Wakeup Call Message
July 24, 2006


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Today my dear friends, I will share with you the vision and message I received this morning as I was awakening from a ‘dream’. This was an experience that is still with me and that I know I will be bringing and enlarging upon throughout the day.


As I lay in my ‘dreamstate’ just before awakening, I was in a house much like my mother’s house in Maine, yet with more windows, and somehow different. There were many people there, doing their own thing. Suddenly we were aware of a large cloudlike object in the sky that had swooped in upon the partly cloudy sky and had enlarged and deepened the gray color of it. It was cigar shaped and was quite large. It appeared and then swooped out of site.


We all were exclaiming over it and then as suddenly as the other had appeared, a huge ball of luminous cloud appeared and swooped down very close to the house and past to the back yard area. It landed several hundred feet from the house in a back corner of the yard. When it landed it changed it’s appearance and became as a huge tin can with a cone-shaped roof. On it were a flag-like picture, quite like our American flag, yet not, and some writing that was not distinguishable. I asked later why the ship was shaped like a tin can. She relied that they had liked the humor some people on earth display when they refer to their vehicles, especially the RV’s, as a tin can on wheels.


One of the people who was in the house, a friend of mine from Bisbee, who lived in the apartment over mine, threw the door open and made a beeline into the yard toward the ship/tin can. I followed running as fast as I could, wanting to catch up with her. She was in the ship and out of site before I got there, though somehow I knew she was safe and fine.


As I entered the room, I looked around and to my right there was a two-level cushioned area where there were ‘people’ lying. There were some who looked quite like humans, and then there were maybe three who looked like humans, but had no mouths. As I looked even further I noticed that the room seemed to have an air of slight clutter, it wasn’t really in disarray, though it wasn’t dirty or disheveled. It was a feeling of lived in comfort without cause for being concerned for neatness. I could hear music coming from somewhere and it was joyful and light music, slightly reminiscent of our music, without the heaviness of some of it.


I asked later about the people with no mouths, and she told me that they had evolved to the point where they no longer needed a mouth to speak for they communicated solely through telepathy and didn’t care to speak. Also they no longer consumed anything through the mouth for they lived on Light and didn’t care to eat. She also said that we will evolve to that decision where we can either have a mouth, or not, for our reasons of choice. She also said that we if we want will be able to eat if we so desire for the pleasure of it, but that we won’t have a waste elimination system, for anything that we consume will turn to light as soon as we have experienced the pleasure of it.


I went into the next room, which seemed to be sort of down and around from the first room. There I knew where the music was coming from. There was a woman in full skirts swinging to the music as she danced and frolicked to the lively music. When she saw me she reached out, and the next moment I was dancing in perfect step with her around the room in the lively circles of an Irish step dance. This was fun! I was having the time of my life, while at the same time I was wondering what this was all about. I realized that my friend from Bisbee had left the ship, but that she too had enjoyed this lively step dance, as she too loves to dance.


 It was about this time that I began my telepathic conversation with my hostess. I was told that I was on a ship that had come from another place in the galaxy. It was from Sirius, and the person I was speaking with was a part of me, the part who had resided on Sirius before I came to earth the first time. She said that all I ever was and will be was contained within me right then, and always would be. She told me her name was Devan.


She said that she had come to show me how important it was to bring back the innocence of a child. She said that every time I did so it would youthen me, and make me lighter. She said that it was important that we all do that, in order to reach ascension. We must carry on our lives in things we love to do, such as dancing and singing. We would all ‘youthen’ our bodies and keep them that way by doing these things that we love to do. She is telling me right now that because I have involved myself in doing what I love to do these past few weeks I am able to have this conversation with her right now. In fact, I remember that I called for this while I was on vacation.


She also said that there would be many landings such as this one, in the lucid dream-state to many lightworkers around the world, and that they will be asked or inspired to share these experiences with anyone they feel inclined to share them with. This is in preparation for when they will be making the landings in the physical. I asked her if she could tell me when that will be, the physical landings. She said with an air of potential, not certainty, for things can change according to the events on earth, that it will likely be the middle of next year.


She also told me that Bob’s and my work will become that of going to be among the people. We would go and share with them what we have learned and the same philosophies that have brought us to this stage in our lives. We have been, and are continuing to unload the burdens that we have accumulated and in so doing we will open more and share more through our example. Our work is to remind people how to regain their power and peace through their ability to laugh and play and be joyful.


As we talked and shared the different things I wondered how I would be able to remember all that she was telling me. She replied that some of it would be in my present consciousness and the rest would be retained within for me to draw on in the times to come. She said that this was to be an exercise in deepening our trust in our ability to manifest our intentions and desires. We have learned The Secret (have you seen the movie?), and now we are to put it to the test. She said that she is always with me, so I may call upon her at any time.


This is what we are going to do. We are putting ourselves out there for you to invite to come and visit. We are located in northern NM, yet we are open to making a trip across to Maine for a visit with my family at any time, knowing that we will have stops along the way to connect with some of you beautiful people. We have set a goal to visit with them in the month of September. Devan also said that part of our test in faith, the Law of Attraction, is in asking for donations for these visits, to help to pay for the costs of the trip. With the rising costs of fuel, can you think of a better time to put this to the test?!


We will be traveling in our RV, and this is why we bought the rig in the first place. We have been told that we will be traveling and spreading the word of good cheer and magic to all of our friends out there who wish to share with us. We will be putting an update on ‘We Come to You’ on our site in the next day or two, so please visit that section if you and your friends on our way east are interested in sharing a visit with us. When we return we would love to go west to visit some of our neighbors in that direction. When the weather turns cold, we head for the warmer climates, and keep out of the snow.


I cannot convey to you how warm and wonderful I feel since my visit with Devan. It was with such as air of love and lightness that I was given this opportunity to tune in to the rapture of innocent love. Devan told me that this is the way all out there in our cosmos who are tuned in and live in the light live their lives. Those societies on the various planets live the idea of youth continually as they breath. It is not a thought of being the innocence; it is a state of being. We can accomplish that, and we do it by right now, this moment being that innocence and that joyful loving human being.


We can see the energy all around us that is different from that innocence as being the releasing of all that we are not. We can turn to our fellow man and tell him we are sorry for the sorrow in the world and that we love him very much. In this way we take unto ourselves the responsibility of how earth is at this very moment, for we all have contributed to it at some point in our long stream of lifetimes here, and we say I apologize, and I love you to all of humanity, including ourselves. This is a very powerful healing tool. It is called ‘Huna Ho'oponopono’ and if you want to know more about it you can go to http://www.huna.com/ho-oponopono.htm and see how this works. I have recently heard about it, and right away I began to use it in my everyday experience.


I love you all and I thank each and every one of you for being who you are. It is a priceless thing that you bring me, and I am deeply touched by your presence in my life.


Thank you all for being here,

Love, Nancy Tate