Wakeup Call Message
July 25, 2006


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When I called to you today it was with the news that there has been another shift in the energy field around the planet. This has come about due to the circumstances in the Middle East and because so many of you lightworkers have been racing against time to bring a close to this period of release that is upon us.


I Am Hatonn, and I wish to commend you all for the constancy in which you have been doing your light work both in your waking and in your sleeping time. You have constantly and without question brought this planet to a place in its evolvement where there is a definitive energy of transformation that is being perpetrated and released to do the job that is destined for humanity and all of the universe at this time.


There was a time in the past when we weren’t sure that this would be accomplished, and now we are assured of the going over the top of the spectrum of ascension to find relief and Grace in the energy of unlimited ascension. There is a new paradigm taking place as these words are being written and with this new paradigm there will be a zeroing out of all the compromises to this incredible ability of all of you to rise to the occasion and bring about this mass awakening that is in a landslide momentum to the top.


The war energy on this planet is at an all-time high. This is evident in the newscasts and the papers that are circulating throughout the world. What you are not hearing and reading is the numbers of casualties that are prevalent, for to report the true numbers would be to cause a mass exodus from the way of life that the cabal has established. They have orchestrated a perfectly planned refusal of truth that is being generated to the people of the world as truth.


They however have not foreseen that the truth will out, and as that takes place the momentum of their masquerade will explode and the truth of what they have been doing and how they have represented the world to be will be blown wide apart and the public will rise up and take control of their fair land once and for all. The people will find that they have been lied to and that they have been coerced into the sleepiness that has overcome them.


Even now lightworkers are banding together and are giving rise to the wave of truth that is sweeping the country, the wave that accompanies the revolution that is expunging the negative polarities from Mother Earth and all of her life. As this takes place, we are seeing the physicality of all that life has buried deep within not only their own bodies, but also within Mother earth. She has taken on the generations and eons of negative polarity in order to balance the incredible amount of light in which she has resided for so long.


This all is giving way to the energies of transformation and ascension that have been decreed by The Creator and when all is said and done we will march on to a brighter, cleaner, purer, more loving and joyful way of life on planet earth. We will, along with Gaia, have risen to our destiny to be the fullness of our inner seed. We are the Light in expression and with this new energetic garment that Gaia has taken on we are all being transformed into the ones we have been laboring toward all these eons.


Take a bow my sweet family, and know that you are the ones who shall ride this train to freedom. Know that the ones who give their lives so gallantly and in such love, are the ones with whom you will share a reunion as the truth of the ages is revealed and lived by all in existence. These dear souls have given and continue to give the greatest gift that can be given to another, the gift of eternal life through the giving of this one expression of a life that was not in vain.


Go into your day my dear ones and as you do, know that the feelings that are sweeping through your own individual world are those of your new energetic patterning being worn and adjusted to the perfection that you have called for. Know that these days and weeks of transition are part of the biggest evolutionary period that has been experienced thus far. You will be able to make it through these times of new feelings and odd aberrations that seem to be at odds, yet are very much in harmony with the energies of change for everyone and every thing.


Hang on and enjoy the ride, for at the end is the new you and the melody of love that sings on forever and a day into the New Jerusalem. You are on the road to love, and it is gilt with gold.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate