July 05, 2007                





This morning is filled with a joy that is immeasurable. It is filled with the recognition that all across the globe, and especially in America, there was an explosion of light that reverberated throughout the matrix clearing it of the first layer of self-doubt and deprecation. Never before on earth has this happened in such a powerful way, and with such finality for the non-return of that energy. You see my dear ones, there was a grand parade of souls who participated in a July 4th celebration unlike any that was viewed on the streets and in the parks of America.


What this means to all who live on the land between the great oceans is that they are on an upward spiral of release that was answered by the cry of old from the battlefield that was spoken of in the message yesterday. I Am Hatonn, this day, dear ones, and on this day I join you in the events that are unfolding in preparation for the coming two weeks, and beyond.


Never before in the history of earth has there been such an influx of energy from the cosmos. Never before has there been such an answering to that inner call, reverberating throughout mankind and all of existence as we are seeing right now. Not only is that ancient call of your origins of humans being answered, so too is every subsequent call being answered including the one at Gettysburg. This will have the result of not only bringing life on earth to a new level of awareness, it will bring all of that life into more harmony than has been experienced since the early days of Lemuria and Atlantis. In fact, never even in those days was there such a completeness of what is being felt now, for in those days all was based on the reality that as yet did not include what has been experienced since then. At that time there was the potential of what happened without the buildup of realities that have been created since the onset of the duality experience.


As we have shared with you, as you recognized it to be true, time is happening all at once; simultaneous time, you have called it. There is a dimension to that concept of time that has been slid over without going into depth, for it is in continual flux. There is a dear friend of Nancy and Bobís who once showed them what he had received in the continuing flow of information that he receives. It is that life is a continual sphere of evolving facets, as with a ball that circles above a ballroom floor, circling and casting rainbow colors down upon the dancers.


This sphere grows, continually growing new facets with every new reality that is created through the minds, emotions and feelings of mankind. Any time a soul chooses to visit another lifetime, another reality or timeline, he visits one of the facets, and in so doing he actually splits that facet and creates another one, for when he visits that facet/reality he changes it by the fact of being there and adding his energy to it.


So you see my dear ones, the influence you have on life? Every time you make a shift in your thinking, in your physical location, in your feelings and emotions, in relation to something outside of yourself, you change it, you create anew. As you read the words that Sananda gave to Nancy yesterday you gave your energy to it, you became it in a way that brought it to your present reality. Your emotions gave the words life, and in so doing they brought the roar to life and that reverberated through the hearts and souls of all life on planet earth. You became the words and gave them movement. This movement reverberated throughout all of life, and for those who did not read the words the vibrational message was received and interpreted in the unique way that is so beautifully diverse. It gave a new depth to the ascension energies, and the creation of the facet that is manifest in that intent.


In these next two weeks there are planned several celebration/meditations aimed at the flourishing evolvement of the ascension of earth/Gaia and humanity. All life on and within earth is being affected. These events that are coming are designed to hasten that ascension and to provide another facet for each individual on the planet. This is a powerful time in that this is a giant leap that is being created, and in this leap all life will find a new direction in which they are being prompted to travel through what is left of time, as they know it. They are bringing a new meaning to time, and though many are not aware of that it, is in perfection, for in their slumber they are holding an energy that balances all life on earth and keeps it from flying into oblivion. That is how powerful the energies that are upon us are. If it were not for those who sleep still, we would all have returned to The Creator by now.


There are no wrong moves, no latecomers to this game. All is in perfect order, and as we each awaken to our role in this end time, we do so with the whisper from the Source that it is our time to go on stage and play our part. There are no solos in this play; we are all in this together. We stand in unison, singing the song of One, and reveling in the sound as it reverberates through our beingness.


We recognize the streams of light as they flow though our minds and hearts, for they bear a resemblance to the streams that brought us here. They sing into our hearts and souls, and the message is so sweet. Welcome back to yourself and to Me Everlasting.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate