Wakeup Call Message
July 08, 2005





My dear ones, with this message I come to relieve a bit of the sorrow that has permeated the energies and expectancy of the gathering that you call G-8. With the bombings in London there has come a pall over the celebration and hope that has sprung from the festivities of the entire event.


Good day, I AM Sananda, and I come to you today to allow your tears to cleanse the heaviness from your hearts and from your souls. I come to provide a relief of the desperation that some of you feel over this latest in the attempts of the dark ones to overcome the light that has so beautifully overcome most of the shadows on earth.


This is a time, my dear beloveds, to come out of your sorrow and allow it to move you forward in a momentum that speaks of the authority with which you address this issue. With this light leading you, you can express the power of that light that is emitted from the love of all there is, including, my dear ones the very act that has produced the tears.


I realize that this is much to ask, for you have been accustomed to seeing through your tears the ugliness that brought them on. This is the expected result of the act that brought them this time.


Instead my dear ones smile through your tears and vow to love all that is associated with them. That does not mean to sit by and idly beam white light in the direction of those who perpetrated this attack. What it means is to search deep within and find the common thread that binds you so solidly with those misbegotten ones who tread so tyrannically in their own misery.


This is not an excuse for their behavior. It is not an exoneration for what they have committed. It is a statement of intent to forego the hate that can grow within and tyrannize your own soul. It is a release that can justify your actions of being in love with all of life.


Realize what this silent, sure energy of love can produce. It can propel you into activity that brings to justice all of the tyrannical deeds in the land. It can spur you on in a peaceful manner to do something to bring love into this life. You can reach out to someone in need and caress their brow, or give them a morsel of nourishment.


Remember the love that instigated this tragedy. Is it dead and forgotten? Is it over and done with? NO IT IS NOT!!! It is just begun. Know that with any number of tyrannical acts comes more light to shine the truth into the corners of the shadows. These deeds of darkness cannot and will not go on unsatisfied to an end. They will be brought to the light of justice and they will be delivered to the karmic playout, which is now instant.


Yes, my dear ones any karma produced now is instantly played out, and in this truth there can only be retribution through the means of self-realization. This frees all else into being as is natural for itself. This means that to breath in is to breath out, as never before. That is karma now in its ascended state, instant cause and effect.


Do you realize what that means? That means that as these ones bring about destruction unto others, so do they at that moment bring it unto themselves. When this happens, they deliver themselves further still from the Grace of ascension that is in progress.


You know how it feels to you, to know that you are in the process of ascension. It warms your heart and nourishes your soul to know that with every breath you take you are closer to God than before. Your intent is with love and light and that is the determining factor. With the ones who choose to live in the shadows, there is a movement away from their ascension, and that means that they will realize their absolution at a time that is different from yours.


I feel the compassion stirring in your hearts, my dear ones, for these souls that have chosen this path. I feel the momentum of your light shining strongly and relieving much of the stress of the moment. Know that the dear departed ones who gave their lives so that the world could see the light know that their sacrifice is blessed, and that they have been given a sacred space in heaven.


I go now and I watch as you pick up your sorrow and shine your light unto it. I watch as you reverberate your love to every corner of the globe. I see the shining countenances of your new resolve to spread the light forth, so that these dear souls are not forgotten.


You see the love that beams from some of the faces of those who bury their loved ones, for they know they did not die in vain. They embrace the knowledge that all is taken care of in heaven, and that they will see the triumph in the eyes of love every time they gaze into each otherís eyes.


Go now and know that you do something to stir the love into action and make this desecration make sense. Know that without that you can be lost. Know that you have a choice here, and that to choose the high road is to choose the light that surpasses all else.


You are the humble and the proud all at once, and with that knowledge you see the simple truth of the love of the Divine. Spread your wings upon the sheath of the mighty sword of light, and know that this too is overcome with the love that produces all injustice to Divine justice.


I stand in reverent Salute to all of you.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate