Wakeup Call Message
July 17, 2006


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When the skies are filled with clouds and the sun refuses to shine, we go to our beds and try to sleep away the hours of sadness and sorrow. However, there is no escape from that sorrow except to go within and see the bright light that shines within each and every one of us, and chases away the gloomiest of days.


I am Hatonn and on this day I come with a message of good cheer and sunshine. I bring a golden ray of sun to the hearts and minds of those who have been waiting for the sunshine and the parting of the clouds. I say to all of you now that the end of the sorrow is moments away, and that you have that timepiece that puts the joy into action.


What you do in your waking hours is the very thing that shapes your world. You can have a thought of kindness and then see that very thought manifest in some way in the next moments or hours. You can find a rainbow of color in an otherwise drab day and spread that good cheer far and wide with a smile and joyous song singing from your heart and soul. All you need do is go within and listen to that refrain of love from your own innate joyousness.


How do you do that in a world such as the one that screams at you from every street corner? You can turn a joyful eye to the other side of the street and watch a child at play. You can look into the eyes of your own child, mother, father, sibling, lover and see the love that lives there directed back at you. You can walk into a gallery of works of art that capture the imagination and wonder the soul; you can tune into the place on the radio dial that plays a happy tune and tells you of the love of the ages.


These are all the ingredients to withstand the times of the day. You can walk down any street, sit in any chair, knock on any door and watch any movie to find the joy that expresses the wonder of your world. You can do it over and over again until there is a smile in your eyes and a grin on your face, blessing the wonders of the heart and the masterminding of the mind. Your own innate library will open up and pour forth all that you require to find the solace and the happy rejoicing that brings you out of the sorrow and into the sunshine.


As you go through the days and hear of the wars on the other side of the world, you bring it home to your heart. You have an opportunity to heal some of that warring energy and send it right back whole and healed, hold it in your heart and caress it with your love and compassion. Then stream it back to the ones in the Middle East who are finding the way to their joy cumbersome and out of reach. They will feel it and they will be comforted, even if for a moment. That can be the moment in which he lowers his head in silent prayer and misses the bullet that zings past his temple. That can be the moment when she turns her head to look at the one beside her in love and compassion and sees the rifle directed toward her, and rolls away as the rifle misfires.


Any number of miracles can happen with your one stream of love and compassion returned to the Source and multiplied one hundred million times. This is the way of it when you are in open communication with your own Godness. This is the way of bringing joy and peace to your own self and then feeling it stream out throughout the world.


As you go through this day and see all that is taking place in your own country, look around and see all of the miracles of life that have nothing to do with the ways of the warring. See the love that streams forth from every moment and take it into your heart to allow the healing within. This is not the real world, this world of wars. It is the world of releasing sorrows and healing wounds. It has its purposes, and one of them is to allow the healing of humanity by showing them who they are not. This is the release of all of the sorrow that humanity has ever wrought upon itself and it is being perpetuated in the illusory shows that are erupting upon the world today.


You say that the illusion is all too real for those who loose their lives, and for the families left behind. Know that those who leave this earth plane are in the very place they chose to be. The look upon the place from which they departed and they see only love, they feel only compassion and joy knowing what their journey from the heaviness of earth has given them. They send love and compassion to the ones they left behind, and in their hours of bereavement, the families hear with their hearts some, if not all, of the words of encouragement that their departed loved ones issue forth to them.

They are told that they are not alone, and that the departed are in a splendid place. They are told that they too will one day know the grace and love that emanates forth from this new state of being. They are told that there is no death of the real being, that there is but a return to the side of the Source of all life, and it is grand.


As I watch over all of you and observe your faces as you read this message I see variances of responses, all of them are heartwarming and beautiful, for you are recognizing the truth of what you know to be the essence of who you are. You feel the resonance of these words heal and nurture and sing you a song of truth that will swing you through this day. Go out and allow the grace of love and total sunshine of the heart warm you from every place in this grand universe. You are the essence of the truth of Now, and you are grand.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate