Wakeup Call Message
July 19, 2006


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I come to you this day with a message of consolation and joy. I Am Sananda, and on this day I see bright rings of gold and violet around each and every one of you. I see the rings of fire that supercede the brilliant red and orange of the fires on earth and bring the cooling breeze of truth to all of you on earth who are feeling the heat of summer increasing and causing discomfort.


There is only love surrounding you, and with this love come the nuances of joy that serve to spring you forth from your solitude in weariness and allow you to feel the abounding joy that lifts you into the unending energetic patterns of Godís love. There need be no other feeling that is present within your field today and every moment, for this is the feeling that re-energizes and makes you whole.


As the events of the day give you pause and ask the questions that speak softly in your heart and mind of the travails that go on around the world, you are able to access that infinite joy of the Creator and find the road to the compassion for all who live on the planet. You are able to take into your own beingness the travails of the world and release them to The Creator to be healed. This is a momentum that can build and become the way of your beating heart and the solace that you live with every breath you take.


There are no others in this world; there is only You. You are the infinitesimal One and the total of All There Is. How can one see something that another is experiencing and not know that he too is experiencing it? This is what a doctor in Hawaii knew as he tended to his patients. He know that his responsibility to them was as that of his own. He saw that to think that he was an island unto himself was to see that he was apart from others, and he know that he is One with all others. This gives one pause to reflect and rejoice upon the knowing that you are not alone in this world and that all you need do is to bring compassion and love to all that you survey and you have accomplished a miracle of healing for all of mankind, indeed for all of life.


Now we come to the bottom line in this life. Are we merely one person, or are we a blending of all life? Isnít this the utmost consideration toward making decisions about what we are to do in life? Can you think of another reason to go forth in this life and bring joy and purpose to our lives and therefore to all life? We are the result of a mass decision to come here and to live this life. We devised this plan and therefore we are all a part of it as much as anyone else is. This is our arena and we all have equal part in the play that is transpiring here. Give unto yourselves that which you would have for all, and you have practiced the will of God.


I tell you this on this day; there is no one other than yourself for you are a composite of all the decisions, all the activities, all of the choices made, and all of the lives that have ever been lived on this earth. There is no separation in this world and in this truth you will find the freedom to be who you want, to do as you desire, and to live as you intend. How can you miss out on the strength of power that is yours when all you need do is claim it? I see you all as the masters that you are. Go ahead and do it!!! Be the masters and reap the rewards, and remember that you do it for all life.


I leave now this wondrous place and I go to another of equal Grace. It is all one, and different and various expressions of the One. So take the words of healing that the doctor in Hawaii gave, ďIím sorry, and I love you.Ē With compassion and a great deal of love, I leave you to your day.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate