pieces will all fall into place with the intent that you will bring about in manifestation through the harmonic energy that will have been established.

            Please realize that when any of your masters declare that soon some particular thing will take place, they use the word that is supplied by your field of communication. When they speak through you, as I do this one, they do so with the area of expertise that is available. We are finding that more and more these communicators are fine-tuning their abilities and are bringing forth the information in a clearer manner and with more authority of knowingness. It is as when you tune an instrument, in the process there are some notes of discord and then the music magic is established and the melody that comes forth is in harmony with all that is.

            I have enjoyed my visit with you, and I will come back once again soon (Baldor chuckles). There will come a time when these visits will exemplify a family reunion, that will be the nature of our new family bond. Till then, I am in service, and loving the family of my choice. All on Orloff extend their hearty welcome to their energies, and a fond how-dee-do to you St Germain too.


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Love, your sister Nancy Tate