Wakeup Call Message
July 31, 2006


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There is a truth that is at this time getting old and stale for in this truth is the replication of a myth that is near extinction. It is that of the truth of our beginnings, and with that myth comes the choice as to whether or not to continue following it, or to move on to another deeper truth that is at the core of every human being who walks this planet.


Hello, my dear ones, I Am Sananda, and in this day of reckoning I Am called to bring forth a story of Creation that sits at the core of each and every one of us. At this core is the seed of creation, and with the sprouting of this seed comes the truth of who we are, and why we have come.


With the beginning of this world there came a catastrophe so intense and so changing that it wrought asunder all of life as it was known to itself. It wrought a change so profound as to question the very existence of itself, and the reason for being here.


“The reason for being here? Where did that thought come from, where did that idea find its way into the equation? It has been always that we Are, and that was all that there was. This idea of a reason is not sitting well with my beingness! I don’t know now what to think and how to be, for this is not what I have known! What do I do now? And what is a doing?”


This was the perplexing next thought after the onslaught of the new idea, the new thought of reason. This was something that had not been a part of existence on earth, and it was upsetting to the balance that was life as was known on earth. This was a new idea that was sent to disturb the idea of oneness that had prevailed since the inception of time.


Time was an idea and it was an idea of one moment in infinity, complete unto itself, with no desire, need or intent for more. When that idea was disturbed and the idea of ‘reason for being’ came in it created another moment in time. This moment in time was the harbinger of the upset that was to come about from that moment forth into the idea of time.


What was time? Was it a segment of history as it was now being made, or was it the creation of history? Could it not be both at the same time, and yet neither? Was it to be the momentum through which the rest of time would be calculated and lived? Or was it the beginning of the end, for without the advent of the next moment, there could be no idea of time being other than the one moment, with nothing more and nothing less.


How do we apply this perplexity to our present world? Think of all the moments in time that we have lived, or have we? Have we indeed lived this one moment and not any other? Is there any difference in this moment in time from that first moment when the idea of ‘reason for being’ came in? What does that mean to you, this idea of a reason for being? Does it mean that there has to be something more than this moment and how you are living it? Does it mean that this moment is not enough and that in the next you can live it better? Why does better have to be always out there out of reach, for there always has to be a better way to live your life than you did in this moment?


This brings us to the present moment again, for we never really left. How does this present moment feel to you; are you satisfied with it? Why not? Did you not just say to yourself that you love the sunrise, or that you love watching the children at play, or that you love the feeling of dancing to the music that is present in your life this moment? Is this not enough for this moment; could it have been better than it was to make it perfect for you?


This is an exercise in appreciation of what is. It is a way in which you can look at your life and find the peace with which appreciation comes. Maybe this moment is not as perfect as it could be. Maybe your moment is spent in torment or is spent in sorrow, or anger. This is the moment that has brought you the realization that your moment is not as you would choose it to be in perfection. How perfect is that, for it gives you the idea that you can find a better way to spend your next moment, and then that moment will be perfect in that you have increased the appreciation of the present moment.


There really is no imperfect moment, is there, for with this moment there is an appreciation of what is. We are all in creation every moment are we not? We all have the ability to create perfection in any moment, and we do that as surely as we are from the perfection of The Creator. Indeed in this idea we do create and we do it in the perfection that is the part of us that is in creation continually.


I urge you to look at the world and what is taking place today, this moment. Do you see the perfection of the moment? Do you see the idea of reason in this moment and do you see how to go with that idea and create from it? Is the reason that you are here evident in this moment, and you can see the reason for this moment reflected in what the moment before showed you and the idea of what to do in the next? This is what was reflected in that long ago time when it brought that moment to this very one and rendered it now. This is what we are living at every moment, and what takes us through time into the moment that is perfection for all time.


As you go through your days and nights and do what feels good, or right, or whatever it feels like, know that you have created it in the perfection of the present moment. Know that it gives you a new idea for the next moment and for what you did in the last one. Know that you created it all, and you go forth in creation every moment throughout all of time. Give that a new idea and see what that moment looks like. Then take that moment through into the next and see what comes from the idea of the present and how it relates to the whole. Then see that you have created perfection, and be at peace.


We love you all and we see you as perfection in all that you do. This is a world of your creation, and by seeing the moment in absolute perfection you know what to do with the next moment and you know that you have the ability to create your world in a way that brings peace and creates love and beauty forevermore and throughout all of time. Take yourselves into this day and find the peace that creates perfection.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate