Wakeup Call Message
July 28, 2006


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  St. Germain 


In the continuation of the events of the times we see a lessening of the advent of violence that is taking place around the world. We see that the focus is narrowing down to the Middle East more so than in the recent past. That means that with this new escalation in that area the rest of the world is standing by in support of the light more than ever before.


I Am St. Germain, and I tell you what this means. It is an indication that there is not only a lessening around the world of the upheaval, there is a coming together of the powers of light not only in the hearts and homes of humanity, also in the midst of the warring in the Middle East.


What this means is that though it appears that there is a terrible escalation all over the Middle East, there is a reversal of many of the energies of war in those places. The outbreaks in Lebanon are a mirror of what took place in the hearts and souls of those who lived that life so long ago there. That is where the warring began back in the days of the Annunaki, and with this recent violence we are seeing the repeat of that which erupted in the hearts and souls of those who first populated the earth with the humans.


This is the widest known outbreak in recent years and yet there are those in obscure places on earth who do not know of these things. They keep themselves isolated in their own worlds and in so doing they hold an energy that keeps the balance of light and dark. They are the timekeepers of earth, and they have been entrusted with the venerable mission of keeping the light strong and solid in their own unique way of life on earth. They have their ways of worship of The Creator and they have been able to keep their ways strong and pure.


As often we have told you there is another factor that is involved here on earth, and it is that there is a continuing lack of greed that takes precedent over many of these peoples. They do not conceive of greed, for it is not a part of their life to know the exchange concept of money, as the rest of the world does. They have kept themselves viable and in harmony with all of life as they know it, and this has served them to keep their position in the balance of earth, and humanity.


There have been times when man has attempted to encroach on their lives. We have seen to it that they are protected. They have been secreted away by a dimensional shift whenever anyone comes close to their world. They have been able to adjust to that dimensional shift, for that is what they do oft-times in their lives anyway. They have retained the memory of operating in that ability of dimensional shifting, for they have been protected since time began in that way, for the purpose that I have stated.


Now they too are beginning to feel a difference. They have for all these eons known that some day the rest of the world would be able to see that dimensional shifting as they do. They have known that someday the rest of the world would come into harmony with them and that at that time they too would flow into the new way of being. That new way of life on earth for them would differ only in the outer world, for within they know that the rest of the world would be harmonizing with them. This is their knowledge of life as they know it, and life as it will be, as was meant to be at that time when all is One in consciousness.


What they are doing now in preparation is giving their all to the life that they are living. They are also applying stepped up resonance to the outer world, for they know that to do that is to add to the changes that are overtaking the life that is being played out outside of their world. They have seen the signs and they are answering the call. Some of them are finding their way to the outside world in order to take their resonance to the outside and be among the ones with whom they have soul contracts to do so. They are the ones with whom some of the lightworkers will be working in the times to come that will assist the shifting of the energies to the elevation that is going to be needed to make this dimensional shift be as One with all of earth and humanity.


This will take place. All of life on and around earth knows their parts and are in place. Indeed, even the warring factors are playing out their parts, for they have followed the energetic communications that are programmed into their DNA to do so at this time. Do not dismay, people of earth, for you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. There are any numbers of ways in which this can be spelled out to you in this message and in this moment, and they all say that The Creator Source of All has decreed that this is to follow its course, and indeed it is in a way that resounds throughout the heavens and into the cosmos to All That Is.


We now take our leave, for Commander Hatonn, Master Kumara Sananda, Enki and Enlil, and all of the Annunaki take a stand to walk alongside you and always be there for you through this time. We honor each and every one of you and we give you yourselves in Spirit and in love, for you are the Masters of your own heritage and you shall claim the lives that you have prepared at the new dawning of The New Golden Age.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain and all of you Masters of Light,

Love, Nancy Tate