Wakeup Call Message
July 14, 2005



 St. Germain


My dear ones, let us give a moment to consider what we would do if there were no dark energies on this planet. How would the world look, and how  would it feel? Would you find that all is beautiful and wonderful and that you love all of life? Would you appreciate that which has come your way and know that it is perfection?


I Am St. Germain, and I invite you to explore an avenue that takes you into a realm of possibility that you may not have considered before. I invite you to take a journey through a world of make believe and then to take that world into the one in which you live right now.


First look around you and see what you surround yourself with. Is it lovely and grand? Does it enliven your senses and make you cherish the scene? Are you glad that you have created the world you occupy, and are you ready to go on in this world and enhance it with your love of creation?


Or are you dismayed with what you see around you? Do you feel discordant with the sight? Are you in disarray because you find the sensations of sight to repel you, and are you disappointed in the look of the place in which you stand?


My dears, find the depth of what it is that you feel and see at this moment. Then take that depth and bring it to the surface for further study. Does it ring with a finality that is suffocating, or do you see a spark of light that promises to grow with your bidding?


Are you influenced by the sadness in your heart, or the gladness that springs forth for expression? Are you reluctant to let go of the old patterns that are represented here, or are you going to bid it goodbye merrily and without hesitation?


Enough questions for a moment; now I give some answers. This is the time, my dear ones, when all of these questions and more are coming to surface in your lives. You are being given the opportunity to see what it is that you have been holding onto. You are bringing up old patterns and images of what you once considered your world to be.


With this expunging you are preparing a place for the beauty to take root and for the love to flourish and grow. With that ability and that opening, you will be able to know what it is to live in a world that has no darkness, no sorrow, no shame. You will know eternal bliss, and you will be able to express in that bliss forevermore.


What you have done in this earth life that you have been creating is to give yourself the idea of how much you are not. You have created the very essence of the absence of You. With this creation, you have given yourself a gift that will last forever, and that is the ultimate that is You, and the unlimitedness that is a result of being totally You.


Now I tell you that you are in the process right now of becoming that total You. With the transgressions that are taking place on the planet at this time, you are creating a larger picture of what and who you are NOT. You are bringing to a head the sores and festering of the absence of You to your world.


I commend you for playing the roles that you play, for they are mighty and they are just. They bring to your world a degree of what you are not to be developed, and then shed like so much crude oil that has sifted through the engine of life for millennia. This crude oil is the lifeblood of the darkness and it will be turned to pure liquid gold and rendered the lifestream of the New Golden Age at a time when the fullness of what you are NOT is reached.


I look at the world that has been created by one and all, and I see the ray of light that permeates all there is. I see the lifeblood that is already turning to gold in so many, and I feel the tears well up in my eyes for the trials that you undergo. These tears I shed are founded in the deepness of my being for the richness of who you are and the endurance that you bring to what you do. This is the essence of the ability and the power you all have to create that which you are NOT and express that who YOU are.


Go on and continue what you do, for it is coming to a point where there is nowhere to go but up. That is the direction that is being followed and striven for by all of you. With your plans and your schemes to take this to the limit and beyond, there is a momentum being established that will propel you into the Grace that is your destiny.


I tell you this; you cannot know what it is that you intend for your life until you know what it is that you do not intend. You are fast exhausting all that you do not intend, and in that instant when you say, “Enough!” Then it will be so. “Enough, You say, and it shall Be!”


Take yourselves outside today and create a world filled with joy, love and peace. Make that world of yours the best it can be, and keep in mind and heart that it is the result of what your world looks like right now, this instant. Go ahead and build your world to reflect that which you are living right now, and make it shine. Give it your all, and watch the miracles happen. The ascent is yours and you have created the masterpiece.


Fly into the sky and see the bright light as it shines the Way for you. Soar to the heights that you are able to reach, and then soar some more. Grand is your flight and glorious is your destiny.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate