Wakeup Call Message
July 18, 2006


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Hatonn here! We would like today to propose a course of action for you dear lightworkers. This course of action involves bringing an elevated state of being to your fields and to the world. This is the result of the stand you are taking on the issues of the day. You have proven to the Federation that you are sound in heart and soul, and that you stand your ground whenever there is adversity and strife.


With this new venture I wish to add to the above that you also have a purpose, and it is that of bringing an elevated state of being to the earth as well as yourselves. In this venture you will not only honor your course, you will honor Gaia’s as well. You will be projecting from your thoughts the very perfection from which you came and that you once again aspire to. This will be a series of happenings that will allow you all to see what it is that you are accomplishing and what is still to be in perfect timing.


Before I begin this first day of suggestions I ask that you all go within for a moment as you are reading this and ask what it is that you are involved with at this present moment. What is the next step that you are to take in your day once you have risen from your computer, or printed page? Once you have determined that then ask yourself how best you can accomplish that action. What is the highest degree of that which is before you in the next moment after reading this message?


Now see this highest representation of this action as being already accomplished. As you go into that next moment physically you will find that because of your momentary forethought the result of your action is pure and perfect. Not only that but you will find that it has perfectly set up the energy for the next action. As you go about your day do this simple exercise as often as you think of it. Do it in the moment of thought that delivers the idea of what to do, and take note of how perfect your actions have been. Congratulate yourself with a moment of thankful prayer, for that stirs the energy to perfection in potential.


Now I will address the first step that is being recommended for this series. When you read the newspapers and listen to the reports on the television, what do you do in response? Monitor carefully that which comes from your heart and from your thought processes. These are the automatic responses that determine the energy that you set around those reports. Note how they feel in your body, and if you do not like the feelings, then note how you can change them. Make your decision and follow it. Be aware of your responses and visualize how you can improve on them to bring about a feeling of power and absolute authority over the reports and your response to them.


Your energy streams out into the stratosphere and provides another language to the story that is held in the grid. There is no longer any reason to fear the circumstances of the world, for the events that you see and hear about are the dealings of the people of the world with the expunging of the long hidden and buried emotions of history. This is the cleansing that Mother Earth has brought to the front for the allowance of the travails of history to relieve themselves of the burdens of empty memories, memories that are weighing down humanity and Gaia.


With these releasings there is a lightening taking place that will enable all on earth and Gaia herself to withstand this time period in which the throes of the tyranny are making their last ditch efforts to overcome the light. What they do not know in their place of darkness is that the light cannot be overthrown. It is All There Is, and even the darkness is part of the light. It is the almost absolute absence of the light, and yet it is a part of it. How can one completely override that which it is?


The light as you know is in everything. It is all there is and it is the result and the knowledge of The Source. It is what is going to deliver these series of exercises to the frequency of total light and the absolution of the energy of truth. As you go about these deliverings of the light, you will be adding to the momentum of the entire streaming of light into the All There Is.


On the first day of this series we ask that you take a moment each day to see yourselves for who you really are. We ask you to deliver this statement to your beingness as you look into the mirror at any time during the day that you choose. Doing this at the same time each day is extra supportive and effective, however if that is not possible according to your circumstances, then anytime you find the time is fine. Here is the statement: “I Am the absolute perfection of the I Am That I Am. I stand in unison with all of existence, and together we create perfection in our lives and in the universe.”


As you state this looking straight into your eyes, and therefore the eyes of The Creator, you will feel a growing strength come into your body and soul. You will find that there is a tingling in your brain that stirs the reptilian part of your brain, located at the base of your brain, to life. This is the remembrance of times long past and the memory of who you are and why you are here. This reptilian part of your brain will send a message to your body and soul that will release all of the old conditioning and will see all of itself in the purest white light of The Creator. This will stimulate the brain into accepting what is and to seeing the perfection of The Creator in everything that you do and everything that is done upon you.


As this takes place the events that are loaded with the energy of the illuminati will recede and give in to the energies of the truth of being. This will enable the ones who walk with the old idea of the supremacy of the reptilian race to see another truth. This truth they will be able to see is that all of life is equal and their forebears of life on planet earth have beckoned to them to see the light and to return to the fullness of light from which they came.


This will have the ability to speak to all those who walk with the energy of the illuminati, the old reptilian energy of warring, to tune in to the truth of peace and love. They will then be able to lay down their ideas of supremacy through fear, and surrender to the light of The Creator. This is a process that will enable millions of people around the world to walk in freedom and direct their energies in a new direction. They will be able to surrender to the truth the part of their brain that has kept them captive in the shadows for so many eons. They will be able to see and hear the Light of the Creator and walk with that light forevermore.


Realize that this can happen overnight for some, for their souls have been ready for this opening. For others it can be a gradual process, and one that can bring many challenges along the way. For still others there can be a resistance that can be the bent of their existence. Still it will be their soul choice. Your part in this will be to release the resistance that you as a part of humanity have held over this part of the human brain for eons. Now it is time for the release of this captivity and with its release comes the freedom to rediscover who you are and why you have come to this planet to do this plan of the ages.


As we go forth in this exercise and potential for peace, love and harmony on this planet, we see that it first starts with you, with us, with the One. It is a journey that is recognized as the one that will bring all of humanity together as one, and that will enable All There Is to welcome home the ones who have strayed so far from themselves. There can be no entrapment where there is light and love, and that is always here for anyone to claim and to Be in the eyes of the Sacred One of All.


We thank you one and all for being who you are and for taking the time to follow your hearts and soul’s bidding. It is a wondrous thing to behold all that is taking place within the beingness of all of you, for it speaks of Home. We look forward to the day when we will be able to come and walk among you all and tell you of your glory. This is a time of rejoicing and a time of compassionate observation of the journey’s end coming up on the horizon.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate