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Upon this day in the hearts of many across the American continent there is an outcry of peace that will be lasting and filled with the joy upon which this country was founded. I will tell you of the other story that has not come into the public eye and the scrutiny of the government influence. It is the story of a band of chosen few who served their country in the dregs of war.


These chosen few knew who they were. They knew that they were the sons of God and that they were here in this lifetime to serve the cause that would bring a final close to the tribulations of the world. They knew as well that they would leave that lifetime before their families and friends believed they should. They would leave because they fought on the battlefield of life and they triumphed in that they showed a whole platoon of warriors how to die with cause and how to serve their fellow man without malice and without prejudice.


These men took their stand at the battle of Gettysburg. They took to the hills one night and they found a place in which to lie in wait for dawn. As they did so they shared with each other their final plan for victory over the darkness that had settled over the land. They knew that as they waited they would need not for sleep, for soon to come would be a sleep so wondrous that to awaken from it would be the release that they knew would be the reward for their time on earth in this lifetime.


As the shadows lengthened and the sun lay low on the horizon, they knew that they had found their spot. It lay hidden in a grove of trees in a hollow on the west side of the hill. As the sun set and whispered its greeting to them with the colors of the sky grandly speaking their hello and farewell, they talked softly of the coming hours. They saluted the setting sun and thanked it for its promise. They knew that as they saw it again, they would utilize itís shining to finish their mission here on earth.


What had their lives been up till then? Who were they and what did they do in the first 15 to 20 years of their lives? They were ordinary seeming young men, rough in some places, soft and vulnerable seeming in others. Then upon reaching their 13th birthdays and they found themselves to be experiencing some ideas that the other boys their age did not find to be interesting, they began to search their hearts and souls for answers.


Each night for the first three months of that 13th year they would visit their dreamtime with the knowledge that when they awoke they would have more answers to their questions, answers that explained the workings of the universe. On the last night of that awakening they were told what their mission on earth was to be. They were also told that they would very soon meet each other and that they would come from all parts of the new land and that they would recognize each other. They were told that they would form a band of twenty and one, and that their mission would unfold in each otherís hearts and then in each otherís lives.


Tonight was to be the beginning of their mission and as the night wore on they talked and whispered of their lives on earth. They lay in silent contemplation of what was to take place at the dawning. They prayed and meditated conversing with the gods of their origin. They gave thanks to the heavens for all that they had experienced in their short lives on earth, and as they lay there they were in constant communication with those gods and with the angels who oversaw their last hours on earth.


With the coming of the dawn there was to be a grand chorus of angels that would serenade the coming day. With this chorus all of the wildlife would be summoned to witness the coming battle. As these animals and insects were to witness, so too would they herald the departing ones from the earthplane to the heavenly realms. They would gather in their honor and they would escort them to their respective families on the other side of the battlefield. They were to be the heralders of the life that would be commencing as a result of what these soldiers would begin through their actions as the battle came.


As the sun began its ascent onto the horizon, the band of chosen twenty and one took their places in the field on the eastern side of the hill. They were to be met by the blazing sun and the soldiers who would ready themselves for the push to take the land that was being claimed by both parties. As the two sides moved closer to the common land they slowed their stride ever so slightly as a raven flew between their lines and in and out in a jigsaw pattern. In itís flight the raven called forth multitudes of its own kind, and upon that cry dozens of the black-feathered beauties covered the sky as the sun broke the horizon. The darkness that suddenly enveloped the soldiers was so complete and sudden that they all stopped in their tracks and looked around in fright. What is taking over the sky with such demonic fervor, and what are we to do?


The soldiers cried out as more and more ravens filled the skies and swooped over and amoung them as if to overcome them. Cries rang out, of fear and anger. Bedlam filled the early morning with a fury that can only be likened to a tremendous thunder storm which had unleashed itself directly over the heads of those present, while then descending into their midst.


Suddenly all was silent. Not a sound could be heard, not a feather blackened the sky. The soldiers looked around, their faces adorned with looks of disbelief. Not one person could understand nor wanted to, what had taken place. All they knew was that there were twenty and one soldiers lying dead upon the ground. None of them had a bullet wound, nor a bruise from a blow to their bodies. There was no indication of battle on the field, not even one black feather to indicate what had happened.


What they did see was a rainbow begin to shine from each of the twenty and one soldiersí hearts as they lay still on the ground. They lay in silent contemplation within their souls and as they left their physical bodies completely they did so as a rainbow that ascends to the apex and then ascends to the pot of gold at the other end. The remaining soldiers, still standing watched as the rainbows, rather than curving and reaching for the pot of gold at the other end, flared out in different directions and found their pot of gold at the heart of each of the men who stood in awe of what they were beholding.


These soldiers wept for the feeling they received as the ends of the rainbows touched them. With that touch came a feeling so Divine, so consoling, so powerfully loving that they fell to their knees, weeping their eyes to a grandness of being that signified that the end of the tears was at hand.


With that realization they sprang to the feet and let out a powerful roar of release that echoed through the hills and over the planes reverberating across the land from sea to shining sea. It echoed into the hearts of the people as they heard it within their souls. It echoed throughout the animal kingdom as they recognized the following that the ravens had foretold. It streamed through the sands of time and over the hills and dales, washing through the rivers and lakes, kissing the fish, and bubbling over all of the life that flourished in the clear waters.


This roar of joy and love is still echoing throughout the land. It is held in every particle of sand, every drop of water, every leaf and needle on every tree, every blade of grass, and every petal of every flower. It is being held in trust for every person in the times to come from that morning on to tune into and to behold and echo within themselves. It is for them to recognize the battle cry of the end of warring. The beginning of the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow is in the hearts of the beholder.


This, my dear is the legacy that has been bestowed upon every person, every soul who has ever walked this land of the free and home of the brave. It is echoing throughout the whole planet this day, my dear ones for throughout the lifetimes since then, and the wanderings of people all over the globe, this message of love and, peace and joy forevermore has touched every heart and soul on this planet. The message it gives is that when the time is upon you, you will know when it is time to lay down your arms and come to the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. Youíll know what is there for you, and you will know also that it is time to surrender to that golden touch and to welcome in the peace, joy and love forevermore.


Your mission is to recognize that end of the rainbow and follow the words of your heart to the next steps that will unite all of mankind with all of existence in a way that will sing across the land and reverberate throughout Kingdomdon. Heaven on earth is what they call it.


Sing the glory of this day of the Celebration of Independence and know that this is the time of the setting sun. The dawning is but a few hours of eternity away. Joy to all of you. Let it Be Done.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate