Wakeup Call Message
July 21, 2005



 St Germain 


Nancy: St Germain, please tell me about Ahn, what there is to know that will help me, and others to understand what this is all about.


St Germain: My dear one there is much to be said about this one, Ahn. I will begin with the history of this plane; no this is not going to be a book. (he laughs).


When the ones came to this planet to set up the energy for the furtherance of the free will experience, it was with the jurisdiction of the one who calls himself Ahn. In those days he was known as Enki. Ahn came into the body of Enki and he encapsulated the energies of the fallen ones in the energies that bespeak the absence of light.


This was in purpose, for this energy had at other times embodied in the generations of Enkiís line. Through Enki this energy known as Ahn is carrying out the last vestiges of Enkiís fall to the heights for which it was destined.


With this energy Ahn now carries the output of the darkness into the remaining experience of mankind. Enki no longer provides the place in which Ahn can carry on. This too was destined.


As we progress through these last chapters of the story, we do so with all of the characters intact in one way or another. Some are embodied, and some remain in the etheric realms. Ahn is one of those energies that remain in the etheric, for there is no body that can survive the energies that he entails.


As Ahn carries out the last pursuits of his role, he is taking his liberties with various lightworkers, and he is causing them to honor his energies, rather than those of the Christed energies. This is his ability to take his role to the extreme, and then to leave the messenger with a much lower degree of light, for he uses the remaining negative vibration that is left from the free will/duality experience within those messengers.


This does not mean that these ones who are being used are in dire trouble. It means that they are being tempted by the ministrations of Ahn and all of his co-horts to bring the temptations of the darkness to their fields, in order to win their following. This too will pass.


What we as light beings and fellow children of God can do is to hold the light for these ones, without judgment or blame. We can see them as Holy carriers of the last remaining holdouts to the dark end of the Light spectrum. When we do this, we honor their role and allow them to play it out in the fashion that is projected.


It is important my dear ones to remember that with every turn in the road comes a personage who is designed to add to the enlightenment of mankind. This is built into the plan to ascension. With this unfolding of the steps to ascension we find that more and more of the lower energies are being released and transformed to light. This is a natural way of the universal order of things, and with it comes a lightening of all things.


So, in regard to this energy that calls itself Ahn, I say that there is discernment in order here that can bide all of you well. Remember that there is nothing that can bring you down to the depths of the lower energies than to fall away from what you know is the light and the truth of that light.


Every time there is a fall, there is in another place an ascent. This is the way it works. What happens when there is no more energy to ascend is that through the natural order the lower energies as they are, are lifted into the light. It is a matter of getting down in the process of elimination to the last holdout, and then we see the beautiful ascent of that which was the origin of the fallen.


My dear ones, this is my declaration to you. See not what is cast into the shadows that is but a shadow of the light that is cast by you. Know Thine own light and stand uphill from the light you cast so as to allow that which you see as outside of you to stand in the same light that you allow. Then you will see that one as you, therefore part of the whole.


Look forward to the day when this energy known as Ahn will be buoyed up by the light and allowed its ascent to the truth of all there is. Till then use your discernment and your light to bring all into the Oneness that is.


I stand here with the presence of all that is Holy, and we hold the light for all whose perception is that they are not. For we see that they are, and we love their standing for they gift all with their moment of Grace inherent in All.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate