Wakeup Call Message
July 11, 2005





My dear pleasant ones who captivate me every day and in every moment, I come today to tell you of an incidence of frivolity that has taken itself into the avenues of your experiences. I AM Sananda, and I Am here to play with you for a time, for I see that the air is laden with sorrow and that there is a need for lightening.


Letís pause for a moment and consider what this day could be. Letís look at the list of possibilities. First I see an event that could go like this: All of you stand on your tiptoes and circle around a bunch of chairs. Music is playing, and as it plays you all are moving to the rhythm. One of the parts of this fun is that you must remain on your toes as you circle around. Suddenly the music stops and each of you sits in the chair that is nearest you. Is there anyone left standing? Congratulations, you get to choose the next game!


You didnít expect that rapid an ending to that familiar game did you? Okay, on to the next vision I have. You all are in a row, and you each hold an item in your hand. You pass that item on to the next person, and on and on as the music plays. When the music stops then you look at what you are holding, and as you go down the row, you each tell a short story about that item. Does that sound like another familiar game, with a slight variation?


Now we will form a circle and as the bong sounds we will all scatter and run and hide. We will have much fun doing this, and as we do, the one who was chosen to remain behind will be counting to 25. As he reaches 25 he then starts to look for each of you. As he finds you, one by one, the ones who join him look for the others as well. The one remaining, the last one to be found, gets to be the captain of the next game.


As this game begins, you are all in a wide circle, and one of you has a ball. This one throws the ball to someone in the circle and that person in turn throws it randomly to another. This goes on and doesnít cease until someone drops the ball. Then that person has to stand back to everyone in the circle.


This goes on until there are two people left looking into the circle. Those two then throw it back and forth until one drops the ball. Of course as they are doing that they are trying to make the other drop the ball. One thing they cannot do is throw the ball in a direction other than toward the other person.


Does this one sound familiar? Do all of these games feel like you are a child again, just in the reliving of the memory? Do any of you not remember these, or some other like it?


Now take a few moments and bring these feelings into the present moment. You are an adult now, and with these feelings of being a child once again, how do you view the issues that are floating around you in the world today? How would you apply these games and what they stand for to the world of today? How would you use them to solve some of the situations of the day?


Play with this idea and see what you come up with. Write your ideas down and elaborate on them. See how cleverly you could solve some of the dilemmas, even the personal ones that stay within your own family? Are they at all like what the present judicial system looks like, or the present societal dictums? Are they cleverly disguised as a way that problems can be solved? Perhaps the very atmosphere of playfulness and being carefree, and not mattering at the outcome are all we need to get the job done.


As you played these games those years ago, did you worry that you would be found? Did it concern you that your item would not present a story to you? Were you afraid that you would not catch the ball and would then not be included in your friendsí lives anymore?


I suggest that you take a lesson from your earlier games and play. Of course, in some of the situations today, there is a big difference in that lives are lost in some cases and fortunes as well. Sometimes families are ripped apart and soldiers are left broken and bleeding on the battleground.


This is life as has been created by those who played some of the games that we revisited a few moments ago. Can we take those moments and bring them into the present one, and find a way to heal the all too vivid visions of the present world. I invite you all to do just that.


Remember that this is a game of the heart as well as of the mind. Pass around the item from friend to friend and when you have your item in the silence of the stopped music, tell your story, and make it reflect the moment.


This is an exercise you can do often. It can give you a new perspective on life. Even though it may not at the moment make the troubles of the world go away, it can give you a new perspective by which to view not only that issue, but how you can approach the memory of it, how you can be at peace with it.


Ask yourself, by worrying and fretting about it, does it change it? On the other hand, by seeing it with peace in your heart, and feeling compassion for them does it change anything for you? I say you will notice a difference.


You are all my dear sweet family, and with that truth, I say this. I have come up to this point in your lives right along with you. We have danced and we have sung, we have played our games and we have slept around a campfire singing and telling ghost stories. We have grown up together, and we have then grown old and left this life.


 Then we have come back to another life expression and done it all again together. We have been through it all, and we remain steadfast and loyal friends. More than that we are in this for the ultimate prize; we are in this for the release of all the rules and regulations, except those that our solid knowing and authority commands.


We know each other superbly, and we come to this time with the unfettered experience of love and comradeship. We have played our games and we still love and respect each other. Does that tell you anything about where to go from here, and how to get there?


Take this day and as many more as you please to play with this thought, to bring your childhood games and philosophies into the present moment. It will bide you well.


I love you and I play with you every moment of the day, for it is sweet pleasure to bring the gift of innocence to the moment. So long till next time.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate