July 23, 2007              





My dear ones, there is a slow moving train across America that is winding through the cities and towns repairing the hearts and minds of those who have found the mess in their country too much to cope with. This train is called hope, and this train carries with it a mass of angels in human form all doing what they are called to do to make the changes come about that are being called for on a national level. I am Hatonn, and on this day I will speak with you about some of these changes.


When you arise in the morning and sit in front of your computer, radio, television or morning paper, you are bombarded with the news of the day, the news that is designed to make the blood run cold and the temperature rise in your body. As these occurrences take their toll on you, you succumb more and more to the vagaries of that which is said to be the way it is in these times. You tell yourself that these things cannot be as bad as they seem to be, and that these changes may even be for our good, for we must be protected from the terrorists that are plaguing our safety every day.


I am here to tell you that when you tune in to, click your mouse on other places besides the mainstream you will find a whole different story. You will find the truth being reported from places that know the real truth of what is taking place behind the scenes. How do they know? Because when they came into this lifetime those people who created the places on the Internet, in the newsrooms of certain places across the land, the so called rebel places, they came with the distinct purpose to bring the truth to the people.


Once again, dear ones, we have a balance here. We have the so-called truthsayers who carry the message of freedom and might. Then we have the real truthsayers who carry the message of what is taking place in the alleyways and byways of this nation. We see the souls of these people and we recognize them as being the ones who said, “Yes, we are here on earth now in order to assist in the bringing of the truth to those who are too much in their own truth to take in what is being fed to them any longer.”


This train is long and massive in strength. If you could see the way it carries itself through villages and cities, and the various stops along the way to take on more passengers, you would see another astounding thing. You would see that never does one disembark from this train. Oh, they may once in a while take a rest and close their eyes, making a journey to another place in their soul, a place they need to take care of on a personal level. Then you see them come back to the world of the train and take their place once again in a way that is shiny and new, revitalized and ready for the next step.


So if any of you out there think that you have detoured from your place in the national front, then look around you. Have you taken an abrupt turn and slid beneath the wheels of a truck bound for the land fill, or have you but taken a detour and rounded up some more nourishment for the soul, while some one else makes some steps that supply additional energy to the overall journey that has brought you to this train in the first place.


Everyone needs to take a rest now and then. It restores the soul and nourishes the body. Yes, there is measure to everything, and it is in the way that all falls into place. There is no one in this world who is exempt from it. It is all connected; this societal, political, environmental, educational, financial, and other aspects of this world are all connected. To think that there is a thing that you do that has nothing to do with another is to turn a blind eye to the truth of why you are here, and what your place in this final act is.


How can you think that the boy or girl in kindergarten is in school only for him/herself? You don’t and I know you don’t apply that to the adult world; you see that anything you do is all part of the rest of it. Know that when you make a move in the direction you are inspired, you are moving in all directions at once. All of the people on this great train are in the same energy. They are seeing the truth, and they are spreading the word to any and all who will listen. This is what will make the difference in this world. You are all weary travelers, and in this sense you are finding a new lease on life as you go along and allow the messages from the truth to come to you. You are the ones who will make the difference, for as you do you will be inspired to move in a direction that is uniquely yours, while it is connected to all of the rest.


I stand here and I look out over all of you. I see this train stop along its way and I see some of the people disembark and speak to those who have gathered along the way. The train stops long enough for more truth to come to those who gather, thirsty for knowledge, and as the passengers get back on the train, and those who gathered to meet with them turn away and go about their lives, I see a new spark in their eyes and a new vitality to their step, for they have learned something in that meeting that inspires them to a new mission in their lives. They have been given another formula for self-empowerment, and it begins with the truth of what is really taking place and what the foundation is upon which they can build their lives in the energy of the origins of their country, their chosen homeland.


I am here today to point out to all of you that though their appears to be a tightening up of the American life, and a crumbling of the American dreams, there is a much different thing taking place in the heart of America. This energy of renewal is flowing into the hearts and souls of many, many people and across the globe it is being felt and returned tenfold, for not only does it affect all Americans, it affects all of humanity.


You see this great land that is known as America is the birthplace of the new land of opportunity. It is the place by which lives will begin anew. The scenes watched and played out in this land will be emulated in the times to come as inspiration of a land desecrated by a few and brought back by the many who have been working underground long and reverently. They know that they have truth on their side and that their perseverance will catapult them into the New Golden Age with a joy that rivals none.


I have taken you on a journey this day that gave you a peek into the heartland of America. I ask that you look at your life and see what in it inspires you to board that train. How can you in your joy and peace live a life that upholds and represents the original idea of freedom in a land that is new and ready for truth? In what way are you living that dream and how can you uphold the choices that you make in this life to be free, happy and at peace with your life?


I say that all you need do is to say yes to anything and everything that comes your way that rings true and clear as representative of your idea of life as it is in Light. All you need do is to be true to yourself and in so doing you are true to all of life. Board the train that whistles through the valleys and plains, the forests and hillsides, the mountains and deserts, alongside streams and oceans. Take your truth to the masses in your heart and your mind, and watch your life unfold in a way that rivals none, and upholds all. You are the bringers of the miracles and you are the ones who live the life of the free, for all time. You live it in love and in the heart of The Creator.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate