July 12, 2007                





My dear ones, this is a time in the advent of new energies when there is much a-buzz about fire the grid. We are in a position today to let you know that there is an energy surrounding that event that has transmuted the call for it to be done. With all of the responses to the event there have come out of the shadows many instances that represent the fear in the world. With these instances has come great resolve in some to carry forth and see that only the Light is served in this event.


I Am Hatonn, and I am here to tell you today that there is no need to fire the grid, for it is already fired for completion and it has taken that course in dedication to the destiny that has been set in place by The Source.


What this event means to all of you is that upon participating in it, you are announcing your agreement for this to be. The Grid has been set for some time and is in a state of continual perfection. What your part in this event is, is to give your final stamp of approval, your signature, for this to take precedence and be the truth of the universal language at this point in the revelation of all there is.


With this coming event there has been a rolling ball of energy that has grown in momentum and has ferreted out many aspects of the lower energies. Those energies are not able to withstand the pressure that they are feeling because of the tremendous influx of light that has flowed in with this event. They are being expunged, as being squeezed out from their hiding places, while the light fills the places that their departure creates.


How does this all affect you; what comes about for you as a result? You are the creators of your lives, and in as much you are filling your order that has been decreed by the Creator. With this expulsion by the light of your agreement, you have given heaven the go ahead to ride the waves of promise and come onto the shore of realized dreams. You are accepting who you are in entirety and are giving way to the intricacies of ascension changes that this agreement brings about.


What this represents is that you will be finding at times that you cannot bring a sorrowful thought or feeling forward, that you walk around smiling for no apparent reason. You will find that at times you may stop what you’re doing and gaze at the sky, and see God in everything there. You will actually know what God looks like, in your own unique representation of that supreme energy. You will speak with the Creator in a way that is heard only in unison in the language of the void. You will know that void within, and you will know that you are able to express all that you know of the void without saying or thinking a word. It will be an instant transmission from one to the All of life.


That is only the beginning, my dear ones. As you begin more and more to open to that communication, you will find yourselves being able to incorporate that knowing into your earth life, your physical expression of light. You will find that in everything you do, there will be an expression of the wisdom contained within every experience. It will be complete. Perfection will be the order of the day, and of life, for your life will be known as a day in expression of individual experiences. Your day will be a moment, and the moment will be the all.


So my dear ones, the event coming on the 17th is one of individuality expressed in unison with the All. Allow yourself your own expression of it, for with that agreement, you are speaking your truth, and you are taking the step into your own sovereignty, in accord with the Creator Source of all. Welcome to your world where all is divine and Divinity is All.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate