Wakeup Call Message
July 18, 2005



 St. Germain 


My dear ones, I would like to explain something to you this day. I would like to cover an area that bears focus this day, for it has been abused of late, and with this message I seek to clear up a fallacy that has stirred many a heart in recent times.


I AM St Germain, and I refer to the incidences of abuse of oneís own sovereignty. I refer to the idea that one has the right to intrude into anotherís life and announce how they are to live it. This is a time when many people are clamoring for a stand in their world. They are looking in many directions for guidance and in this quest they see some areas of doubt and explore them for clarity.


This is a wise avenue to tred, for it serves to allow one to see the fuller picture. However, one would be wise to keep oneself out of the fray, and be merely an interested spectator. This does not mean that one may turn a blind eye if he sees something amiss to his perception, and allows someone to be injured or unduly defamed. This means that to allow the incident or appearance to go unhindered if it affects someone else unduly is to deny your own well being, for we are all one.


I see many instances of people making otherís business their own, and then causing a rip in the field of intent for that person. In so doing the person who has interluded has taken on an amount of the energy of the incident. This brings a karmic effect into his world, and then he carries forth that karma into his life.


Karma in these times is being played out in a far swifter manner than any time before. With the Christed energies present in our world today, there is a speeding up of all things, including karma. The cause and effect of karma is part of what is accelerating events and occurrences these days. We see the circle come round and meet within a very short period of time.


Karma will not exist as ascension is realized, for the thought process will absolve the idea of cause and effect. It will be the natural way of being, to experience the cause and effect instantaneously.


When you go about your daily chores and see what manifests from them, do you ever wonder at the source of the decisions that you make that brings the actions about? Do you truly examine with your hearts and your minds what motivates you to the decisions you make? This can be an eye-opening exercise for you, and one that you can learn a valuable life lesson from.


Next time you embark on another course of action, stop for a minute and examine what you have decided. Then go on and follow through in the energy of that examination. Then look at the results of that action.


Long ago when I lived on earth and was in the process of my last incarnation I did just that. I examined every move I made on the inner plane. I got to the point where as I did that I could see what the result would be of that action.


This is how I finished out that lifetime; I had learned instantly to know the totality of that decision before I put it into action. This is where I realized that I had learned to bend time and utilize it to my best advantage. Indeed I had surpassed time and rendered it mute.


This you can do; this is something that with some practice you can use to lead your life and see it unfold in perfection. You can keep disharmony from being a part of your life by using this formula. Begin by monitoring your thoughts and actions and examining the results. Regard it as one act that bears a result, the result being part of the act.


We have explained and you have understood the idea of questions and answers as being all one, that you have the completeness of that one, and the proof of that is that the question comes to you. The desire to have the answer is the clue that you already have it and since the amnesia is holding it back, you are asking for the completeness of the idea to be reflected off someone else.


This is basically the same formula. This is an examination of the idea and seeing the completeness reflected in the result. It is a playout of the idea. With this in mind, you can see how to utilize the reflectivity of another can assist you to see yourself.


Ask yourself, is this why I sometimes cast an aversion onto someone else, something that I would not seek to see in myself, or perhaps that I block the understanding or forgiveness of in myself? This is an avenue that you may wish to explore when you again think to look to someone else for authority or to exercise your perception of what is truth and what is not.


I explore this subject today with you in order for you to more thoroughly look at what motivates you to any action, I suggest that you know yourself so well that you cast no stone upon another unless you know that you cast it upon yourself. With this realization, you then will be able to see the completeness of who you are and who anyone else is.


You are the same, and with your own uniqueness you bring diversity into the oneness. Love that oneness and the individuality that you bring. Love and have joy with the picture that is complete within your mind and heart. Then go on and create your masterhood in the vision that you have created in this world.


I leave this transmission now and I harken the sound of trumpets. I see that many of you are calling me home to sup with you and I look forward to the call. We share and we dine with open arms and hearts. We bring ourselves together in a celebration of the wonder that we bring to each other.


 I feast in the treasures of love and thanksgiving that is before me. And I revel in the love that is presented to my honor, and in yours. Gather round and we shall partake of the blessings of the ages, for they are many, and they are glorious.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate