Wakeup Call Message
June 14, 2004



            My dear friends this is Baldor speaking and I would like to tell you of an experience I had over the weekend that you just lived. This was not an ordinary experience in the terms of earthly ways for it was a weekend filled with mirth and merriment here on Orloff. It was a weekend based in delight and celebration, for the items of grandeur that we witnessed on your planet gave us cause to celebrate.

            First we saw that there was a large awakening of a great many people on earth. Most of them were of the melee that is taking place in the area of the Holy Land. These people found themselves in so dire a set of circumstances that far removed them from the usual way of being on earth that they found themselves ceasing all activity of war and killing, and responded to a voice from within that told them to stop and feel the love that was rising within them. This they did, for it caused them to become inert. This was their Spiritís way of making them pause and tune in to the message that their soul was relaying to them. They upon hearing their own innate wisdom and love could not go one step further in the activity they had been engaged in, and what is more they could then see the love raging within others around them to be heard as well. I use the term raging in this case to reflect the degree of power that was experienced, and observed with feelings, not in the energy in which the term is usually used. This time it is used as was first conceptualized as the power of passion in an abrupt way to gain oneís attention, and act upon it. You have probably found that your language has been twisted in many ways to suit the uses of the ones who would seek to use that method of communication to accomplish their aims for the people of earth.

            When we saw this awakening it was as if a bright light formed from all of the individual ones who felt and heard their own love speaking to them. This light coalesced with all the others and beamed the love upwards in a burst of color that was like a rainbow of beauty in a burst of blooming love. This love burst had a message that spread out into the universe and spoke to every being and particle of life in existence. The message was that there is no longer any room for the activity that has been taking place, and that there will be a movement of this fluidity of light and love that will flow far and wide and touch every heart and soul on the face of the earth. This will open the streams of communication even further and it will invite all of the family who reside around the planet at this time to come and hold them in their embrace and feel the unity of the Family of One.

My dear friends, this has brought tears to our eyes here on Orloff, for we are recognizing that we have been included in this cry for unity. We in our position here on the periphery of your solar system are ready to become one of the family and we heard directly from you on earth that we are already regarded as family. This is our time to rejoice and feel the fullness of this pledge. You have included us in your invitation to the grand feast and celebration. So we dedicate this celebration of the past weekend to all of those who laid down their weapons and their ideas of war, and followed their Godness to a place of peace and joy. You are our cherished ones, all of you, and we will some day tell you of our connection with you when the great plan was being formulated for earth.

Yes, we have history with you, for it was then when we first were catapulted into the position we occupy now. That is another story, and one that we will bring to you at a time when you will have more remembrance of those times. What I will tell you about that now is that there was once a time when some of you resided on Orloff and watched the last days of being a part of the universe that our planet resided in. You saw the end times here, and you witnessed the miracle that propelled us into another orbit that saved us from extinction and brought us to the understanding that we utilized to bring us to the evolution that we live in today. We are now on the threshold of a whole new journey in evolution, just as you are, and that is one of the things we will share with you when that time comes. Till then, this is your dear brother and friend who comes with celebration and deep love to bid you good day with joy and a peaceful countenance.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate