Wakeup Call Message
July 27, 2006


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  Believers of The Christ 


We are The Believers and we come to you through the essence of the Christ child. It is the essence of the Child of The Christ that brings the world to a close, in the way it has been known. It is with a great deal of love that we come to you this day, for with our coming we bring in a different world, a world in which you will be the harbingers of a new dawning of The Christed energies of the New Jerusalem.


As we bring this message to you the toils of war on your planet wage on, and throughout the hearts of all who live on earth. There is no place on earth where the reverberations of the wars are not felt or seen on some level to be a moving force of the darkness that has permeated earth for so long.


As this day dawns on the other side of the globe from where this messenger sits there is a longed for relief from all of the killing and mayhem that is resulting from this clearing. I say to you at this time that these very ones who long for the easing of the strife are the very ones who have brought it about through the energies of fulfillment of the long ago energies of misbegotten dreams of grandeur in the realms of the third dimensional world.


In the third dimensional world there is always the advent of duality. This cannot be avoided in that world, for it is the very stamp of its existence. There is always a dissenting energy that seeks to separate and keep torn apart the unity of The Creator. This is in disharmony with The Creator and in as much there can be no unity without the withdrawal of all of the light so that there can be a cessation of the darkness through the drawing out of that darkness by the withdrawal of the light.


As the light withdraws it attracts the darkness to it and as it reaches out in a pulling fashion it draws the darkness with it, out from the midst of the earth, out of every grain of sand, every drop of water, every molecule and atom that comprises the matter of earth and her life streams. This is what is taking place now. This is why there is so much strife taking place in the hearts and minds and on the fields of the earth. Once the light has drawn to it all that is it, then it will have withdrawn to such a degree that it will have begun its cycle back unto itself and completion of the expunging will have taken –place.


This is almost at its completion, my dear ones. What you are seeing now is the re-enactment of the ancient wars. Look to your ancient books of record of life on this earth. Do they not speak of this? Do they not foretell of this time on earth when all is in turmoil and wars bring about the destruction of all that is known to be?


Believe me my dear ones, there is only love and light that can turn this around, and it is upon you. The time for the ending of all that is in war is upon you, and it will not come from more destruction and mass annihilation. It will come from the return of the light to each and every one of you who holds a promise for salvation and holy alignment with the stars and the family of the universal order of life.


We are here with you now. We see the ultimate bliss at the end of the stream of war. We see a heavenly light shining on the tail of the warring streams. It is a light of promise and it is a light that foretells of the coming of the eternal bliss. It will not be long until that blessed day when all of those who gave their lives and returned to the light of eternal life will come once again to reunite with all who remain on earth, some in their own bodies, some to reintegrate with the bodies and knowingness of those who remain on earth and await the reunion of souls.


This is a day that shall go down in history, for with this day, as was foretold in the whispers of ones who came with the promises, there is a vast array of light that is coming on the streams of this message to reach out and cleanse the very ideas of war from so many on this planet. It will produce a mass exodus from many of the passions of war and the reasons of war. Those ones will lay down their ideals of war and pick up the ideals of peace in a way that will profound those around them into the same energy.


Some will see masses of people walking away, arm in arm, from the battles and walking rather into the light, for they have seen our coming and they remember their appointment with the destiny that they have agreed to, indeed that have been awaiting on a soul level, so as to be able to leave this warring existence and begin the journey back to earth and back to the peaceful way of existence on earth in the promise of eternal peace and life full of love.


We go now and expound on these words with actions and with responses to all of you who call to us for assistance. We are here solely for you now, and with this deed of love and light in action and communication, we give unto you all that we have and more, for it is unlimited and it is who we are and who you are. Stay in the light of the innocent child and know that only that which lives in that innocence will be a part of your world. You are now in the arms of The Creator in the ultimate Grace that you have called to yourselves. Go forth and be merry, knowing that joy is the promise that earth has been waiting for, and it is here.


Thank you dear Believers of the Christ Energy,

Love, Nancy Tate