Wakeup Call Message
July 21, 2006


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  St. Germain 


When I came to you today with this message it was as a song in the heart of humanity and a revelation of love with every breath of the universe. It was with the birdsong that glistens upon the ear of the passerby and a whisper of love in the heart of the loved one who nestles closer for a new glimpse into the world of the beloved.


I Am St. Germain this day and with the softer side of life I come to your day with a desire to lessen the affects of the world around you and to see the love that is permeating all of mankind in this day of adversity that seeks its pleasure and turns the passing head.


Long ago in the land of nod I received a blessing from a childlike being who took my hand and told me that in this life on earth I would blossom into an being of light and that I would take my blessings out into the universe and return in a beam of light that would transcend time and bring all of humanity to my side in that beam of light. This childlike being told me that I would do this with a multitude of beings and that when the forests came to the rivers and began to be cut and sold there would be a great sorrow that would come over the land. This great sorrow would encompass all of humanity and at the moment that the world could withstand no more I and all the others like me would descend from heaven in a great cloud and walk among the people and sing our songs of freedom and joy and love forevermore.


The being said as well that I would then teach what I knew and see that the people were open to what I told them and they too would rise and be heard for they would remember that they too were lighted beings, and that our presence among them was to awaken their own knowing. As we walked among them they would cry out their remembrance of us, and we would dance and sing and join hands in celebration.


All of the world would erupt in song and the ones who had held the sorrow for so long would be lifted up and returned to the light. They would be able to return to the remembrance of who they are and to sleep in the arms of The Creator, safe and warm and sheltered from the shadows of their old life. These ones who had forgotten so completely the end of the play would be found to be the blessings of the Father and would be granted the Grace of the Ages and be given their land in which to live and return to the blessedness of The Creator in their own chosen time.


Now I Am here, and I find that this occurrence is upon us. We are readying for the great escape from the sorrows and we are readying ourselves for the song of joy and new life that has been told of long, long ago. This is the time that childlike being told me of and since that time I have seen all that was said to be come true in this hour in time.


I see now that we are on the verge of the new enlightenment. We are readying ourselves for the trip Home, and the time of our lives is upon us as we stand here in this new land that promises to be our home in light, unified by our own souls and brought together in the heat of the greatest battle of all, that of the freedom of the oppressive shadows that seek release in the Light of the most Holy.


‘Take ye to the light of the Creator and know that ye are home.’ This is the battle cry that is being heard around the world. This is the decree that is to end the battles and soothe the soul, for we are on the shores of the love land, and it is Home. Go ye now to sleep in the bosom of Mother Love and Father Light, for it is the time for the homecoming and the Light shines bright in the hearts of all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate