Wakeup Call Message
July 20, 2006


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I Am pleased to be with you and to bring you this information at this time. I Am Solar of the Galactic Tribunal, and I Am here to connect with all of you and to bring you this update on the activities in which we are engaged at the present.


We have come a long way in our travels and in this way we are prepared to bring you the results of our elevation to this time in your evolution. We are here to see to your transition into the higher realms in which you will see us and be of readiness to join with us in the steps that will garner the ability inherent in you to come forth and be served and to serve in the fullest capacity that is possible.


We join with you now and for the rest of the duration of this transitory stage in the furtherance of the opening of humanities eyes to the truths that have long lain dormant within them. This is the time in which the memories shall begin to spring to life within each and every one of you and to serve the cause that you set to begin at this time.


As you know the events on your world seem to be escalating out of control at this time. This is a show of release of all of the old energies of war that have permeated Gaia for all these eons of time. This is a necessary occurrence, for to be able to bring a clear and light essence to our tribunal and the work we will be accomplishing together all must be relieved of the overage of sorrow, anger and all the other expressions of the fear energy. This will enable us to serve each other in a fashion that will give cause to the events that are to follow the next steps that are to take place in your skies and within and on the surface of your earth.


As has been recently reported by one of our emissaries on earth, we will be making flybys over some of your cities that will emit an energy of love for all to tune in to. This is a natural occurrence, rather than a contrived one, for the very essence of our existence is that of love, and through our energy of love that language is transmitted perpetually.


As we make these flybys we will be aware of the resistances that may occur and will be ready to avert them if necessary. You present cabal is very intent upon keeping what they consider to be the upperhand in all of these matters, and as you have seen when one feels his back against the wall, his reaction is to strike out. We feel that they will limit their striking, for their hearts and souls are even now being touched by the presence of our love energy as well as the exercises that you have been asked to do through our beloved Commander and director of this mission, Commander Hatonn.


The second thing we will do is to reconnoiter with the emissaries that we have on earth and begin to set into place the furtherance of the coming forth of the free energy devices that will propel man into the next era of powering their engines and electrical devices. This will be a mission that will span the next few years and will be a great determiner of the rise in energy of not only the people of earth, but too of Gaia herself.


Our aim is not to seek out and destroy your present regime, for they too are alive with the spark of The Creator Source from which we all stream forth. They too came here to earth to take part in this play that you have been performing and they too are weary of the fight. They have gotten so immersed in their roles that they do not remember who they are or that they too have the spark of Light within that gives them life.


This is one of the things that we will be accomplishing, along with your assistance. Through this blessing energy in which we are operating we will see a return to the light of most, if not all of the present cabal. Whether or not they come to this peaceably is up to the choices they make and the degree of force we have to take with them. We foresee that they will be detained in a holding facility onboard our ships for a short time, and then they will be given the opportunity to appear before our council, which will then be comprised of members of all the Star Nations as well as ambassadors from earth. During this appearance before our council, these members of the cabal will be given opportunity to state their case, and then their next moves will be determined by the council.


This is a time in the history of mankind that you are preparing to realign with your family streams from the cosmos. It is a time in your existence when you will be very busy realigning not only your place in the cosmos, but also with the inner earth and her people who have been holding the energy of ascension for you all these eons. You will be realigning with your family of Lemuria and Atlantis and as you do that you will be averting any possible return to the old ways through the remembering of those times and how you created the demise of those two continents.


This will not be a traumatic event for you, for you will have elevated your energies to the point where trauma is not a determiner of your field. Any idea or thought of that nature will simply slip through you and in so doing be transformed into pure light and love. This is how the old energy of these times will be averted and forever transmuted to the void of pure potential in love.


I leave you now with the story of the ages. You are the ones that you have been waiting for. This is a statement that you have oft-times heard and that has resonated in truth throughout your beingness. This is because it was created by you and it stands as a sentinel for your return to yourselves. We gleefully await your return and we already see so many of you gazing skyward and recognizing Home and the family from which you came. We welcome you with open arms and we keep the Light burning for you.


Thank you dear Solar of the Galactic Tribunal,

Love, Nancy Tate