July 16, 2007                





When you wish to bring prosperity into your life and you are stymied as to how to do it. All you need do is to wait a while and then the news will come to you that will be pertinent to your desire. There is only one thing that can keep you from the prosperity that you desire, and that is your own feelings of inadequacy.


I Am Hatonn, and in this message I share with you a story that has been in the works for some time. In this story comes a truth that some of you may not have realized, and when you see how simple it is to realize your abundance you will smile and clap your hands for the simplicity that you had not seen before.


There was a girl who came to have an idea that in life you had to work hard and long for anything that you wanted. As well, she had been told and had seen throughout history that in order to be able to have the life that you want, you had to rely on someone else to bring it to you, through marriage, usually.


This did not set well with this girl at first, for she had ideas that would sweep all of those old ideas away in a flurry of gold dust. She in her young and tender age called forth the fairies of truth and listened to their promises that she could have anything that she wanted in life, and that she could most assuredly provide them without someone else setting the way for her.


This girl was three years old, and she knew that she was a sovereign person. She brought things into her life that she wanted and in very little time, sometimes at the snap of a finger. She enjoyed her life and found pleasure in the ‘little things’ like fireflies, and butterflies, like balloons in the air, and birds singing their way through life. She liked to emulate them, and she would sing and dance and play through her days when she was alone and no one would make fun of her. She was a happy little girl, and very trusting of all of the people who came into her life, for they loved her, as she loved them.


One day all of this changed. On that day this girl had an experience that told her that she would never trust anyone again, for to do so would surely mean that she would always be hurt. So she went through life in a daze and forgot most of what she knew that was magical and nice. She gradually became sullen and sought her alone time more and more.


She asked questions of the voices that talked with her when she was at her lowest times, and those voices said that one day she would return to her happiness and bliss, one day she would completely trust life once more. Till then she would go through life on a journey that she designed for this lifetime on earth. She had conferred with her guides and her angels and together they had devised a plan that would not only serve her, it would serve all of humanity.


This girl agreed that she was to undergo the trials and tribulations that were built into the plan. She was shown how it would be in the later years of her life, and what would happen for her that would bring back her innocence and her joy of living. Then she would go though the rest of her years in a state of Grace, and in that state she would have found the secret to her abundance.


She would realize that her prosperity was with her always. She would be able to tune into that release of the ideas that life is hard and full of trials and pain. She would let go of the old ideas that life had taught her, and in so doing she would come to understand what it was that had kept her bound to the ideas of the world of tough times.


You all can take a hint from this, for many of you have been that girl. You have seen how life gives you blow after blow and then gives you more. You have seen how life has been hard and how life has been poor. You have lived the life of Riley and you have lived the life of the pauper. All has been as the world taught you, and then some.


What I wish to tell you now is to stop and look around at your world. What do you see that makes your heart sing? Where are you in the scheme of things and who is there with you? What of the little girl is still with you and able to laugh at the puppy as he plays with the ball, or sing with the birds as they sit in chorus celebrating the dawning of a new day? How long did it take you to open your eyes and greet this new day with a smile? What did you see as you strolled along the path of nature and listened to the silence in your soul and the soul of Gaia?


These are the things of abundance, my dear ones. These are the elements that make it possible for you to bring anything into your life that makes your heart sing. The feelings that you get whenever there is any of that magic present in your life are the bed of the Garden of Eden in your life. The promises that you make to yourself are the oars that row your boat downstream, rather than fighting the current upstream. When you are in a perpetual state of joy, you are capable of doing anything that you desire.


Anytime that you are feeling less than that joy, look around you and see the beauty in something there. Feel the love emanating from Gaia and know that you are part of her as she is of you. Feel the wonder of her presence and know that she supports you in all that you do. That is what brings into your life that which you desire; that is her utmost desire for you, to have all that you truly want in life, including that which you haven’t dared to realize and recognize that you desire.


I know, this all sounds very wonderful and almost beyond the point. What about all the affirmations and mantras for bringing prosperity? They work, my dears, of course they do, for they bring you to a state of joy and power, the recognition of who you are and what your desire and intent is. So too does watching a butterfly and marveling at it’s flight, and then going that one step further and seeing, feeling how it does it. It is instinct; it is a part of who it is, like breathing. It is a part of who you are to manifest that which you desire. Remember?


Take a moment and feel how that is, to be able to bring something into your life as you did as a child. Tune in to that time and remember how it felt, so effortless and joyful, so simple so pure. Become that innocence once more and take it into your present life and watch it soar. Herald everything that comes into your life as a gift from yourself, and know that you are your own universe.


I have given you a glimpse into the magic of your childhood. Now you can bring that into your adult life and watch as the manifestations come into your life. Spirit knows no age, no size, no boundaries. These are all ideas that have come into the world of today. They are examples of how the limitations of separation are prevalent in today’s world.


They are ideas and they can be changed, they can become ideas of radiant beauty and of unlimited abundance. Anything that you can think of, you can manifest. Watch how you do it every moment of your life. Live your life in intention and see how much that intent comes into being. Then apply that knowledge, that energy to the things that you desire and know that they too are awaiting your call, and your acceptance into your idea of what your world is like.


That little girl is still in all of you. Whether it is a girl or boy matters not; it is the child who found the treasures of life and marveled at their presence. You are that child, and you are the adult that child grew into. You are also, and more factually, that being of light who reigns over all of your world. Welcome that powerful being in, and play through life in the prosperity that is you.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate