July 07, 2009              




We are one. We are strong. We are full of grace. We know not what we do if we do not tune into our inner strengths, for with those inner strengths we get through all that life sends our way.


I am Sananda this morning coming to you in full from this one who has invited me in, for she felt my presence. We are one in all that we do. Nothing that one does escapes influence on another in one way, or another. Even the tiniest influence can be life changing. As we sift through our day’s decisions and remember what came of them, we see how we have been affected by everything that comes our way. We see that our thoughts in greeting of events that we see, hear about and read about, things that we experience have effect in various ways, some that we may not even realize.


Take for instance the beating of your heart as you see an angel in disguise helping a bird as it stretches its wings, only to find the injury keeps it from flight. This angel may be your neighbor, your child, or the man in the car that stops on his way. It can be anyone who sees this bird and stops to lend a hand. Grace is accomplished as the deterrence is lifted from the wing and the bird flies away. It echoes its gratitude in the warmth that flows though the heart of the one who goes on his way.


I come to you with this story, for I see what takes place in your world. I see what echoes through society about Michael, about Farah, about the ones in Afghanistan, about the American President as he visits the noble ones around the world. I see what society does with the various things that are presented as news and commentary. I see the inner grace and the inner turmoil that comes from all of the worldly influence.


Then I too see the influences that are available to you from the cosmos. I see the moon in its splendor rise and arc its path across the sky. I see the covering of its brilliance, and the reappearance of it as it moves through the path of the earth. I see the reawakening that it presents to those upon the surface of the planet, and I see the resultant activity within that stirs the emotions and captures the child within, restoring its memory of times gone by, ancient times of new birth into the newness that speaks of the Spirit from whence it came.


This is the time, dear ones to feel that newness, to welcome the changes that this newness brings about. It is time to sing to the wonders that befall you, that could be construed as either wonders to ride with, or obstacles to surmount. Either way, you grow in purpose, you resonate in promise, and you speak to all of humanity, indeed, all of life in what you decide is your next step.


Go now into your day and make the promises unique unto yourself and then watch how it flows throughout humanity in its own interpretation. You will then see the oneness that is you in the newness of the day that has just begun for you in a way that bespeaks the Real You. Welcome back home to Yourself. We’ve been waiting for you with the Lights on.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate