July 17, 2007                



Wake up Call from Me to You


This has been a day for me, a day of mixed emotions, and decisions made. Actually the day began last night when I made the decision to fly back to Maine for my family reunion in a couple weeks, rather than wait till September, when it would be quieter and I could celebrate my daughter’s, my grandson’s and my mother’s birthdays with them.


I began last night searching the Internet for cheap flights and car rentals. I did so knowing that the Fire the Grid celebration was immanent, and that going to bed so late I would not be awake at 4:11 in the morning to give my energy to the event. So I gave my intent to my higher self and knew that my energies of rejoicing and celebration would join all of the others around the globe. I saw Spirit in the wonderful response to my decision to resume the Readings. You are helping me financially to make this trip, for which I thank you dearly. Still, something gnawed at me, that there was something missing in my participation of this wondrous fire the grid event.


Finally late into the night I thought I had been successful in finding a cheap flight and car rental, and all was right with the world. Then the flight confirmation didn’t come through, while the rental car did. I emailed the online travel agency for an explanation, and they had no record of my reservation for the flight. I went to bed, too tired mentally to try anymore; morning would be soon enough.


Sure enough, morning proved to be successful. After some time I was able to secure a flight and got confirmation for it; I am still waiting for confirmation of the change in times with the rental car agency. The task is almost complete. I have called my mother and have spoken to my sister, and daughter. It is going to be a great time, and I am looking forward to it.


Now I will back up a bit, and tell you the rest of the story, the one that underlies all of this. This morning I received a beautiful accounting in the form of prose, with beautiful background, from a dear online friend. It told of her experiences with the Fire the Grid celebration. It was incredibly beautiful and I could envision what she was recounting.


As I read the last words I was thinking and feeling, “But what about me? What did I do for it?” I was almost disgusted, maybe even disappointed in myself. I immediately heard Hatonn say, “You’re doing life.”


I responded, “Yes, earthly things,” still not feeling good about myself.


Hatonn then said, “You are doing something very vital and important. You are making plans to be with your mother in her time of rest.”


That is when I burst into tears. You see, my mother has been spending time in the past couple of years in the hospital and nursing homes before returning back to her own home, because of a few physical things that have come up in her almost 87 year old body. She has an incredible stamina, and I am proud and pleased to be her daughter.


As I allowed the tears to wash away my fears about her I knew that what Hatonn said to me in his gentle and frank way was what I needed to hear. I also knew that this was the sort of story that many of you might be living right now. I felt that I wanted to share this with you and share with you what I have realized about our life here, and why we are here.


It is more than Firing the Grid of Gaia. It is also firing our grid. What does that mean to you; what does it mean to me? It means to me that there is more to this earth life than always reaching for the stars. We’ve been there, done that, and now we are experiencing life on earth in order to see what an illusionary world is like, what it is like to be in seclusion in a far corner of the universe, shut off from all of our former knowledge of what is real and what isn’t.


We are here on earth to tend to earth things. We are here to honor ourselves and what happens in our earth family’s lives. We are more than the lightbeings who sit in meditation and soar through the heavens touching in with all the wonders from whence we came. We are beings, playing a role as humans, and we are here to make this the grandest, most perfect, experience that we have accomplished thus far. It is wonderful to soar and it is grand and fitting to hold the beautiful energies of light and love. That helps us who have to tend to our earthly things; you give us your strength so that we can rise above our tears and fears as the memories flow out on by and into the clarity of their origin.


What does it mean to sit up to the wee hours making arrangements to spend precious time with a family who for the most part doesn’t understand what has happened to this family member? It means being there to show them I love them and am still part of the family. It means showing them that even though I have taken a road that they may not agree with, I still agree with who they are and my part in their lives. Our reunion can be every bit as wonderful and cherished as a celebration with all of you Firing the Grid of Mother earth. In fact, that is what it is. That is what firing the grid is to me. As I write these words it is so clear that this is what it is all about. We Fire the Grid in our own hearts, and it flies out and becomes the Fire in the Grid of Earth Mother.


I love my family of the cosmos and I love my family of earth. I love you equally, and I allow that love to shine forth in every way I can. Sometimes I forget that, and it takes something like this experience to remind me why I’m here. It is all about the love, all encompassing and total. For myself, my family and for all of existence.


Thank you for being there to give me space to release the tears of truth that washed way the denial that was blocking my vision for a spell. I needed that! I needed that love that all of you initiated at 11:11 GMT, no matter what you were doing. Whether you were snoozing, losing, boozing or caroozing; whether you were meditating, singing, dancing, or romancing you were choosing that which you found to be the most important thing of all for you to do at that hour.


That is what it is all about. That is what firing the grid speaks of to me. We are here to set our intent for our lightbodies to remain here and to set our humanness into the freedom that earthlife can give us in our New Golden Age of love and freedom in expression of the truth of who we are and what we are capable of. Let your light shine forth and know that what you did at 11:11 was perfect.


Thank you for all you do, and thank you Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate