Wakeup Call Message
July 06, 2005





My people of the united States and of the world, I come to you with a message of hope and love, for there is plenty of that circulating these days. With the advent of all the events and tirades of the dark agenda, there has been a flooding of light that is transfixing the dark and rendering it but a loosely knit web of deceit and injustice.


I AM Sananda, and I bring you a load of love and compassion that rings through the halls of time and into the present moment as a sentinel in the darkness. This message carries with it an abundance of truth and an overflowing of light to lead the way toward the present indication of peace coming at long last to the planet.


With the onslaught of governmental moves that has been taking place, it must have occurred to you that there is a movement taking place that far supercedes the energy of the past several hundred years. Have you not seen the acceleration that is taking place?


This is according to the laws of karma, my dear ones, and in this law is the exactness of how it all plays out in the energy of cause and effect. When there is a series of activities that causes an effect that looks as it does today, then there is to be a playout that brings it all round to be experienced once again, by the ones who perpetrated it in the first place.


This you are seeing, my dear ones, and this you shall see in its purity in the days and weeks to come. With the furtherance of the law of karma you will see the turn around of the measures that are being played out today come into being, and it will be as a snowball that one has been rolling uphill till, by its own weight, will begin to roll back and engulf all in its path, including the ones who created it.


This is the way it will be, with one difference, there are those who in that field of snow will have been watching and either cheering on the participants, or calmly and with interest or not will be merely spectators and will be attending to their own activities there in the field. Those ones will not be in the way of the snowball as it comes crashing down the slope, but will be able to step out of the way, or will be far from its path in the first place.


This shows you, my dear ones that with this momentum that is taking place, all of you who have an eye to see and ears to hear will be able to remove yourselves from the clamor and come out into the field of light, glistening gold and silver, and you will be able to carry on with your activities unburdened. You will be able to visit that uphill slope and know that even on the downhill you will be fine and no harm will come to you.


This is what comes from being awake and attentive to your own lives. This comes from knowing that you are sovereign and can watch out for your lives and appreciate the lives of others as they relate to you. You will also be able to thank the ones who got caught up in their game of creation that brought a burden so huge as to roll back and engulf them.


You will appreciate and be grateful that they left the path that they did, for you will see that there is green grass under all that snow, and that wherever there is light there is new growth that pops up in the spring and renders all fresh and green and wonderful.


I know, my dear ones, that you are by now weary a bit from all of the stress of following the course of the dark agenda. This I suggest to you; follow their path and their activities for they have purpose in their game. And as you watch, do so with a joy that supercedes the shadows that cast their lot on all around.


See that with their ministrations they are carrying out the last vestiges of the karma of the planet and the societies that have lived and existed on it. This is the end of the long journey to the darkest side of the moon, and we are at the turning point now where all is coming back into the light, and all will be bathed in the glow and warmth of the love of The Creator, and all will be in receivership totally and completely.


I go now and prepare the waters of the Holy bath for all of you, for you have signaled us that it is time for the communion of the ages and you are ready for the big cleansing. So hold your breath, my dear ones, for the spigot is open and the healing waters are filling the tub of Holiness forevermore.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate