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Love Speaker


I Am here today to tell you about something that is taking place in the skies today around your earth. It is a matter of the sameness of the universe coming into being in the skies of your planet. In a way this is a time of coming into unison for the universe. In a way it is a time of all of you coming into unison on earth. It is a matter of all of you realizing that there is something astoundingly different about how you feel and what is taking place around the planet.


For some of you it may be a bit troublesome; worry not for that will pass. For some of you it is for the most part joyful and peaceful. It brings to you the feeling that finally some of your prayers are being answered for peace to come and the unison to be in place firmly and without doubt.  It is a matter of you being able to support whatever is taking place on the planet if not with your actions, then with your total and complete feeling of surrender to the Love that is prevalent.


Yes, dear ones, we are finding that the Love of the eternal grace is so much stronger this day than it has been for so long on this planet. We are seeing that there is a deeper sense of what is right for the planet and all life on it. More of you are seeing into the depth of love that is needed and at the same time being expressed. In the animal kingdom, the plants and all of what it is that makes this planet whole and beautiful is expressing forth the love that is predominant in their beingness.


I speak to you now as a body of love, one that is complete in its existence and identity. I speak for all of existence on your planet for I am that which you all are. I have no voice but yours and it comes through many phases in its evolvement. I have no name but yours and is that I am nameless, while at the same time I have the identity of Love, so I shall call myself Love Speaker, for that is what the majority of you are doing in this moment, on some level.


This is what it is going to take for all of you to evolve into the ascended awareness that you are destined for. It is a matter of being able to realize what you are capable of, and to look at the reflections of what you are doing and what it means for your dear planet. You are coming back to yourselves and in the process you are seeing the rights of your existence being reclaimed and brought into the balance that is your destined way of life.


As you go through this process you may find many obstacles along the way. What you will know to do is to take a breath and then feel the love that emanates forth that will take care of the issue and clear the way for your absolute ascension with all others. As this takes place you will see how it works in a deeper way, and you will know what it takes to give of yourself to receive that which is right around the corner for you.


I go now to the corners of your beingness and rest in assurance that you are enjoying the new ride you have chosen. Worry not that others in the world seem to be taking a slower ride, for the choices are what is keeping all in balance while you take your glory to a new height. Rest and be assured that all is in harmony with what you have set into place. Know that the Love that has grown so steadily and surely is the moving force of the deep Love that you are feeling and expressing. You are the Creators of your new world in the essence of The Creator of all that you are and have been from the beginning of Creation in expression.


Blessings to you all, for I speak in your name and the Essence of Love that you are.


Thank you dear Love Speaker,

Love, Nancy Tate